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An irc channel on the synirc network filled with goons. #raspberryheaven is serious business because moot once hung out there. After visiting #rh for a brief amount of time it becomes apparent as to why moot formed the following opinion:

<moots> irc is stupid


Possibly the greatest example of circlejerk ever. Members of #raspberryheaven have been there since forever. Any new members which stumble into their sooper seekrit clubhouse are tolerated for as long as it takes them to disagree with an established member.


Evidence of their extreme faggotry comes with the fact that the channel is named after an anime song from Azumanga Daioh. Thus proving that the entire channel are disgusting weeaboos and pedophiles or at least they were when they joined the channel and have hung on due to a lack of anything better to do in real life.

Everyone on #rh is a liberal except for the two marines who are on most of the time because being in the Army mostly consists of playing Halo, browsing the internet and masturbating. These liberals aren't the inner city blue collar workers who only vote Democrat because they know the GOP will fuck them in the ass. No, these are the insufferable, close-minded California college campus intellectual kind of Liberal which is only a snappy uniform and a catchy song away from National Socialism.

Windows 7 is the only acceptable operating system to use whilst in #rh. Anything else and you are either stuck in the past, can't use computers or a disgusting freetard.

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