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Some shitty OC made by Trevor

watching Kemono Friends would be more helpful and a better use of your time[edit]

Well, you've done it. You've reached the absolute bottom of the barrel. There is nothing here but slow, lonely suicide. What you are about to see is a board like no other. It is the combination of troll and fail, the biggest dramafags of all time and human beings so pathetic that it makes you ashamed of being a part of the same species as them.


For those of you who actually have the time to read this shit

So how the hell did this god forsaken crime against humanity even come to exist to begin with? Well, one day in 2015, moot decided that he had enough of his abomination known as 4chan and decided to do the unthinkable, he left 4chan! Something that is impossible since you are here forever. Before parting with his one and only successful website, he decided to make a QnA, as if it wasn't obvious to him enough that he was a faggot and nobody liked him. Instead of doing his QnA on /b/ like any rational human being, he thought it'd be a brilliant idea to crap out an entire board just for this one QnA, that board being /qa/. This board was most likely supposed to be deleted after his QnA was over, meaning that /qa/ is a literal mistake that should be put to death before it kills us all!

The QnA was met with a terrible fate of troll and fail, something that literally anyone could've seen coming from a mile away. After his shit storm of a QnA was over, 3 autists noticed that /qa/ was still up and running a few days later, and instead of ignoring it and going back to their boards like any rational human being, they had the brilliant idea of claiming /qa/ as their own board, because they have absolutely no life.


So what type of posts can be found on /qa/? Well, it's a combination of dramafags, metafags, pedos from himasugi (/jp/edos), /s4s/niggers, schitzobros, pepefags and there was even a bit of bronyshit at one point. Sounds beautiful doesn't it? A typical day on /qa/ goes a little something like this:

>the /qa/ dream (picture of a touhou character)

>wake up, go to /qa/, weebs are still posting here, cringe (pepe picture number 14575535779876543)

>hey /pol/, what are some redpilled haircuts? Wtf, why was this moved to /qa/? Wtf mods?!

And so on...


She was the front page girl. She's the cutest.

"Sachiko is the cutest" - ancient /qa/ proverb

Teshi Eating a Corndog[edit]

"Tenshi Eating a Corndog" is a much discussed concept on /jp/. The significance of it is disputed, so I will focus on one core concept: the symbolism behind it. But first we must identify and explore the key components of it. Hinanawi Tenshi is a human child that has ascended to become a celestial being. In Hinduism, she would be called a Siddha or a Deva. In Chinese, it would be refered to as a Tian Xian, or heavenly immortal. In Japanese, it would be using the same kanji characters as in Chinese, being called a Tennin. She is also refered to as an angel, although the role of a heavenly messenger is better suited to her companion Nagae Iku. Regardless of which Oriental cosmology she claims the greatest influence from, Hinanawi Tenshi in Touhou: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody is presented as a roving celestial being that decides to cause mayhem out of childish boredom.

A corndog on the other hand is simply a sausage coated in a thick layer of cornmeal batter on a stick. It is considered a quintessential part of the American diet, being a cheap combination between convenience and an arguably delicious meal of protein and carbohydrates. It is not a new concept by any means, but it is something that is also unmistakably modern and mundane. Thus this is why "Tenshi Eating a Corndog" is so intriguing. Why exactly is a celestial being consuming a corndog, despite having access to the Jade Wine Waterfalls and Immortal Peach Orchards of Heaven? The earthly and celestial is contrasted in an oustanding way. Take a look at the blue sky in the background and the color of her hair. In the Swami Vivekananda, the concept of infinity is considered blue. Take the air and water, for within the space of our hands, it is colorless, but in a vast quantity it is blue. Tenshi is shown to represent infinity, as she to is of the sky. As to the corndog to her, the Route 66 sign is to the sky. What of the tiny stretch of road to the vastness of the heavens? But without that land, the heavens would not be.

So as it is, you see the Heavenly consume the Earthly. Not out of pleasure, as we can see from her expression, but of necessity to understand the realm she observes from up high. But we see it as something of joy, for we too know that the divine are as of us. This is perhaps a commentary of the immaturity of Tenshi Hinanwi, who still has a physical body unlike truly enlightened beings. But it could also be a commentary of the unwilligness of humans to see gods (at least the important ones) as anything but in their image and why the gods so often take human form. This is represented even in the game afterwards, Hisoutensoku (Unpercieving of Natural Law). Unlike its predecessor, Gakutensoku (Learning of Natural Law), Hisoutensoku is considered blind to it, as it from a land without logic. In the utter contrast of "Tenshi Eating a Corndog", we see through the eyes of Hisoutensoku. This is the true symbolism behind "Tenshi Eating a Corndog": That our perception is constrained by the laws that invisibly govern over us. Pierce the veil of illusion, and see why the mustard intertwines with the ketchup.




She is the super smart, future leader of the crisom demons, arch wizard, explosion expert. Also she is on /qa/ a lot.


By far the most you'll see on /qa/ is metafags dramafagging. These fags write 20 page essays about why 4chan was better in the past, why the new memes suck, why gookmoot is worse than oldmoot, so on. They've been on /qa/ since almost the beginning, but they mainly started showing up in chunks after gookmoot saw that /qa/ was an unused board and decided to turn it into the meta venting board, a decision which angered the:


Typical /jp/shit on /qa/

One of the first groups to overtake the /qa/throne were the /jp/edos, specifically, the /jp/edos who got banned in 2008 for shitposting too hard. They deemed /qa/ the unofficial "2d/random board", a title which wouldn't really last very long because despite their best efforts to self moderate, /jp/edos just couldn't compete against the:

[s4s] niggers[edit]

Qa is property of s4s.png

/s4s/ was at its height in popularity around this time and they would constantly terrorize other boards by spamming their pink pepe ripoff and "nice board" everywhere. /qa/ was hit the hardest with this new form of shitposting. /s4s/ had mastered the art of making entire pictures out of the catalog by making like 40 threads, each containing a piece of the picture. These threads would sometimes stay up for weeks on end! This lasted like 1 year before /s4s/ finally got bored and retreated back to their base which is now dead as shit.


Mlpol and qa.png

Remember the bronyshit we mentioned earlier? Well, this is it. In 2017, gookmoot held an actual funny April Fool's joke where he merged a bunch of boards to make the worst combinations he could come up with. One of these combinations was /mlp/ and /pol/. Now, upon first examination, combining /pol/ and /mlp/ probably sounds like the worst fucking idea in existence, right? I mean, what could a couple of turboautists who jerk off to pictures of horses possibly have in common with a right-wing circle jerk? Well, as it turns out, quite a lot. In an unexpected turn of events, /pol/ actually LIKED the merge, as the /bronies/ scared off the redditards, and /mlp/ liked the merge because /pol/ is a redboard, and this meant that they could finally post their horse porn without getting banned. Because of this, both boards joined forces and fought hard to get /mlpol/ to stay up as a permanent board, something which proved to be unsuccessful as the mods didn't want to give bronies a safe space where they could post pony porn freely, so they deleted /mlpol/ off the face of the earth. This prompted /mlpol/fags to migrate to /qa/ as a way to protest against the mods. Once again, /qa/ was hit hard with a wave of shitposts and newfags. /qa/ suddenly had reached speeds that were completely unheard of at any point in history. It got so bad that /qa/ got completely frozen, presumably to finally be deleted after all the drama and shitposting. Well, a few days later, all the bronies got banned and simply moved on to their own website which they created called mlpol, and /qa/ eventually got unfrozen a few days later, bringing back to life the dramafag hell.

Schitzophrenic Pepefag[edit]

Kill all frog posters.png

Sometime in 2017, a schizophrenic anime hater who treats the internet like serious business took on the brave and very serious job of getting rid of the /jp/ crowd from /qa/. He could've studied to become a doctor, start a new company, or raise money for charity, but instead he felt like his place in this world was getting rid of the /jp/ crowd by using such tactics as... spamming. His weapon of choice is 10 year old tired pictures of Pepe the frog. He started doing this in 2017 and is still doing it today, in 2019, almost 2 years later! It's been so long since he started doing this that the /qa/community has already developed filters against his reddit frog meme spams sometime a few months after he started doing this. Nobody cares about him and rarely does anyone acknowledge his existence. The only times when he does talk to other people, he's usually samefagging to make it seem like other people are joining his "cause". Now what could've prompted him to do this? Well, he actually said it himself. He believes Pepe is the greatest meme of all time and saw that it was dying, because seeing the same pepe edits over and over again gets tiresome after a while, so in order to prevent the fate of Pepe becoming a dead meme, he decided to spam it on /qa/ to keep the meme alive. In his mind, Pepe is still a fresh new meme loved by all anons, but what he doesn't realize is that normalfags have been posting Pepe pictures on tumblr and facebook since 2011. His schizophrenic mind also created a false enemy on his head, this enemy being anime posters. In his mind, anime posters are a plague on 4chan and are whats keeping it from being a catalog of pepe pictures. In reality, anime-posters exist because 4chan started as a website for moot and his IRC buddies to post Chinese cartoon porn. His spams don't show any signs of stopping anytime soon and the only thing that'll get rid of him is either his mom kicking him out of the basement and forcing him to get a job, or his diet of Sprite and Doritos finally gets the best of him and he dies of diabetes. Both outcomes would prove to be an improvement to the human species.

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