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Gene Simmons refects on his career
Sometime legs are laughed off too
Ye Olde rofl
rofling is awesome!

ROFL (archaic: ROTFL, pronounced "Roffle") is primarily used by smug 16 year old girls laughing at each others' hilarious antics. It meant "rolling on the floor laughing," and was first used as far back as Shakespeare. In 'Macbeth' he wrote:

Glamis thou art, and Cordor, and shalt ROTFL thy cvnt off, when we kill that fvcking King


—Shakespeare knew how work the blue

Two days after Shakespeare wrote this, it became irritating. By the advent of Broadband it was as passé as corduroy and today it is considered firmly old meme. DO NOT USE THIS EXPRESSION. If you do the reader may mistake you for an asshole and injure themselves ROTFL at your expense. To do so is to indicate that you are as slow as your dial-up connection and TWICE AS FUCKING ANNOYING.


To update the expression and safeguard it against the HORROR of the millennium bug it was streamlined by removing a superfluous 'T'. This was found to increase its productivity by up to 25%, preserving the internet users' time for more important pursuits. Win!


Moar Expressions

  • ROFLMAO - a dance maneuver in which the anus is jettisoned for comic effect
  • ROFLOLMAO - The above, but with LOL - sounds good but it doesn't even make sense.
  • ROFLMFAO - used by girls with low self-esteem.
  • ROFLMAOWMVTCP - An advanced version of the aforementioned dance maneuver, with the added skill of Masturbating Vigorously to Child Porn at the same time.
  • ROFLMAYONNAISE - or Roffle-Mayo, (1) a corruption of the word 'lulz' commonly used by hackers on steroids,(2) roffle-mayo - a break dance maneuver in which mayonnaise is jettisoned from the anus prior to surprise buttsex

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