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With Jews, you lose!
The real reason he hides his identity.
Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

RanterInShades (aka Michael Gordon) is an Autistic coward known for staying "neutral" all of the time in drama and doing several videos talking about Metal Elitists. He currently goes to college and tries his hardest to make sure his parents know nothing about his YouTube channel despite doing fuck all to prevent them from finding out aside from wearing his sunglasses to "hide his identity".

Old YouTube Channel[edit]

Before making his new channel, Shades had YouTube Favicon.png rockfreakmccool. On this channel he posted videos on him playing his guitar and him with the band. The only thing that's notable is that he was able to ride off TheArchfiend and his subs by being featured in one of his intros back when Arch let people submit entries to be in his videos and since Shades was hungry for views he submitted a video himself in the hopes that he would use it in one of his videos and he was correct. Funnily enough nobody gave a shit.

RanterInShades riding off TheArchfiend's "fame".

Gardens of Acadia[edit]

Much like other ranters, Shades is under the impression that he is a good musician. This is funny given how un inventive most of his songs are. Adding insult to injury is his old songs have been archived. Mentioning these songs to him will make him become very mad and he will most likely tell you to shut up and try to silence you like the little bitch he is.

Shades was embarrassed enough to delete this.

Ranters Discover Shades's Music[edit]

Unfortunately for Shades he isn't able to silence the criticism as much as he would love to. Unlike what Shades would like to think, he does a piss poor job at separating his real life and his online life. This point was proven more when a Google Hangout was posted where VlogRays and his friends talk about Shades's music. Even though they were more nicer than expected, Shades and his friends were there to the rescue. Lulz ensued.

VlogRays, NateTalksToYou and iMustDestroyAll take turns talking about RanterInShades's music.


A card Shades pulls whenever he needs to.

Even without him doing a video outright admitting it we could already tell that he struggled with Autism. This can be told by his timid speaking pattern, going off topic, stuttering and how frightened he seems to be controversial in the slightest. However this suspicion is confirmed after he does a YouTube video discussing his Autism and how it has affected him as a person. This was around the time where ranters felt the need to get on camera and get melodramatic and emotional over their development disorder and how it has effected them in life (i.e. they don't know how to socialize). One thing worth noting, he says he only tells a select amount of close friends about this but many online friends can attest to him fessing up before this video. Either this means Shades is lying or it means most of his close friends are internet friends. The last one certainly seems more likely.

"People with Autism are NOT retarded!" -RanterInShades

A spot on impersonation of RanterInShades's video.


If there's one thing Shades loves more than cock, it's staying neutral on a subject. If his friends get into drama he will always stay neutral no matter how much one friend is in the wrong. A common example of this is the drama iMustDestroyAll and his friends got into with MrRepzion. Since RanterInShades is a big fan of MrRepzion and the people who he was getting into drama with where his friends he didn't want to take a side in the drama because he didn't want to cause conflict. If Shades didn't give a fuck and that's why he was staying neutral then likely his friends wouldn't give a fuck. However the reason his friends have a problem is that he pretends to stay neutral when instead he is trash talking his "friends" behind their back and siding with MrRepzion. Eventually iMustDestroyAll found out about this and called him out on his bullshit. Shades said that he understood and went right back to doing the same thing. iMustDestroyAll eventually realized how pointless it was to try and reason with RanterInShades and they eventually stopped being friends.



Since Shades lacks any real talent he knew that the only way to get known and accepted into the Ranting Community is to go after who everyone else dislikes (so long as it isn't MrRepzion) while kissing ass to every ranter in sight. What made this convenient for him was that the ranters had made a Facebook group "YouTube Ranters" so he had an entire page that he could suck up to and post content there to make sure people like him.


It wasn't soon after that he got into a Skype war with an old woman known for her poor volume control and unstable YouTube videos. Shades was having such an ego trip making fun of her with his new internet friends and feeling so smart being able to disprove her statements. What he didn't realize was how easy it was to dispel the statements made by this lady making her a very easy target for new coming ranters. Given the contrast between a monotone guy and an old lady with a temper tantrum lulz ensued. After the second Skype call and several mental breakdowns from the lady herself they eventually made up.


Moar info: Undertakerfreak1127.

Much like the other ranters he eventually made a video on Undertakerfreak1127. In his video he said how upset getting blocked by John was to him and how he deserves an explaination. This was later resolved making the videos he made on John pointless.


In the summer of 2013 one YouTuber (at the time known as "BloodyBucketSinister") who instead of going outside and enjoying his summer vacation like what teenagers are suppose to. Mitch instead decided to make a Facebook group called R3 because he was tired of the "YouTube Ranters" page being filled too much with underaged people. In his new group he was interested in only adding mature people only. Such people include but are not limited to RanterInShades himself, CammehYaBams, Razorath at one point and VanillaHodge. Instead of just leaving the group and not making a big deal out of it Mitch instead decides to make two YouTube videos discussing this. His videos bothered a lot of the younger ranters leading RanterInShades to do a video giving his opinion on the matter ... he's neutral. If that's the case then why the fuck did he make the video? Your opinion on the matter is *drumroll* I have no opinion! A few videos later he eventually gave an opinion on the matter. This time he made his opinion clear that he thinks the drama is petty and people should let it go. Not too long after making this video Mitch had gotten himself into more drama and Shades to the point where he puts his foot down and is no longer his friend. After this Shades was given Mitch's home address including all of his personal information which he used to publically prank call him in a YouTube video. When Mitch eventually returned to YouTube Shades gave him nothing but a shitty attitude which resulted in some lulzy Skype calls and even a video made by Mitch himself.


Soon after RanterInShades had managed to kiss ass to most ranters and become on decent terms with most of the people this confused the counter culture of ranters leading to a very forced ranter HeyzeusKrist1 to make a YouTube video mentioning a lot of problems everyone else now has with RanterInShades while bringing some of his personal problems to the table as well. Seeing that someone had a different opinion to Shades this made him very upset forcing him to tell his friends about what has just happened. In response TakeShotAction did a 20 minute video defending his friend from this teenager who doesn't find his videos good along with a video made by UnMaskingTheTruth. In both of those videos the two YouTubers defending Shades they both argued that not showing emotion is how to make a good rant. This was defending the fact that RanterInShades canot keep anybodies attention span at all due to how uninterested he sounds making his videos.

This ranter still rustles his jimmies to this day. Despite not being relevant since 2013 he will still continue to make jokes about how bad this YouTuber is, even making a three hour video making fun of his videos (which he had archived). This video is no longer up on YouTube. He doesn't seem to realize that HeyzeusKrist isn't as special as he makes him out to be.


Moar info: UnMaskingTheTruth.

After Juan did his video defending RanterInShades from HeyzeusKrist he slowly started becoming irrelevant. So in order to make sure people still remembered him he made a fake email in which he said Onision wanted to start fake drama with him. After his friends criticized him he pretended to take their criticism and pleaded for their forgiveness. After he had did this so many times a handful of ranters where there to call him out (skullripper4900, waymuu, DannyTheMetalHead ect.). When he saw this RanterInShades realized he could hop on the bandwagon and get some views by repeating the same points everyone else said. Ironically he gave this criticism to UnMaskingTheTruth.

As you can tell Shades goes after the easiest targets possible.

Child Pornography[edit]

This situation works as perfect troll-bait.

Just last Thursday Shades decided to post the nudes of an underaged boy. The story behind this was the kid thought it'd be lulzy to show his family his YouTube channel knowing that his family wouldn't react well. Shades has mentioned many times to people that he has an abusive father and a really crazy family that would make him delete his online persona if they were to find out. After this had happened Shades got buttmad and blocked this person for telling his parents about his YouTube channel. Shades immediately messaged his friends abot the situation to make sure they were on his side. Unsure what to do he was left very upset that his friend had broke his trust. Luckily karma came to his hand as Brian Mueller (well known pedophile) gave him a photo of the kid for Shades to use as humilation and blackmail material. Revenge thirsty he agreed to post the image onto his Facebook fanpage along with his friend OfficialGATG. It was not long that people were there to give him criticism. Shades's fans still sided with him even though the photo was of a minor. His fans argued that "Revenge is revenge". Unfortunately for them revenge isn't an aliby in the Justice system. While Shades's still wasn't convinced one of his "friends" stood up for the kid and told Shades that he would press legal charges on him if he didn't remove the photo. Since Shades is terrified of Prison he deleted the photo immediately along with everybody else. Realizing that this was a pretty difficult situation to walk out of he decided to ignore taking responsibility for his actions and instead place the blame on his friend Brian Mueller. For the record, he still uses it to this day. Another argument he uses to avoid responsibility is that he wasn't thinking straight and how his judgement was clouded over how mad he was. Rumor has it that the person who threatened him with legal action called him up the next day and told him to never do it again or he would get him arrested. This left Shades in a very scared state. Shades was very worried about his family finding out about what he does on his YouTube channel. Let's see how his family reacts to him posting child pornography on the internet.

No Moar Onision Videos![edit]

To add to the list of unkept promises is his video "Why I Will NEVER Make a Video on Onision". In this video he gives all of his reasons why he will never make a video on Onision. He explains he dislikes Onision very strongly and will never defend him. The first point he mentions is that there are already plenty of videos being made against him that he would not be able to add any originality to the subject. Ironically enough has done exactly that before... He adds on to this saying that he doesn't care and that he would accomplish nothing by doing a video on Onision and that he would prefer to do a video on something more important. What makes this lulzy is that doing a video saying how he isn't going to do a video on Onision is doing a video on Onision. Not to mention his constant videos on Metal Elitists along with his his video topics being just as (and sometimes even more) trivial than Onision. The biggest irony in this all is that he has been in a mass collaboration on Someguy827's channel talking about why he doesn't like Onision. He tries to explain how this is not ironic because he was only doing that video to get views. What he doesn't realize is that makes him look worse.


Last thursday RanterInShades was challenged by another YouTuber to either do an in depth response explaining why he dislikes Kanye West as a musician or to do a review of one of his albums. This was because in one of his videos RanterInShades was explaining how you should not dislike a musician's music based on their personality and that he would appreciate that people would be more open minded. In the video he did clarify that there are musicians who are both bad people and also bad musicians. He used Kanye West as an example however never gave any depth for this opinion. In the comment section RanterInShades accepted the challenge gladly and promised that the video would be released by the end of the year. The challenge was made in September 2014 and since then he has never lived up to his challenge proving how much of a coward he truly is. Maybe he's hoping people will forget he was ever challenged.

At first this may seem like a suspicion provided with no evidence since there has been no public statement made by him aside from his original comment. But a little while back the same YouTuber had updated his audience with the details that he has been blocked by RanterInShades. Not only that but on every single website he uses. This might mean that he had been harboring a grudge towards the user since in the past they weren't always on friendly terms which he decided to take action after the situation had been relevant. Showing that, when it comes to defending himself, he seems very reluctant to express his first amendment rights.

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