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Go for the high score!

RedTube, like YouPorn, PornoTube, Motherless, and over 9000 other 'adult' YouTube ripoffs, is exactly what you think it is: THE CANCER THAT IS KILLING PORN No srsly.

If you are poor, you most likely visit RedTube every day. The same applies if you are a 13-year-old boy and cannot legally buy porn.

RedTube Roulette[edit]

RedTube Can be lulzy
I lol'd!

RedTube Roulette is a game played on /b/. This game has caused many a breeder to fap to homosexual porn. That just made you want to play, didn't it, you sick fuck!? It is also known as the cancer killing /b/ and should be saged relentlessly.


These are the rules of RedTube Roulette.

1. Post in the thread

2. Take last four numbers of post number and put in here:

3. Watch and fap to it.

You must fap to whatever you get.

What if the video has been removed?

What if I'm gay/not gay?

Why aren't I fapping right now?

  • Why aren't you? FAP MOAR.


Other Variations[edit] loads of random pornstars linking to red tube videos loads up random red tube videos on each refresh

Bad Numbers[edit]

  • 277 - A singing penis.
  • 711 - Dude fucking a bottle. Note the pubes.
  • 999 - One man and his massive black stick up dildo.
  • 1001 - A genuinely unsettling attmept at Autofellatio
  • 1033 - Lol so much win right here, watch all the way through.
  • 1050 - An unkempt bush and a lolipop in the ass, nice.
  • 1076 - Shit-quality fat chick rubbing her cunt.
  • 1188 - Who says that candles are for decrotive purposes only?
  • 1337 - Its so 1337 that it "works"!
  • 1715 - "Broke Straight Boys". He doesn't even take his hat off.
  • 1838 - Army dude porn.
  • 1852 - Imagine the potential mantrain.
  • 1873 - It's a Human Centipede.
  • 1920 - It puts the honey on its nipples.
  • 2018 - Oh those crazy queers.
  • 2317 - Wincest, pure, soul destroying wincest.
  • 2444 - Lol Shemale.
  • 3232 - A boy and his new toy.
  • 4020 - Shitty Mentos spoof
  • 4367 - Oh that's pretty hot. Oh no wait what is she... OH GOD NO DON'T DO THAT.
  • 4952 - How cokes are made
  • 5049 - Funny piano penis clip.
  • 5346 - Nice pic bro
  • 6743 - Julay?
  • 7132 - Not porn, but a classic.
  • 8125 - Weird shitty cartoon.
  • 8325 - 'Sup Superman?
  • 8399 - Smurfette, is that you?
  • 9065 - BRB Eyebleach
  • 21292 - Just another dude with 2 dicks.
  • 32806 - This is normal sex on Redtube
  • 1548 - Carlos Mencia finally gets skullfucked.
  • 495 - Chick smokes a cigar with her cooze
  • 193 - esa cum goes mal!
  • 10603 - real happy dude being raped by a duct taped bitch

If you find any moar, post them here.

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