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Face of an oppressed black woman.

Nkechi Amare Diallo, formerly known as Rachel Dolezal (Rachel Moore during her short marriage) be black y'all. She be a blackface professor, check that, instructor of "Africana studies" at Eastern Washington University (not anymore!), a civil rights freedom fighter, the president of the local NAACP (not anymore!), head of Spokane's police oversight panel (not anymore!), and an expert on "ethnic hair". She was born in a teepee in Africa and was the victim of eight hate crimes when the bigots in the news decided to accuse her of being white and cause six million more hate crimes to be committed against her. She also makes black nationalist kitsch art plagiarism.

Rachel Dolezal: Black hero[edit]

Rachel Dolezal's drawing of her ape son adopted brother, who has been brainwashed by her to "hate white people" according to his other siblings

Rachel has been a victim of "eight documented hate crimes". Even though (allegedly) there is no evidence any of these occurred, she is outraged that the local authorities do nothing to stop it and claim a noose that was hung by her house was actually for stringing up deer. The post office has also failed to take proper measures, even though (allegedly) the anonymous letters that showed up in her PO box had no stamps or any indication that they were ever handled by the post office. Here Rachel discusses her outrage about it with the local reporter. At the end the reporter shows her a picture she posted online of her with a black man, that she said was her father. The reporter then asks some confusing questions.

Best part of the interview
Full interview
Leroy breaks it down
Eight documented hate crimes
Rachel at a rally protesting her imaginary hate crime
Theme song
Her lesson about "Hair history and privilege" in her "The Black Woman’s Struggle" class
Her favorite movie

The evil white media, controlled by the man, took this opportunity to try and take down a strong, black, trans-ethnic woman. Two lying crackers contacted the news claiming that they are Rachel's German parents whom she forbid from coming to see her and that the people she claims are her son and father are actually her adopted brother and some random negro she found on the street. This was obviously a lie, as Rachel had already explained that she was born in a teepee and grew up in africa Q.E.D she's black.

While the NAACP supported her, saying that her race doesn't matter, traitors to the SJW movement attacked Rachel!
Despite constantly complaining about "Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism" hurting transsexuals, those same transsexuals stabbed their black, trans-ethnic sister in the back, saying that transgenderism is real and transethnicity is not.

Follow the money trail.. A white woman makes millions off of a black woman's story.


—Dolazel on 'The Help', Hypocrisy at its finest

Internet's Reaction and Hashtags[edit]

Sneak peak at the upcoming biopic
Rachel Dolezal Shaniqua.jpg

The Internet was split between righteous sjws defending Rachel, and evil, racist, hypocritical sjws attacking her. Many hashtags went trending and much twitter induced PTSD was contracted in this epic battle for equality.

Twitter-favicon.png #RachelDolezal[edit]

The main hashtag where the brave Dolezal supporters fought the evil trolls trying to claim that "transracism isn't a thing" and that "Rachel Dolezal is nothing like Bruce Jenner".

Twitter-favicon.png #AskRachel[edit]

A hashtag where black allies, brainwashed into internalized racism by the white man, attacked Rachel and tried to ask her insulting, stereotypical questions about their shared black culture to prove her blackness... Questions like:

When you see a fight about to start you:
A) Call the police
B) Run to safety
C) Take out your camera phone and yell WorldStar

Twitter-favicon.png #Transracial / Twitter-favicon.png #TransracialLivesMatter[edit]

Here the courageous, oppressed transnegros talked about their struggles and created their own version of Twitter-favicon.png #BlackLivesMatter to bring attention to the discriminatory treatment the suffer from the police on a daily basis.

Twitter-favicon.png #WrongSkin[edit]

Every movement needs a hero, and this hero came in the forum of Twitter-favicon.png GodfreyElfwick.

This valiant, trans-black, Genderqueer, Muslim atheist (Personal pronouns: Xir, Xirs Xirself) has been fighting the good fight of the transethinc people on twitter for six whole months before Rachel Dolezal. Finally, it was time for xir voice to be heard.
Multiple news outlets contact xir and interviewed Godfrey about xir struggles as a transblack person of color, while others falsely accused him of being a troll. Godfrey was flooded with hate from his misguided SJW brothers and sisters in his own hashtag "#WrongSkin".

Fight on, brave warrior.


Paint by numbers[edit]

Despite claims to be an "award-winning" artist, Dolezal is in reality a terrible artist who has to resort to plagiarism to produce something that does not resemble cancer. Dolezal resorts to printing out good art/crappy movie stills and painting over it. That's what a Masters in Fine Arts from Howard University is worth.

Dolezal's fake "photorealistic" art[edit]

Movie still from Pariah and Rachel Dolezal's "original" that she thinks is worth at least $5,000.

Dolezal's actual art[edit]

This is Dolezal's actual handpainted art. What the fuck is this thing?

Ex-boyfriend nignog exposed[edit]

It turns out that Rachel used to fuck a nignog who made terrible music. According to his whiny ass friends on JewTube, he didn't know she was a snow nigger! He's supposedly a "very smart" scientist. He must be an astrophysicist or some shit judging by his lyrics.

For the rest of my life
dreamgirl slideshow
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Reverse discrimination lawsuit[edit]

Yep, back when she was openly white, Bi-Rachel sued the bigots at Howard University for discrimination, claiming they were racists who denied her jobs and art opportunities because she was white and discriminated against her for being pregnant (did she not make the cut for the basketball team?). She lost and even had to pay Howard University court costs.

Rachel Moore Lawsuit About missing Pics
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White bitch gets a standing ovation for saying she is white[edit]

If you wanted evidence that the world has gone to shit and needs to be torched to the ground, all you need is this: Rachel finally admitted that she was born to white parents, and dumb bitches applauded her, as if it was some brave thing she did. Even Ray Charles could see you are white and he is a nigger.

That was we have been saying from the start


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Nude Photos[edit]

It was also discovered that Dolezal participated in a photoshoot in 2012.


GALLERY OF HORRORS About missing Pics
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