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Police.gif This article contains an Epic Newfag

redlenses2112(aka BurningAshes303, BurningAshesST3, DarkMarioRMV, CaptainCackletta, CaptainCerealCrunch, Pedrothehedgehog, and LightFootGamer) is hypocrisy at it's finest. He is best known for getting his first account(redlenses2112) hacked by Anon. After that he resorted to trying to troll and failing at it, just like he fails at life., he is also well known for his methods of Friend whoring and subscriber whoring so he could be one of the cool kids like FatAss2k6.

Redlenses2112 in his true form

Owned By DarkMist600[edit]

When Red first came to youtube he tried his hardest to fit in, and just like most of the youtube fags, he tried to feed the trolls and tried to end e-drama, however all of that came to a sudden stop when DarkMist600 decided to hack into the fucker's account and take him down.

This was true epic win, but Pedro was quite butthurt, and decided to become a troll and try to troll.


So, when Red returned, he came back under the name "BurningAshes303" (known by ED and Gunfever as BurningAsses303), and decided to start trolling, however his methods... were fucking retarded, he claimed that he was one of the greatest trolls ever for trolling Jonas Brothers fangirls. He also He tried to troll Anonymous members and even GunFever members. This led to him getting his ass flagged by GunFeverNeo and NaziGunFever, and then he felt the Ban Hammer Of Justice.

So.. what did he do after that.. he came back.

Him getting the banhammer from Youtube.


Even He11sing920 agrees.

So.. when our buddy Pedro decided to come back, he came back under the name DarkMarioRMV, and just like his biggest idol TheSuperRobotSoujaOG he acted like a bigger Drama whore than spax, and a bigger friend whore than when he was before(when he was BurningAshes)

He tried his hardest to become one of the kool kids just like RandomDCE, lillylivers, and Cloud8745 (I shit you not.. he wanted to be just like Cloud)

Even with trying his hardest, everyone saw him for what he was, and said NO and rejected all of his invites(which is kinda funny and pathetic at the same time.)

So, what does our little butthurt friend do? He starts trolling again!(well.. trying to troll). But, once again he messed with the wrong people(i.e GunFever), and then got his ass trolled BAD.

Which then led him to closing his account (true faggotry)

He had re-opened this account a long with his LightFootGamer account, however the funny had past by poor Pedro and noone gave a fuck.

He eventually returned this account after his efforts at making more shitty sock puppets failed. But like All good things, Pedro's funny is long dead. So if you continue to troll or spam him. It is like making Spax Jokes nearly 2 years later.. it's not fucking funny anymore so shut the fuck up already.


So, the faggot had an alt account called CaptainCackletta, which didn't do much. Not much is known about this account, other than well.. it just got owned by some trolls, just like DarkMarioRMV.


His current account and current home for pure faggotry.

It seems that Pedro is trying to erase his past, and making it seem like "LightFootGamer" is his only account.

But, back to Pedro. Pedro has been using this account to troll all of the cancer and drama whores, when he cannot seem to notice that even though he may call others "cancer", He is truley The cancer that is killing /b/. No longer is it a group.. but we found the original tumor where it all started.

Since the day this newfag wandered on to the internet with this account, he has caused enough Drama to make Spax3 fucking blush.

And just like when he was DarkMarioRMV and BurningAshes303, he is a friend whore, he has also has been caught Trying to hide the fact that he is butt hurt in a skype chat

The End of LightFootGamer[edit]

Ladies and Gentlemen on This Day!: June 11,2009, LightFootGamer has closed his account.

Return of LightFootGamer[edit]

Shortly after an heroing his LightFootGamer account, he opened it back up again!as well as re-opening his old DarkMarioRMV account.

Than he went around kissing up to the The Kewl Kids! again like Lillylivers , Ragdollman89 , Boomstick545, and even though he tries denying that he is, there is always proof.

Sucking up to the faggot



When it became apparent that everyone found out about Pedro's man crush on boomstick, Pedro had to do something quick. So what did he do?

He removed Boomstick's videos out of his favorites, and shut off of his recent activity box so now all of you see is bulletins. But his butthurt ass decided to REMOVE all of the bulletins he posted!

It seems that he loves to watch his ED Page, he turned his recent activity on just to try and prove a point. But the only thing he proved his how pathetic he is that he cares so much about something making fun of him on the internet.

LOL B&[edit]

Faggot got banned again, for terms of use violation and he now he has returned back to his DarkMarioRMV account.


So he's returned

We don't know if this account will be around for long (and hopefully it won't), but we will just have to wait and see.

This account has been an heroed!!

Attacked by Anonymous[edit]

when Lightfootgamre came back as "RockmanBomber4", Anonymous and one of TheSRS/Pedro's ex-friends have started releasing information about Pedro and TheSRS, like TheSRS stalking girls and Pedro backstabbing TheSRS


Our good Mexican jumping bean has returned after getting all emo and shit ditched his DarkMarioRMV account and made something that sounds like a horrible mexican recolor of sonic

Due to Unknown reasons at this time; Pedro's account seems to redirect you to the old "This account is closed" yet his Icon remains. This could either be a glitch within YouTube's system.. or It could just mean that once again our little ol' beaner buddy just an heroed again

Gallery of hypocrisy[edit]

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UPDATED: 11/02/2009


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