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"I make smart people porn!"

Raulo Cáceres is a sick fuck elitist eurotica comic book artist, Satanist, and pedophile. A 30 something year old hideously ugly spic who prides himself on his comics, which are usually full of the most fucked up shit you wouldn't expect to come out of anywhere but Japan. Proceed with caution.

Intellectual Faggotry[edit]

Raulo's comics are usually something that is historically or artistically famous and creating mary sues out of them. An example of this is Elizabeth Bathory, a vampire countess who drank the blood of virgins to stay beautiful. Another is Justine & Juliette, a story about two sisters, one becoming a whore and being a dick her whole life and the other keeping her virtue and being a nice girl. The whore gets riches and the virgin gets raped.

So the stories go like this. What we remember about these stories and people, he adds, along with a bunch of mythological dribble and college level history. Then he proceeds to add horrific acts of rape, violence, and extreme pornography.

The Comics[edit]

Elizabeth Bathory[edit]

Published in 1999, the story takes place maybe a hundred or so years ago in Hungary. Elizabeth is living off corpse brains in the cemetery, being a mother figure to a westernized loli, teaching her how to crack open skulls and eat nigger cum--hey she's over like 200 years old so that means she's totally not a little girl! >:( So Elizabeth is told by some asshole vampire king to stop a corpsey pedophile vampire called a Varcolaci, who is going to eat the moon and kill all the vampires and werewolves in the world. She befriends a Lamia named Gorunta, who has vaginas for nipples and wants to fill them with milk to try and be fertile again, and makes a pact with a sorcerer to betray Elizabeth. The sorcerer is in league with a sadistic stake wielding dominatrix who traps Elizabeth and Gorunta. They get free, have a massive bukkake orgy, find the Varcolaci, who it turns out is Elizabeth's one true love, history lesson, and all is apparently resolved.

Justine y Juliette[edit]

Yes, asshole, that is how it's written. This story bases itself off the original tale by the Marquis de Sade in the 1800s called 'Juliette'. Juliette and her sister Justine are raised at a convent. Justine is a virtuous and pure hearted girl who believes acting out of self pleasure is wrong. Juliette on the other hand is quickly shown the ways of darkness and discovers that life's only purpose is to enjoy yourself no matter the cost. So she becomes a whore and a murderer, and riches and prosperity are bestowed on her. Justine is raped and abused, and is used as an example of the stories theme that rejects life's goodness and virtues, and that the pure of heart will be sodomized by dogs and left for dead.


Other things Raulo has done that are apparently SFW, therefore are made of fail and AIDS.

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