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Typical RSS Feed

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a way that one can keep up to date on a certain, issue, website, or journal. ED should have an RSS on new and upcoming Lulz on the Internets. RSS is supposed to give you the raw content such as text and pix with no shitty styling, however, they either give you a prewiew or some content with ADS.

Contrary to it's prevalence, nobody actually uses RSS. Only 3 people are known to have ever used RSS.

The things you can follow with RSS:

  • CP
  • Chans
  • Blogs
  • Ads
  • news
  • ads
  • humor
  • ED
  • ads
  • permanently subscribing to your girlfriends facebook notifications when you have her password for a limited time.
  • more ads
  • dA
  • spam
  • Stalking over 9000 people in one page.
  • bad paragraph alignment
  • ads
  • giving the item a star.
  • ads

LiveJournal allows users to read RSS feeds through their friends page. LJ creates temporary pages for each RSS feed entry. Sometimes, drama erupts in said entries. Unfortunately, these entries are only temporary and are automatically deleted by LJ after a short period of time. :'( Shit noone cares about.

Software to use:

  • RSSOwl
  • Google Reader

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