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A perfect slut puts out twice so you don't have to pull out!

Renee BS or just "Bullshit" for short is an ugly halfrican woman who pretends to be black and who claims to be an "expert in abortion"... because she got one once. Apparently she was too stupid to figure out how contraception works so she loaded her fat ass on up into the stirrups and had the living meat sack of human flesh rightly suctioned from her scabies spreading shlong socket and then flushed like the evolutionary dead end it would have wound up as.

Renee is a firm believer that some people simply should not be breeding... at all and that any inadvertent pregnancies should be dealt with before their stupidity has a chance to spread any further in the human gene pool. Because, let's face it, when you're too stupid to figure out how to put a fuckin condom on, the last thing you should be thinking about is actually trying to raise a child!

Renee recognizes that fact and acts as an advocate for "abortion rights", or in her case "abortion necessity".

In addition to being untalented, unscrupulous, undone, useless, unstable, uneducated and other words beginning with the letter U, Renee is, above all else, a desperate attention whore. We're guessing maybe she didn't get enough hugs as a small child or maybe daddy took the dick away too soon, maybe her mom was too busy with the mailman beating her bush and then going all "postal" on yer vag down at Planned Parenthood, but whatever the case may be, Renee needs your attention NOW and by God if you don't give it to her she's gonna be all struttin the fuck up in your personal space like a angry pigeon pooping for pity points.

The Abortion EXPERT![edit]

You do not want to "try her"... no, seriously, you really don't.

Not that you'd get the chance though because Runaway Renee can't handle even the slightest hint of oppositional opinions without scurrying on back into the hole she crawled out of. She's the proverbial "rape bot" of the SJW community, constantly screeching at the top of her lungs that she's been victimized over the most unimaginably innocuous shit you can think of. I mean you so much as even sit the wrong way in this hell-beast's vicinity and she will descend upon you like an infuriated harpie looking to hook its claws into something happy and happenstance.

So what exactly makes Renee an EXPERT in abortions? Well I'm glad you asked that because Renee is a certified OBG\YN who holds a doctorate degree in, LOL, no I'm just fuckin with you, she's like a high school drop out who couldn't even make it through a gender studies degree at a local liberal arts community college. She's so fuckin stupid she thinks having surgery qualifies her to run around acting like she's an expert in medicine. She thinks standing in a garage magically makes her an automotive engineer. When God was passing out brains she thought he said trains and was all like, "Shit, no, those things scare the hell out of me!" She's basically clockin a couple chromosomes too many if you catch my meaning.

Renee Bracey Sherman - EXPERT.png

The Slippery Slut[edit]

Celebrate your abortion!
Because who doesn't love fetus cookies?

Above all else, the thing that's truly "wrong" with Renee is that she effectively represents the end fall of the "slippery slope" conservatives warned everyone about way back during Roe vs Wade. Ultimately, the thing that most anti-abortion activists and even many pro-choice advocates worried about was the objectification of abortion to the point of turning it into a proverbial clown car of craziness.

Abortion should be legal, yes, but abortion should never be treated like a circus event. It should never be flippantly celebrated as some kind of "right to womanhood" or "vaginal party popping contest" in the way that Renee treats it.

In effect, those like Renee represent pro-choice activists own worst enemy. Because if anything pushes people further into the conservative end of the pro-life spectrum, it's lunatics like Renee attending "abortion simulation workshops" and running around constantly extolling the supposed wondrous satisfaction a woman gets by having a human life ripped out of their womb for the sake of personal convenience.

Yes, Hello, Whine-One-One, I'd Like To Report A Cartoon Frog[edit]

Renee Bracey Sherman - Frog Plague 02.jpg
Renee Bracey Sherman - Frog Plague 01.jpg

On June 14th, 2017 Renee was brutally almost raped by a cartoon frog named Pepe after she unwittingly joined a public network service that allows random people to send other random people in the vicinity random images... which are somehow "unsolicited", but only if you're like a megabyte short of a full floppy disk.

Normally one would expect to see random material when joining open, unrestricted social media sites, including material one might find "offensive" such as pictures of your mom, postings from 13 year old boys and of course cartoon pictures of frogs, which as we all know trigger unpleasant memories in the minds of Godless heathens like Renee who are reminded of the time God rightly punished people with plagues of frogs for going against him.


It was literally the "original pepe" meme that he made available.

Renee of course was stricken with the fear of God when she suddenly saw this pepe plague thumbnail appearing on her iPad, suddenly reminded of the fact that God's got that whole "thou shall not kill" commandment. Her love of murdering helpless humans in the making suddenly seemed like a real stupid idea and she promptly had a nervous breakdown right then and there in front of God and everybody.

Once she had a moment to shake off the paranoid delusions that God was punishing her for being a horrible human being she managed to collect herself and then got all indignant and angry, immediately setting out to try and find the one that made her question herself. Turned out it was some random guy named Jacob who just thought it was a funny picture of pepe, who Renee then started screeching incoherently at, accusing him of being literally Hitler and taking to the Twitters to demand that he be fired from his job and lynched like Jesus.

This eventually culminated in The Daily Dumbass, er, sorry, The Daily Dot, doing an inane fluff filler piece about how afraid feminists are of flippant frogs, despite how strong and independent they claim to be. Apparently cartoon characters are all it takes to tear down the imagined matriarchy that is the women's rights movement in America.

BREAKING NEWS: Renee Bracey Sherman Dating Neo Nazi Richard Spencer?![edit]

Encyclopedia Dramatica has uncovered compelling evidence that not only is Renee Bracey Sherman a NAZI and a WHITE SUPREMACIST, but could in fact be DATING the leader of the Neo Nazi movement, Mr. Richard Spencer!

Renee Bracey Sherman - Hypocrite Using Racist Symbols.png

One can't simply ignore the NAZI IMAGERY here as Renee is clearly using NAZI HATE SYMBOLS. Her name even begins with the letter, "R", which is the SAME as the first letter of the word, "RACIST"! Obviously we can all see that Renee is not only a racist and a white supremacist but also a TERRORIST as she was seen screaming at someone in an airport last week before she blew herself up... figuratively, but we think it still counts.

Taking Down ED[edit]

Renee Bracey Sherman - Literally Hitler.jpg
Her lawyer claims to be in the business of "suing trolls, perverts and assholes"... HOW'S THAT WORKIN OUT?!

For some odd reason Renee doesn't want her publicly posted pictures to be distributed... publicly, which is more than a little odd given that she uploaded all her images to her FaceBook account and, as per their Terms of Service, in doing so she actually forfeited her ability to prevent others from using said pictures...

FB Copyrights.png

But that certainly hasn't stopped her from trying! And by "trying" we mean "filing fraudulent DMCA takedowns", presently a federal felony. Renee may learn the hard way that lying won't get you want you want... in fact it'll generally just make everything even worse! But we here at ED aren't completely heartless, I mean we wouldn't run around taking pictures of people against their will while making outlandish, completely unrealistic accusations (like Renee enjoyed doing to poor Jacob), which is why we've substituted the images she requested to be taken down with "alternative versions" which fall under the De Minimis Doctrine and parody/satire precepts of Fair Use! We'll be expecting a "thank you" letter any day!


Well there was no "thank you", only more threats, so her goofy looking lawyer (who wears giant clown sized glasses) was slapped with a DMCA counter claim and told to 'bring it on' by the ED user who uploaded the material. Unfortunately Ms. Bracey and her lawyer decided not to test their legal luck in stifling free speech and rightly ran away while whining about how terrible it is that people are allowed to have opinions about things.


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An accurate summation of how Renee perceives abortion, as depicted by Mr. Garrison on South Park...

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