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The younger we get them, the better.

A purity ball is an event where lolis pledge their virginity to their fathers in the name of God. It’s most common among the Evangelical Christian community. The supposed aims of a Purity Ball include:

What happens at Purity Balls?

Fathers and daughters, both dressed their best first have a nice intimate dinner followed by a dance, all designed to deepen their bond. If this sounds suspiciously like a date, that’s because it is. Srsly, they even call it that! The main part of the evening is, of course, the pledge where the fathers pledge to be her “authority and protection in the area of purity” (actual pledge)

Whether this means the father gets to be the first one to pop his daughter’s cherry is open to each individual's interpretation.

Testimony from delighted participants

Father-daughter bonding activities.
Jail is worth it for a chance to tap that.
Uh-oh, Looks like she has taken the pledge!
This evening is more about spending time with her than her purity at this point


one seven-year-old’s dad.

How can you measure the value of your eleven year old looking up into your eyes with innocent, uncontainable joy, saying, 'Daddy, I'm so excited!


—Wesley Tullis in a letter describing his grateful participation. [2]

Mmmmmmmmmmm, loli!



As long as you pay the cash, they’ll let anyone in!


Brian Peppers

Did You Know?

  • Pedobear loves Purity Balls.
  • They are a trap to lure as many innocent underage girls as possible into one place at one time to be taken advantage of.
  • The only reason they agree to be permavirgins is because they have no clue how good cock feels thrusting in and out of their tight, wet, vaginas.
  • Fathers use this event as a chance to get some.
  • Most of these girls will end up being technical virgins.
  • Girls who attend Purity Balls are just asking for it.


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