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This is turning in to a rape thing real quick


—Real Stream News


Real Stream News[edit]

Go on, drink until you want me, oh you still don't?
Rape stream news
hey CJ did you see that um did you see the flies 'n shit? over thar? and like....
Rape Stream News and Amber, the girl he raped
interviewing amber about the nudes "o rly nudes u say? why don't you cum on over to mah trailer?"
Rape stream news trying on a pair of new Pedo Glasses
Nice cup of Methadon
Rape stream news tripping balls

Real stream news aka Steal Stream News aka Rape Stream News is a 30 something lolcow who tries to make a living stealing other peoples content and getting donations. This kid went relatively unnoticed with a youtube that had 3000 subs at its, and I quote "peak", until CJ (name known so far Craig Silva, surname probably false) decided to fly in a girl named Amber to work with. Ironically he had her sign a work contract and then did ipso facto rape her. Hilariously (you can't make this shit up) they went on stream the next day to tell all who needed to hear about the rape. Needless to say the internets went absolutely ape shit, since they haven't seen a youtube nobody rape anybody before. Not literally, that is. This was entirely new, and granted CJ seems to be the very first to have done this.

Drug Addict[edit]

Nagging on his stream
Nagging on Discord
Nagging on Discord
Nagging on Discord
Nagging on Discord
Nagging on Discord

Not that much is known as a back ground to CJ, except that he used to wear a surgeon mask before the grand entrance face reveal which showed us a face so greasy, spotty and oily that the USA is about to invade it. We do know that he used to work in a fish factory, where they produce fish, and that he quickly decided to leave this place to start his big youtubes career. He also has a deformed hand which he probably fucked up trying to find a vein to shoot dope in, fucking up a nerve ending. Oh yeah, did we mention he is also a recovering drug addict? He even went as far as to show off his methadone cup on his failbook. A lot of people seem to doubt his claim of heroin recovery, since he looks baked out of his mind all of the time and even falls to sleep mid stream, whilst huffing on his mouth fedora. He has a brother that looks like a hobo and plays in a shitty band, ED does not know much about music but we did hear it helps if you can actually play an instrument. Instead his brothers band sounds like a vibrator thats running low on juice. CJ does not have this problem, on the count of being a rapist.

Meth, not even once About missing Pics
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The rape of Amber[edit]

Discord fixed by former moderator
Discord fixed by former moderator
Getting trolled
Getting trolled
Getting trolled
Getting trolled
Rape is not ok
Rape is hilarious, though

Now to the part you sick fucks care about, which is the rape of Amber. Last tuesday CJ decided to hit up a whole bunch of Onision fan-girls in hopes they would show him precious titties, then ask them to come fly out to work with him, or his greasy meth penis as he himself refers to that greasy tic tac between his legs. They streamed for a bunch of days and all CJ's fans hated the shit out of her. The only way he could make this right, CJ thought, is if he raped her and thats exactly what he did. The most hilarious part was the day after when they both appeared on camera to talk about the rapeage. Lucky for you anon kept all the relevant videos saved and backed up on floppy-disk for prosperity so you sick fucks can all point and laugh and lick the tears off of your monitors:

Being the NEET CJ is (he's in his 30s, used a former girl as a cum receptacle and actually has a child, yet still lives with his mother.) CJ did the only logical thing to do after you raped a girl from the internets, that is call your grandmother to come pick you up. During the what must have been one hell of an awkward ride home he decided to stream this very important shit right away and talk about the rape whilst grandma was driving him home to mom:

I said NO TWICE!!


—Amber on CJ raping her the night before.

Amber's story[edit]

In case you are feeling bad about Amber getting raped (as if any ED visitor ever would) don't feel too bad. Sure, rape is rape and its delicious, but Amber too has a pretty interesting back story. Not only did she send n00dz to Onision's wife Lainey (read below) she also once faked having stomach cancer and held a Gofundme to support mom's crack habit, or something:

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Oh don't be so judgmental, its the internet! If you can't scam a few people, what else is it for?

The Onision dillema[edit]

Since this girl Amber was an Onision fangirl needless to say the king of all cucks was bound to lash out relentlessly. Since Onision is the ONLY person that gets to rape his fans. He did so in a FEROCIOUS manner by the only means he knows how, make a video about it, of course:

It took poor CJ 3 days to recover, throughout he kept having thoughts about an hero. Also, here is a picture of Amber with a glass dildo in her pussy:

Amber with a glass dildo up her pussy

Onision responded to Ambers kind offer to join his and lainey's threeway, but Amber was too fat. His answer is here:

tl;drAmber you are too fat. sorry, signed onision and lainey.

Sorry Amber, anybody coulda told you when it comes to fat chicks, Onision is NOT a SJW:

onision vs fatties, semi related quote

Hey man, what can you say? Onision's fans are young and stupid, what more could you want in a rape victim? You should try hitting them up some time! It worked for CJ!

Trying to prove his innocence[edit]

After the three days of self loathing CJ decided to do what any rational man would do, that is to vindicate himself and prove his innocence! This was of course massively laughed at, but he kept doing it anyway, since he obviously is doing it for the lulz. Right?

As you can clearly see, these videos totally vindicate him. Any judge would be crazy not to let him off. But wait! theres moar! RSN, clever as he is, also decided to reach out to a fellow rapist of Amber, back when she was 15 years old. This man, 29 at the time, also claimed Amber was just asking for it further cementing the case of RSN's complete and utter innocence. Don't believe it? just read the article, bro. Now if this:

Ambers former rapist

....isn't the face of an innocent man, we don't know what is. Mind you, the fact that Amber was technically a child at the time should not matter in any of this.

Problems with the ladies[edit]

It seems wherever CJ goes he has a problem with the ladies, and crack, and ladies crack, even. His Discord is no exception and often just a basket of lulz. Watching the ladies on his Discord, who just about make up his entire moderation team, is like watching an episode of the View. When fellow youtube internet entrepreneur Masked Babe recorded some of these lulz, CJ went apeshit. The recording can be found here:

For you see, if you go on CJ's Discord and you happen to have a vagina, you'll get mods or even admins right away depending on how CJ figures his chances of flying you out and raping the everlasting shit out of you. The second video above is a testimony of a married woman that in the very early days of RSN's youtube was offered to fly out there and leave her husband for some delicious rape. CJ has a very nasty habit of being incredibly thirsty, profoundly so and modding and hitting on anything with a skirt. It is also because of this that one of his former mods decided to troll him softly, by destroying his Discord, kicking everybody and posting porn on it. Needless to say that whenever RSN gets trolled, there is many lulz on tap available 24/7. CJ in turn tends to chimp out about this a lot, and self posts on lolcow coming to his own defense and samefagging the shit out of it. Also, here is some hilarious audio of his own moderator team chewing him out after the rape of Amber.

Tryna get muh dick wet About missing Pics
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The ragreynolds connection[edit]

Although Onision-Fanboi ragreynolds rather not talks about his connection to RSN, he does have one. RSN tried sucking his tiny scottish dick on livestream on numerous occasions, and ironically ragreynolds doesn't seem to give a fuck. Rag chewed CJ out every time, calling him Steal Stream News right to his tits and laughing at his notice me, senpai-type behavior. Below is an interview of him with notorious troll and former mod "bro pic".

Second video above forward to 29:30 to see his response to the bro pic ragreynolds interview.

Steal Stream News[edit]

When CJ isn't busy hitting on his cunt committee moderation team / his only fans, raping, sucking on his metal cock or scoring smack, he works on "his" videos. As in stealing other peoples videos, cropping the shit out of them and reposting them as his own:

Several people have complained about this to no avail. Because, well, he is Real Stream News and you should just STFU about it already.

Stealing content About missing Pics
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In conclusion[edit]


In conclusion this lolcow is anything but dry. His junky / rapist antics and e-begging to score smack will continue to shock and amaze everyone who sees it on a boring rainy sunday and I'm sure much more will be added to his very own ED page.

Thus far the man who is a self proclaimed "a one man scene".

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