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QuoteBucket is apparently yet another fucking quote site which is great for the massive number of people who are blocked from QDB and Bash at work, are interested in hilarious IRC racism and Linux jokes, and don't know how to use proxies. Additionally it focuses on being yet another bullshit web2.0 failure but with an AMAZING DIFFERENCE - they only reject spam! That probably doesn't impact quote quality, right guys?

This massive fucking failstorm contains nothing of value, which is probably why the queers responsible plug their shit on ED without even pretending to write from a neutral point of view. This is at once incredibly unlulzy, and still less awful than anything that's on the actual site.

Between sucking each other off, approving unfunny quotes and seeing how many iPod Nanos they can fit into each other's assholes, QB admins can be found listening to Rush, INVENTING MEMES and talking enthusiastically about how much weed they've smoked.




QuoteBucket, --Also known as "Goatse"-- is an online user-driven database which contains extracts of logs from IRC channels and other forms of online messaging (including AIM, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, MySpaceIM and Yahoo! Messenger) so they can be viewed, searched and rated by the public. It is similar to the famous, except that absolutely no one gives two shits.

Quotes that are often submitted are kept in a "queue" where they can be reviewed by moderators/or administrators where they will be "accepted" or denied within 24 hours.


—Nobody gives a shit

Quotebucket web interface

The QB design is unique which is a gray style/duct tape method. There is also Bashview[1] where you can have the joy of and fast reviews all in one. They were asked: "What's the story behind the design?", Reply: :Long story short, Eck decided it would be good to have a "duct-tape" design,,It symbolizes "Shut the fuck up and read". It's not a common design and it makes us stand out a little. It's something that makes us unique.


—A very smart man

Example quotes

Quote 1068: [2] <peer> how do you mix C with jew? <peer> lal <@Xires> c nazi, c jew run, run jew run

Quote 1065: [3] <~connection> raged: You better keep your jew on a leesh or I'll fucking throw him in my oven next to the pizza.

Quote 869: [4] <+JNSamuel> i bet novells tutorials are proprietary too <+JNSamuel> :O <+Azzkikr> novell's stuff is so proprietary, even the developers may not look into their own source code

Quote 160: [5] <+Amzo> Aids are cool <+Amzo> Facebook offers them free <+Amzo> "click here for more aids." <+Amzo> Oh wait... <+Amzo> It's ads <+Amzo> :(




This is an interview from IRCReport.

Q. What in your words, is the best way to describe QuoteBucket? QuoteBucket enables you to browse through a collection of user submitted quotes from IRC and other IM services around the Internet, Similar to that of and

Q. Is QuoteBucket new? And why and when did it start? We're fairly new, we started in September 2008, However, we used a sub domain from FreeDNS. This was, which is still active. In May 2009, was registered. We started QuoteBucket because (no disrespect intended) one of the oldest Quote databases, Bash, was getting clogged, spammed, and well. ruined. We also aimed for a "sleeker" design which would bring us out of our shell even more.

Q. What, in your 100% honesty, makes QuoteBucket stand out? In all honesty, I'm hoping it's because of our unique design, fast reviews on all submitted quotes, and respect for all of our users. There is unlimited support available and we're never short of management to control the reviews.

Q. Don't you think the design is a bit too much? Not at all, It's been verified as a Web 2.0 website, and it still doesn't need alot of bandwidth for the user browsing it. Because the only image it has is in the header, And even that is under 5.0 kilo bytes. There are no tables what-so-ever thus it works on all browsers we've tested it on. (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome [...], and even terminal based browsers such as Lynx). The design was started from scratch and thought through carefully, There are "blueprints" to prove it.

Q. Has QuoteBucket grown? I would think so, Our Google rank is 3 and our Alexa rank is 1,843,799 (As of 2/Aug/2009)

Q. There is a lot of social networking involved, Why? Well, That is the whole point in it. It's a quote database, not just for IRC but for other IM services too. But, I suppose there is Digg, AddThis and Twitter involved. On quotes you'll notice two small links next to the ratings. (QDigg and QShare). Clicking on QDigg submits the quote to Digg, and clicking on QShare opens up the AddThis box, where you can browse through a list of other social bookmarking sites and submit the quote to.. We have two Twitter accounts. QuoteBucket and qbRSS, The QuoteBucket account is used for updates etc, and the qbRSS is an automatic account used for the RSS feed for latest quotes... Us: Wow steady on, this is turning out to be an essay.

Q. We're almost at the end, Is there anything else you would like to say? Yes, Firstly. I would like to thank you for asking me to do an Interview, I would also like to thank QB's users for keeping it stable and running, I would like to thank all of our Twitter followers, and I would also like to thank Jobe for keeping the development of QdbS running smoothly.. Remember, if you have any comments, questions or suggestions. just email us (find our email on the site) or follow us on Twitter.


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