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lol wut

ROFLCon was a series of "internet culture" conferences and small events that took place in the Gay State at the MIT Campus. The years the main conventions took place in were 2008, 2010 and 2012. The purpose of the assembly was to discuss memes and the internet's effect on Amerikkka. Gee, we wonderwhere they got the idea for it from?

The Only Worthwhile Part of this Fail-Fest[edit]


The various conventions showcased the creators of many unfunny old memes. Among the guests included were:

Kail was requested by the website commentators to be put on the guest list more than anyone, and even though Tim Hwang said he'd "work on it," nothing happened and that really just meant "stop asking, Kail is for faggots."

Seeing as all the guests included are on 4chan's most wanted list, this convention would have been quite convenient for Anonymous to wipe unfunny memes off the face of the earth, had they not been too busy with moralfaggotry/fighting the endless war and rehearsing for their rap careers.

Also among the attendees was Judith Donath, interweb expert who used TOW's lolcats article as a reference on a research paper.[1]

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