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Red Ice Creations is a company created by the viking wannabe Henrik Palmgren in 2003. At first, his podcasts were mostly about bizarre and weird stuff such as UFOs, the paranormal, and aliens. However, in 2014, Henrik had an encounter with Adolf Hitler and Scar. Both of them told him that everything Hitler said was 100% correct and that they should start brainwashing young children with neo-Nazi propaganda in the form of videos and a magical little red pill.

Now in 2018, Henrik is still seen sporting his ugly beard and still thinks that he is a viking. However, he is not aware that if he were in a group of vikings, they would actually kill him.

Unfortunately, ED users are often mistaken for Red Ice followers (who are actually Nazis).

Lana Lokteff[edit]

Lana Lokteff (b. March 14, 1979) is the batshit insane wife of Henrik Palmgren. Every time she is seen on Red Ice videos, she chimps out and goes nuts over things that are only going on in her head.

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