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Despite his addiction to child porn, he's a pretty nice guy, enjoys Naruto and the television show LOST.
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But he's a pretty cool guy after all.
His world famous bittorent program.

[email protected] (born Richard Steve Jew) is an infamous pedophile, sick fuck and a Jew who was on the FBI most wanted list from 2002 until he was caught in 2007, but believe it or not, he's actually said to be a pretty chill guy IRL. Type in his name on a P2P app like Limewire, and you will be bombarded with his amateur videos of him fucking underage girls, but plz be advised: The Man is never in the mood for your bullshit, asshole.


TOW has semi-protected the [email protected] article there "Keeping indefinitely semi-protected to prevent insertion of child pornography search term that keeps happening". However they don't protect articles on drugs to keep people from giving detailed instructions on how to shoot up, or articles on terrorism because it provides useful information to terrorists, so as per usual, TOW continues to make shit up as they go along.

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