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Quinton's soyface in all display.
According to Google, Quinton identifies as a tranny.
Separated at birth?
Go Woke Go Broke
QuintexUTTP YouTube Channel Profile Picture Pre Mid 2012
Quinton the narcissist, giving this article free exposure as he goes off on his usual butthurt whining on Twitter whenever anyone criticizes him.

Quinton Reviews (Powerword: Quinton Kyle Hoover) aka Quintex96, QuintexTheAntiRacist, QuintexUTTP, or Quinton the Soyboy is a disgusting, fat, retarded YouTuber. His content consists of him reviewing shit nobody cares about to pander to the braindead 6 year olds who watch his boring videos. While he isn't wasting his time on his content, he is seen on Twitter going on about various things like how much he loves Spongebob, Ben Shapiro being a transphobic nazi or some random unfunny crap that had crept out of the abyss of the endlessly retarded brain of his (just like the rest of the brainlets on Twitter). Quinton grew in subs by attacking GradeAUnderA, reviewing cartoons, or through his Fallen Titans series, then due to being an unfunny Redditfag, he felt obligated to force unfunny leftist politics into his videos which would give his videos a slimy Jimmy Kimmel feel to them. He supports demonetization along with being one of the many wastes of life that support Viacom and gets a boner whenever Viacom comes in to save the day by flagging someone's videos for copyright infringement, then cries like a bitch whenever people call him out for being a corporate lapdog. He has no original thoughts or opinions besides those that the worst of MSM and the normiesphere download into him. Quinton has even gone has far as cutting ties with his own friends just to gain some ad revenue since he is that much of a soulless person.

Generic Goony Bearded Faggot #4527: Quinton[edit]

Quinton Reviews is basically the Benedict Arnold of YouTube - a yes man who supports every fucktarded decision that YouTube makes because he's a shill for mega leftist media corporations that are loosely backed by the Communist Chinese. His dicksucking for the corrupt female executive of YouTube can even go as far as wanting sex with her. Quinton is a creepy stalker that loves to worship Susan Wojcicki for simply being female, hailing her as a champion among female heroes. Quinton has also given money to Susan Wojcicki for being a brave women who strongly opposed Trump along with donating money to the ADL using money from the various people that support Quinton through Patreon or ad revenue.

Things That Quinton Reviews Support[edit]

  • The Areminan Genocide
  • Killing ideological opponents
  • Arresting Count Dankula
  • Article 13
  • SOPA/PIPA since he hates those pesky pirates that run the good work that (((corporations))) strive to make, he also cites Al Franken as the man who influenced his stance on the bill.
  • Flagging videos criticizing him.
  • FOSTA/SESTA aka banning lewds.
  • Defending High Guardian Spice from evil Nazis
  • Doctor Who after it jumped the shark by becoming Nurse Who. He thinks that those that do not like the new Doctor Who should drink bleach.
  • According to him The Last Jedi is one of the greatest films of all time and anyone who hates it isn't a real Star Wars fan. The Last Jedi according to him is on par with the likes of Citizen Kane
  • He unironically enjoys Foodfight! by calling it the best film since Citizen Kane.
  • Project Dragonfly (Google's cancelled project to transform the web into China. Luckily it was cancelled due to Google's own leftist employees being against it.)
  • Cashing on people's death like he did with Hillenburg
  • Getting JonTron blacklisted from voice acting within Yooka Laylee
  • Wishing death on JonTron
  • Harassing Mr. Enter accusing him of being a Comicsgate moron while at the same claiming that he bullied him.
  • Wishing death on those evil racist gamers
  • Defending Mundane Matt along with his decision to randomly false flag channels.
  • Praising the shitty works of any NPC Wojak reviewer on the internet such as Lindsay Ellis, Bob Chipman, Jim Sterling, Tony Goldmark, Crash Thompson, Dan Olson, AniMat, JelloApocalypse, AngryJoe, Egoraptor, Obscurus Lupa, MarzGurl, Nash, Spoony, etc.; as well as praising their shitty left-wing political ideology on YouTube and/or Twitter.
  • Praising Gamergate back when he was "redpilled"
  • Praising Lena Dunham, Trevor Noah, Amy Schumer, Samantha Bee, and John Oliver.
  • Praising Stephen Colbert, although he used to hate him when he was actually funny during the Bush era.
  • Praising Captain Marvel for beating out Alita: Battle Angel, How to Train Your Dragon 3, and Shazam at the box office worldwide and defending it for being a much better movie than the aforementioned three for its "empowered message."
  • Praising and being part of a group of faggots known as Anti-Anti-SJWs
  • Celebrating the attempted murder of Rand Paul
  • Banning edgy humor
  • Being a lazy fuck
  • Ruining Ron Paul's life. According to him Ron Paul is Lord Voldemort. At least until Drumpf took that title.
  • Communism (It wasn't true communism this time around)
  • YouTube Rewind 2018
  • Faggotry. No, I am not just talking about gay rights, I am talking about FUCKING FAGGOTRY!!!
  • ADL, SPLC, and the YouTube Troll Police
  • Mr. Enter (only after getting called out for blatant A-Logging) Nope, he thinks Mr. Enter harassed him on twitter.

Quinton In the YouTube Troll Police[edit]

Under his old channel, QuintexUTTP, he strongly opposed trolling on YouTube. Unlike most of the UTTP, Quintex actually believed that the goals of the UTTP were legit and not the results of a troll campaign, but he later left the UTTP and renamed his channel QuintexTheAntiRacist during the 2012 election in order to prevent Americans from electing presidential candidate Ron Paul. Quintex wanted to use the UTTP in order to transform the website into his own safe space but he left the UTTP after figuring out that the UTTP is a troll group that didn't really care about stopping trolls. Quinton made many hit videos such as WHY THE MOVIE 300 PROMOTES RACISM, U CAN'T BREAK THESE CUFFS BUT YOU ALSO CAN'T BREAK THE FACT THAT THIS MEME PROMOTES WHITE SUPREMACY, RON PAUL IS VOLDEMORT, and THE UTTP MUST GET SOPA PASSED!!! A CALL TO ARMS!!! The cringe from his older channels were purged by him due to backlash. Very soon after Gamergate began to take off, Quintex began to seize an opportunity. He was going to take the "redpill" in order to leech off of skeptic YouTubers. At one point his older content was archived but these archives are nowhere to be found on the web. The archive and all back up archives were deleted right after EmpLemon asked him for an interview. Quinton hoped that no one would know about his older obscure channels which were full of way more cringe than his current one. After deleting his old accounts relating to the UTTP, Quinton began to take his channel to a new direction.

Quinton's Life At Home[edit]

Quinton is revealed to have terrible audio while playing with legos

Quinton is known for being like Christian Weston Chandler living a life of nothing. He spends his time playing with legos like a savage. The legos he uses are pre-made sets or random meshes of colors. His lego creations are his version of Sonichu. Quinton is not really that creative. His creations with legos are pleb tier and scream Sonichu. Quinton eats chips like a slob masturbating to his favorite waifu, Susan Wojcicki.

Quinton's Time Being "Redpilled"[edit]

Quinton claims that being redpilled will make you a hambone.

Quinton claims to have been redpilled at one point which is complete bullshit. Quinton was never redpilled since his so called redpilling was only agreeing with a few skeptic YouTubers that aren't even right wing in any way due to Gamergate opening up the "redpill" to him. During his time as a "redpilled" YouTuber, he ripped off various big Gamergate YouTubers like MundaneMatt who were big on the platform at the time. Quinton has constantly made jabs on his older Gamergate self constantly attacking the redpill on twitter. He made videos criticizing the Women's March along with other centerist view points in hope to gain a bigger audience. Once his channel grew large enough, Quinton realized that he did not need these "toxic fans" anymore so he decided to make his channel look like what it was always supposed to have looked like from the beginning without the huge presence of Gamergate, a soulless NPC channel that shoves NPC talking points down the viewer's throat with zero subtlety just so Quinton can get some ad revenue with the NPC left.

How Quinton Got Away With Blatant Faggotry For Such a Long Time[edit]

Turkey Cunt reveals that Quinton has cut ties with people.
Quinton believes that TLJ and Foodfight! are cinematic masterpeices.

Quinton's current incarnation started out by reviewing mundane shit that nobody cares about like sequels to those stop-motion Rankin/Bass Christmas movies, and chasing trends like Don't Hug Me I'm Scared theories, hoping to make it big while he stole content style after content style, until he got big ripping into GradeAUnderA because it was popular at the time. Following the next year or so, none of Quinton's other videos amassed over 100,000 views each other than his reviews, since nobody cares about Quinton's opinions, and he was just riding off of I Hate Everything's bandwagon of reviewing knockoffs. His trend chasing became so shallow and pathetic that whenever YourMovieSucks released his Childhood Trauma series and contacted other Youtubers, Quinton complained about how "some horsefucker" forced him to make a review of some baby shit that scared him, despite YMS not even acknowledging Quinton's existence. Quinton took it in stride, having been rejected from the cool kids' lunch table all throughout high school, then telling everyone how he was so much better than them, and nobody believed him.

Almost immediately afterwards, Quinton started advocating openly for making clickbait his videos, and started attacking Game Theory, GamerFromMars, and a shitload of other channels he's jealous he'll never be as original as. If you go to his most recent uploads, you'll find a sea of content that's either stolen ideas from better Youtubers, shitty attack videos, and clickbait shit riding whatever trend is in at the moment. In one year since, he grew to over 300k subs, and decided that he could finally dictate to world the grand discovery that clickbait and chasing trends would grow your channel, and started inserting his NPC politics more obnoxiously. Meanwhile, his videos are so vapid and low-effort that he can pump them out alone (he sperged out and fired his editor for not drinking soylent) on a weekly basis, but fails to get above 100k views for anything that isn't a trending topic despite his 323k subs.

Quinton's channel would die naturally in a few years, if not for one caveat: he rarely gets a third of his subscribers to watch his crap anyway. Quinton's channel can't die if he's already dead.

Slapfights with Better Youtubers[edit]

It's easy being a shill on YouTube these days. Real channels on modern YouTube usually do not break over 100,000 views unless (((they))) decide that the videos can be subversive. The best way to avoid being called a degenerate is to find low hanging fruit and make fun of them in order to make the commentator seem like a smart person. The difference between someone like Mumkey Jones and someone like Quinton is that one is making fun of someone for comedy while a soyboy like Quinton is attacking someone just for social justice brownie points. Mumkey doesn't need to take the moral high ground since he and his viewers are aware that he is a human, meanwhile Quinton takes the moral high ground to try to mask how much of an insecure and unfunny virgin he is. Quinton can't seem to separate the content from the person giving the content when viewing any channel. The moment any person has a thought that goes against Quinton's accepted beliefs, Quinton will attack that person calling him a bigot. Over time Quinton would create many enemies for himself due to being a completely brain-dead sperg. If you like this cocksucking faggot, unsubscribe. Please unsubscribe, this man is a disgrace to humanity and should hang himself for his cancer content.

Quinton brings up am unnecessary and pointless ORANGE MAN BAD rant on his video about Logan Paul.

Clinton.. er, I mean.. Quinton has predictably made fun of Trump simply to get some social justice brownie points in his efforts to appear smart. His Trump rants are so generic and predictable that they are not even worth anyone's time. His rants are the same as the Tumblr people that believe that Harry Potter is a true work of art instead of being some overrated pile of crap that gets way more credit than it deserves. Quinton loves to especially bring up Trump on videos where Trump is not even related to the topic he talking about, exemplifying why leftists today are unfunny - for the same reasons Bush Republicans were unfunny back in the day - they're a bunch of crybaby faggots that act as a moral authority on what is right or wrong.

Quinton's Gallery of Soylent About missing Pics
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Things He Ripped Off From Better Youtubers[edit]

Quinton can't meme
  • Angry Video Game Nerd - Pretty much his entire style of sitting in front of a collection of plastic crap and getting overly-angry at some mundane cash-grab is derivative of more better "reviewers." AVGN is just one of the more famous early examples.
  • EmpLemon - After Lemon released his video on why Spongebob is so great, basing his video on how Squidward was essentially a vessel for the manchildren who watched the show. Two months later, Quinton released the modestly titled "Spongebob was the Best Show Ever," plagiarizing a lot of EmpLemon's points at the beginning of it. Since Quinton didn't bother to do any research or original ideas, he spent the half of the video's runtime with some bullshit story of how he used to also watch mainstream cartoons and flips through a coloring book.
  • YourMovieSucks - Go back and read the beginning to this section you illiterate dumbass.
  • IHateEverything - Quinton started reviewing more knockoff movies after IHE released his "Search for the Worst: Not Disney" video, but doesn't actually review anything outside of what other Youtubers already covered and memeshit, because that would involve work.
  • RalphTheMovieMaker - Shamelessly stole Ralph's Ghost Shows Suck with a skit fuckfest Every Ghost Show. To be fair on Quinton's part, this is probably his funniest video since his friends actually have personality, and there's people besides Quinton talking.
  • RebelTaxi, The Roundtable, PhantomStrider, Valiksibum, AniMat, TheMysteriousMrEnter - The Emoji Movie, Rapsittie Street Kids, Fairly Odd Movie, SpongeBob, and The Simpsons (Editor's note: Yes, this isn't a joke; if Phantom, Valiks, AniMat, and MrEnter are better Youtubers; that's when you fucked up. That's how pathetic Quinton is.)
  • Turkey Tom, LSMark, Pyrocinical, Leafy, JonTron - Shtick stolen from either these commentary channels; despite that he "hates commentary channels" and that he "doesn't want any association with the commentary community."
  • Fredrik Knudsen, The Right Opinion, Larry Bundy Jr., Internet Historian, BehindTheMeme - The "Fallen Titans" series is pretty much a low-effort version of any of the video essays these channels produce. Quinton of course picks basic shit that everyone already knows about, because doing anything else would require work.

Adventures in Being a Hateable Cuckold[edit]

Aside from being an obnoxious faggot who's eyes are way to far apart, Quinton is a manchild who tries to bully people like Mr. Enter, MauLer, JonTron, Turkey Tom, and Mumkey Jones just for some negative attention, just so he can get a couple dollars from ad revenue from 13 year old boys watching him make a complete sperg of himself on a weekly basis. Due to this, he's had quite a few pissing matches against better Youtubers people than he can hope to be.

Quinton Gets Caught Using Sock Accounts to Attack Mr. Enter[edit]

One of Quinton's first direct slapfights was against Mr. Enter a man that Quinton accused of being a far-right Nazi over one review. Quinton could not get the message that Mr. Enter was trying to convey with that fat skull of his. The truth is that Mr. Enter was only trying to provoke common sense by giving an honest negative review on the High Guardian Spice trailer for being a pile of garbage that panders to the mentally insane Tumblr audience. His rivalry with John Enter can be compared to the Irate Gamer's anger towards the Angry Video Game Nerd. Like the Irate Gamer, Quinton is a jealous knockoff of many of the YouTubers he rips off.

Quinton when he is attacking Mr. Enter using his socks, Quintex96, or when he is going on a tangent against his political opponents on his main accounts he usually likes to scream like any good old fashioned NPC would do, screech like an autist. Quinton loves to A-Log Enter simply because Enter is more famous than him. Quinton Reviews like many other cartoon reviewers believe that they can mock Enter just to have the moral high ground even when their content is just as terrible if not worse. Enter at least is not a SJW who only gets views by following trends despite whatever flaws he has as a person or a reviewer. The only thing that separates Quinton from John Enter is how much far bigger of a cuckold he is when being compared to Enter. Quinton would later apologize to him in order to gather sympathy from the Enterbots only to backtrack his bogus apology a few days later by claiming that he is a target of bulling from Mr. Enter and his fans.

Quinton Accuses John Enter of Being a Nazi About missing Pics
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Quinton's Slap fight with MauLer, Rags, and Star Wars Fans[edit]

Quinton Reviews shows up on MauLer's podcast acting like a faggot

Quinton Reviews shows up on MauLer's podcast acting like a faggot part 2

Quinton makes a terrible poorly written review on The Last Jedi

Skip to 36:41 for a special guest appearance by Quinton Reviews (Or just take our word for it and don't give these cucks a view).

Quinton had many requests from various people to review this film. People from his discord group already knew that Quinton had already given praise towards the Last Jedi but what was missing from his reviews is his thoughts on why the Last Jedi is not a bad film. Unfortunately, Quinton couldn't list anything good about the objectively shit film and just dismisses critics of the film as racist bigots, as if anyone except stupid manchildren like the new Star Wars movies. Instead of doing the impossible and defending this piece of shit film, Quinton threw his hands up in the air and said that bad things don't make a bad movie bad, and anyone who didn't like The Last Jedi were all just altrighters who listen to Alex Jones, never once considering that some people are sick of uninspired remakes and sequels that can never hope to be better or close to being as good as their original counterparts.

Since he couldn't give any reasons on why this film isn't shit without the Star Wars brand, this pissed off a lot of Star Wars fanboys to attack Quinton and call him for the hack that he is. Quinton would later tard rage on Twitter by calling his former fans of his content bigots for trashing his terrible shill piece. One of the first big people that Quinton would anger is a YouTuber who goes by the name of MauLer. This slap fight started when someone on Quinton's discord disagreed with how Quinton was handling his review on The Last Jedi, and Quinton himself decided to paraphrase and misrepresent viewpoints from MauLer and his buttbutty Rags, two people so thorough that it takes them LITERALLY FIVE FUCKING HOURS to review a twelve-minute soytuber video, specifically attacking them for their views on subjectivity verses objectivity - with out actually proving they ever said anything and coming off as if he's talking out of his ass, per usual. Quinton and MauLer were originally going to not talk with each other in hopes to not stir up further drama and just cut ties in a more silent matter but due to Quinton being a slimey cunt, but then Quinton decided to attack him with a garbage parody video anyway showcasing Quinton's butt hurt towards his critics. MauLer responded by making Quinton the running joke which he is on his Podcast, even letting flamboyant furfag the Dishonored Wolf take a few whacks at making mocking the cheese golem.

To try to pass off as anything except assblasted, Quinton started making making pins in his videos and hearts towards much better Youtubers telling him to fuck off, then responding with dismissive crap like "lol haha" or "I don't care" to show that he really for realzies doesn't care at all about what people think, going for that punk counterculture image while praising multi-billion dollar Hollywood productions.

Quinton Vs MauLer and TLJ haters About missing Pics
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Quinton Loves Violence[edit]

Quinton unfairly compares every racist gamer to JonTron

One day a random person dressed in black decided to kill He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named aka Donald Trump Rand Paul as an act of bravery. A hero appeared, it was a dream come true, finally justice was going to come to America. The MSM also praised this decision to kill an "evil Nazi" by hailing the man who would rip Rand Paul's rib cage as a hero even through he did nothing to save America. What did exactly did Rand Paul do to deserve this? Call out the banks for their crimes? Talk about auditing the Fed? Well I don't know. Quinton of course shares the same opinion as the MSM. The MSM inspired him to say the brave nu-male thing on twitter. He began to call for the death of JonTron wishing him death by constantly making posts about how he wants JonTron's rib cage ripped off so that he can send JonTron to the hospital along with any gamer who likes his content.

Quinton Masturbates to Susan Wojcicki and Fat Black Women[edit]

Quinton dreams raping Susan

Quinton Reviews has admitted on twitter that Susan Wojcicki arouses him. Quinton wants to stick his 3 inch dick into Susan Wojcicki. He has made attempts to call his lover using his phone. Susan of course ignores him referring to him as a creep. But the stalking does not end with Susan. He has also stalked random black women on Facebook. Quinton is mainly into fat black women. He wants some of that chocolate to come to his mouth. Quinton hopes to one see that he has a black wife instead of a white wife unless of course the white wife is part Jewish or is Susan.

Quinton Backstabs His Best Friend[edit]

Quinton accuses his best friend of being a Nazi

Quinton used to be a huge fan of Turkey Tom until Mr. Enter pointed out that Turkey Tom was being an asshole by calling Enter a pedophile without evidence. If Enter had never talked about his "mean trolls" Quinton probably would have never realized how much of a faggot Turkey Tom is & watched Turkey Tom's video that he criticized for being too harsh or have even cared about it due to the fact that Quinton had spammed Enter's channel using 5 different sock accounts (according to what Enter said in his video about his trolls) thinking that Mr. Enter was a Comicsgate moron. Quinton only cared about Enter only after finding out he was part of an autistic YouTube hate bandwagon which made him feel Troll's Remorse. Turkey Tom has since apologized for his mean video to multiple people on the web who have kept bugging him even after he gave an apology and took down his own video proving that even after giving an apology, SJWs are never satisfied. Quinton is one of many people who are still angry at him which made Turkey Tom angry since Quinton was one of the first major people in the YouTube community to support Turkey Tom's channel. Quinton argues that Turkey Tom has changed the style of his content to that of a more harsh Nazi oriented type of channel despite Turkey Tom actually being less edgy over time as a result of having to take down his video on Mr. Enter for drawing the line between edgy humor and slander. Turkey Tom tried to talk things out with Quinton, but Quinton realized that he can just block his former best friend on Discord and social media hoping to never associate himself with a Nazi again. SJWs like Quinton are never satisfied until a "Nazi" finally dies.

Quinton Vs. PewDiePie[edit]

Quinton hates PewDiePie and can't stand the sight of his channel and by definition supporting T-Gay in his hatred, but unlike in the past where people hated him for being cancer Quinton like many MSM hacks believe that PewDiePie is part of some Neo-Nazi group and even if PewDiePie was actually a Nazi it doesn't change the fact that PewDiePie still has a bigger heart than someone like Quinton or Joe Bernstein. Quinton being the soulless man that he is, hates PewDiePie simply because he represents the old way of YouTube before the media conglomerates transformed it into TV lite aka a place where anyone can be a star without the influence of big corporations aka True Communism Capitalism. Quinton being a center left mouth piece of CNN and Colbert did not like that. He hated the idea of True Communism Capitalism. He would perfer something better, bootleg Chinese style communism where only those who are part of the safety bubble known as the safe space are allowed to think. Quinton believes that calling PewDiePie a Nazi will generate ad revenue for his channel. Quinton has since kept his viewers hostage by using his money to shove his fat face with soy in his mouth. Quinton made his video defending T-Series from PewDiePie only for his audience to completely dislike his video. A few minutes later Quinton deleted his video and tried to delete any re-uploads of his garbage video. Despite going through the efforts of deleting his own content, Quinton was more angry at the fact that PewDiePie brought someone on his show during one pointless video who was slightly conservative than the fact that PewDiePie was FUCKING NAZI SCUM!! Quinton purchased a Ben Sharpio body pillow in his anger so that he can beat him up under his sick twisted fantasies.

Ben Sharpio Owns Quinton: Quinton Fights a Ben Sharpio Body Pillow And Loses[edit]

The tweet that sparked anger from many.

>Quinton says something libtarded

>The room starts shaking

>It's getting louder and louder

>Suddenly, Ben Shapiro breaks down the wall with his massive, circumcised, Jewish cock

>Quinton starts shaking in fear


>Quinton tries running, but cannot outrun Ben

>Ben Shapiro grabs ahold of Quinton's boy pussy with his facts and logic lasso

>Ben proceeds to rip a hole in Quinton's pants, sticking his gargantuan cock in his sweet boy puss

>Ben then starts humping Quinton until the whole room is covered in blood and shit

>Shapiro then throws Quinton's limp, aching cum dumpster of a body onto the ground

Hoped you liked that, libtard scum

>Shapiro then gets beamed into the sky, laughing at Quinton as he cries on the ground.

Quinton Makes an Ass of Himself to EmpLemon and Mumkey Jones[edit]

Quinton has made enemies with Mumkey Jones, an edgy furfag who got b& for making fun of trannies, and EmpLemon, a Youtube Pooper who became famous for gatekeeping what is and isn't "good" content, simply because Quinton can't shut up for five seconds, and nobody besides Joe Bernstein wants to hear another word of it.

EmpLemon talk about Quinton's channel

EmpLemon has pointed out that Quinton is the Benedict Arnold of YouTube, a traitor to the YouTube community after viewing Quinton's twitter which reveled that Quinton is a top tier cuck that is intolerant to those who hate him. On his twitter Quinton praised YouTube for deleting Mumkey Jones's channel over an obvious satire video. The video Mumkey Jones uploaded give him the Alex Jones treatment from the Silicon Valley oligarchs. He also praised Joe Bernstein for calling PewDiePie a Nazi. EmpLemon later hoped to get him to show up to his podcast only for Quinton to screw his audio on purpose so that the video would be hard to edit causing the interview to be uploaded at a later date.

EmpLemon goes easy on Quinton.
Quinton delivers a rebuttal towards EmpLemon

A few days later, Quinton decided to show up to the podcast again in order to talk to EmpLemon. Quinton does not want to do podcasts anymore since EmpLemon has roasted him badly cauing Mumkey Jones to not show up for the sole purpose of making the SOTY Aspie friendly. Within the podcast, Quinton revealed that the tweet that angered the community only lasted for a few minutes. He should have realized that the moment something is up on the internet, it is there forever. But since he's a massive newfag, he is forever to be mocked by the internet at the dispense for lulz.

Quinton so far seems to have backtracked on every statement that he made in order to save his face from those "mean trolls" because he was just trying to be a brave guardian protecting kids from the evils of conservatism, same-sex marriage, and stable family structure. Back in reality, the conservative guest that PewDiePie brought in for a one time minor video is a fucking meme who somehow triggers soyboys like Quinton. PewDiePie could have brought in an actual neo-nazi who actually advocates for a white ethnostate instead of some center right Jewish man that screams at Trump all day. The truth is that Ben Shapiro is a safe conservative whose only real difference from your standard NPC center-right Fox News host is that he is slightly better at speaking to his audience and understands the youth better then a Bill O' Riley (who is pretty much irreverent to everyone except that one crazy uncle that screams about Obama at the dinner table). This didn't stop Quinton from guzzling ten liters of Muslim semen and spouting off all of the generic insults that leftists always use, nor answer for why Quinton is okay with the left shoving politics FUCKING EVERYWHERE. EmpLemon gave Quinton the best chance to speak his mind which fully revealed just how much of a deranged psychopath Quinton is.

Quinton fascinates me with how monumentally adept he is at taking a situation and making it worse.


—Mauler, TL;DW video-maker giving the TL;DW

Quinton Spergs Out at a Mumkey Jones Fan[edit]

The most accurate take on the situation

Eventually, Quinton chose to shut up and stay down due to his inability to handle banter or confrontation, and with that the drama gradually died down, things were starting to look up for him and soon he would have been able to continue his life reviewing children's entertainment in peace. Unfortunately for him, Quinton still hadn't gotten over the fact that Mumkey Jones made fun of him, and he wanted to have the last word in this shitshow, being too stupid to understand that participating in a dying drama only reignites it, so he decided to throw more shade at his bullies, who he had already blocked, before giving "Mumkey" a piece of his mind. Because of his exceptional nature however, Quinton ended up ranting at a fan-made parody account, where in he called himself a rapist faggot multiple times and screeched about internet death threats, undoubtedly mentally scarring the innocent child operating the account, who just wanted to have fun on the internet, for life.

Mumkey had found out about the situation when the kid in question sent him the disturbing abuse that was hurled at him by the angry manchild known as QuintonReviews. Mumkey, being a responsible adult, made a formal report about Quinton's vile exploits on his twitch broadcast, causing Quinton to cry yet again about not being treated like a real human bean and his self-dox, which he had exposed after throwing false DMCAs at anyone trying to archive his shenanigans, exposing the fact that, despite him "dropping the red pill", he is still just as much of a bitch as any one of the skeptics.

Mumkey adresses Quinton's kerfuffle

Quinton Becomes Contrapoint's Beta Orbiter[edit]

Quinton wants to suck Contrapoint's trannydick

As of recently Quinton has joined a place called Breadtube, basically the left-wing version of the skeptic crowd, a bunch of nobody "anti-anti-SJWs" who will become irreverent in a few years. During his time within Breadtube, Quinton came across a beautiful trans wimmen named Contrapoints. Quinton being the ugly beta male that he is will never get to grab Contrapoint's beautiful trans pussy because Quinton Reviews is a disgusting fat piece of shit who will never get laid.

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  • Joseph Stalin - Quinton wants to wish death on his opponents much like a certain someone
  • Moviebob - The same Go Woke Go Broke garbage but with a different name.
  • MysteriousMrEnter - When comparing Quinton to Mr. Enter, Mr. Enter is an alpha among betas.
  • Irate Gamer - The way Quinton rips people off is similar to how the Irate Gamer rips off AVGN.
  • nu-male - Quinton is the definition of one.
  • Jews - Quinton is rumored to be half Jewish.

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