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8chan becomes mainstream due to Qanon's followers. (Update: It seems that most normalfags can't tell the difference between 4chan and 8chan because to them 4chan is the only chan on the internet. So normalfaggots raided 4chan claiming that they are 8chan because they are mentally retarded.)
Are they really a fringe group guyz?

QAnon, also known as Queer Anon, or Q, is a tripfag e-celebrity who submits vague, low-effort dyslexic shitposts to the faggotry-infested /pol/ boards of 4chan and 8chan. Gullible retards like your drunk, lazy crackpot dad will eat up all the shit QAnon pumps out of his prolapsed, unkempt American asshole; believing him to be an insider within the United States government who holds Q-level clearance and has been allowed to continue making posts despite very publicly confirming the existence of the very secret U.S. Deep State™.

Sometime in mid-2018, the host (the man) they call Ghost, the raging alcoholic in charge of running the lulzy True Capitalist Radio broadcast via BlogTalkRadio, claimed that his Capitalist Army - believing the QAnon personality to be part of an elaborate trolling plan by the liberal media to discredit the right-wing - had secured the docs of QAnon, publishing his name and online history in a tell-all hit piece for their vanity WordPress blog. According to the aforementioned article, the man behind the QAnon posts is a wealthy North Carolina-based investor named Dustin Craig Krieger, who has a criminal history showing that he has previously been charged with possession of heroin in the vicinity of a child care center, presumably while trying to make a quick buck peddling opium-flavored candies to 6 year-olds. A further investigation revealed that one of Krieger's investing accounts was registered under the username Xanatos, a revelation that enabled Ghost's team of CSIII-trained cyberjournalism specialists to expertly link Krieger to a Furaffinity-favicon.png FurAffinity account, as the account was also named Xanatos. Despite the exceptional work conducted by the E-detectives over at the capitalist /i/nsurgency, the dox they dropped on QAnon appears to be completely unsubstantiated, and can only be regarded as complete bullshit, which doesn't come as a surprise considering that three of the four profiles listed are totally unrelated to each other except in name, with the YTMND account belonging to the half-life machinima guy also known as Xanatos. About 6,700 results on Google ("xanatos" inurl:profile, and "xanatos" inurl:user) also show that, much to everyone's total shock and surprise, more than one person may call themselves the same name online and not be the same user as someone else.

Regardless of whatever or not you believe in Q, he has bought tons of salt to those who hate him often causing the MSM to write hit pieces that are written in a similar matter to the Legacy Media's first report talking about 4chan. These hit pieces formed as a result of leftist tears who are furious at the existence of Qanon who brought low IQ normalfags to come post at 8chan.

A Contemporary Nostradamus For Neckbeards[edit]

Like some shitty Turner Diaries fanfiction, Q's posts tend to talk constantly about some supposed insider war between Donald Trump and the members of a "Deep State" of mostly democrats that collude in the shadows to steal money, rape children, and keep you a jobless virgin. Like the 70 year old gypsy with a magic ball you can always find at any cheap amusement park, Qanon's predictions rely on vagueness and are about as open to interpretation as an European art film. Much like astrology, this means that any retarded minuscule event can be attributed to Q's posts if you try hard enough. He wasn't always like this, mind you. Until drop 60 or so, he made much more precise predictions about a supposed purge in DNC, mass arrests of "deep state politicians" and some kind of martial law being enforced, all with dates ranging from "soon" to "this week" to "this year". When his shitwit predictions failed to materialize, he saw that he needed to go full horoscope and make the "leaks" as muddy and open ended as humanly possible.


Q levels

Q's supporters are often the same individuals that believe in the flat earth and the Mandela effect. These people are the kind of people that believe in anything regardless of whether or not it is true; but with the media relentlessly pushing degeneracy at such a massive scale, you cannot blame them for not questioning who Q is.

Dustin Nemos/Dustin Craig Krieger Attacks Veterans[edit]

Dustin Craig Krieger attacks a veteran

Dustin Nemos claims that Unirock doxxed him.

How to Piss Off Dustin Craig Krieger[edit]

  • Tell people that he is Qanon which has been debunked since there are multiple people being Qanon.
  • Tell him that he is a criminal.
  • Bring up his criminal record on the internet.
  • Bring up his Powerword.
  • Link him to this ED page.

How to Piss Off Qanon Supporters[edit]

  • Offer them a palm reading.
  • Ask them if they ever joined a doomsday cult.
  • Tell them that Q is short for JQ.
  • Tell them that by believing that Trump is some kind of uncorruptable insider against the deep state and not just another Neocon boomer that surrounds himself with Jews and Wall Street goons, they're just as fucktarded and deluded as Hillary Clinton supporters.
  • Tell them that if they really wanted to, the "deep state" would have had Trump and Qanon commit suicide by running into a bullet the moment they opened their mouths.


Qanon fans still watch children's cartoons

True Capitalist Radio Exposes and "Doxes" Qanon

The guy that Ghost doxxed is known to be a scam artist who lies to people

Anonymous proves that are irrelevant by plotting to expose Q

"This is not a game."

Qanon for beginners

Someone makes a list proof that Qanon is real

Boards Made to Discuss Q[edit]


qfw he forgot to switch between accounts

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