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Welcome to NeoGAF 2.0. Enjoy your safe space cock.

So, now that NeoGAF died a more horrible death than Rome did, you'd think all of the bugmen, mods, landwhales, and ghouls that used it would fuck off back into the dark corners of the internet for the end of time and for the good of the internet. You're completely fucking wrong.

ResetERA aka REEEEera is NeoGAF 2.0: Electric Boogaloo, the sequel of NeoGAF. Essentially a case of "second verse, same as the first" it's basically the same situation as NeoGAF, with all the pedophilia, rampant faggotry, insufferable social justice whining, mods who drop the banhammer more often than Snacks ever did. Reseterans, better known as faggots typically spend all their time sucking Sony's dick, bitching about the evil white man, leeching off the government, blaming people, accusing people as claimed hate groups they don't like, and if that one guy on /v/ is to be believed...raiding 4chan.

The Endless Rules[edit]

ResetERA is, if you were somehow too stupid to grasp this from the opening paragraph, a ridiculous SJW hive mind obsessed with stamping out anything even resembling fun, as well as those oppressive XBots and Nintendrones, with their fun games and their toxic masculinity. As a result, simply disagreeing with the hive mind can lead to being permab& by the ban happy moderators, who presumably all have frozen tent poles stuck up their asses. The following subjects are verboten on RetardERA...


  • ...Bigotry
  • ...Sexism
  • ...Straight white males
  • ...Hate groups (except for Antifa, who they support)
  • ...Trolling
  • ...Supporters of claimed hate movements (that includes us too)
  • ...Donald Trump or its Republican supporters
  • ...Vilifying video game journalists
  • ...Tranny bashing, even if their daily drugs rotted them to look like zombies
  • ...Shit talking their hive mind queens (Anita Sarkeesian & Zoe Quinn)
  • ...PC gaymen
  • ...Memes
  • ...4chan
  • ...7chan
  • ...8chan
  • ...Kiwi Farms
  • ...GamerGate
  • ...Joining any imageboards outside REEEEera.
  • ...Not liking SJW & LGBT+ games like Gone Home and 2064: Read Only Memories
  • ...Liking / Buying Kingdom Come: Deliverance because GamerGate
  • ...Liking / Buying Cyberpunk 2077 because of a harmless gender meme on Twitter
  • ...Enjoying sexy vidya women like Cindy/Cidney from Final Fantasy XV
  • ...Getting a real job
  • ...Low taxes
  • ...AdBlock, accept being infected with viruses and popups or be banned
  • ...Being anywhere near the mods while they're on their period (which is all the time)
  • ...Mansplaining

And the most important rule of them all:


The Faggots of ResetERA[edit]

A comprehensive list of notable personalities from this shitty website, which will expand as drama and infighting inevitably fucks up ResetERA six ways 'til Sunday:


SweetNicole aka Swine Coleslaw is a batshit insane tranny who is the admin & community manager who always ban users more than Hitler killing the Jews for the slightest hints he finds transphobia, racism, hate groups, sexism, and mansplaining. Yes, MANSPLAINING! Talk about hypocrisy when SweetNicole was born a man and become a uglier woman to join the trans klan.


Nepenthe is a ResetERA mod with a unhealthy obsession of killing all white babies like it's his favorite kinky fetish. Archive today-ico.png Admitting it's okay to talk about murdering white babies, Nepenthe is literally one sick twisted fuck for a ResetERA mod.

Gather Against Fate: A Final Fantasy XIV Guild[edit]

If you see that RP mark from a ResetEra ERPer, run away as far as you can.
Moar info: Gather Against Fate.

Short version: Gather Against Fate was created to be the worst guild in the MMORPG game Final Fantasy XIV, and resorted to ruining it for everyone because ResetERA is so mad that they can't play it the social justice way. Originally a NeoGAF guild, now after NeoGAF's death it became a ResetERA guild. And even all the years they've wasted in their safe space of a guild, they're still and always will be the laughing stock.

GAF'D! Or is it now ERA'D?

08/22/2018 - Doxing a Cyberpunk 2077 developer over a meme[edit]

On August 20th, 2018, the Twitter-favicon.png Twitter page of Cyberpunk 2077 replied a tweet and made a harmless gender meme joke after some faggot asked for more dudes to play as in the game.

Trigger warning in 3... 2... 1...

Social Justice Warriors and the rest of the snowflakes got triggered so hard that they're not going to buy their game. This is over the fact they don't play video games, and instead they get triggered over a harmless fucking meme. Then on August 22nd, 2018, ResetERA got so triggered that they made a thread that's over 44 pages long over a meme Cyberpunk 2077 replied to. They've even doxed one of the employees at CD Projekt RED that's working on Cyberpunk 2077. One of the suspicious members of ResetERA, Archive today-ico.png Matt Wilson (MattWilsonCSS), may be the one who doxed the employee to force an apology over the gender meme. Messages were removed by the mods, but he didn't get banned for witch hunting like a good little RefagERA. The rest of the members who still wants Cyberpunk 2077 and trying to have a normal counter conversation about this ridiculous triggering were banned for downplaying transphobia, mostly by Swine Coleslaw himself.

The fine folks at CD Projekt RED deleted the tweet and stated an apology to the snowflakes over a gender meme they found more offensive than Donald Trump.

Sorry to all those offended by one of the responses sent out from our account earlier. Harming anyone was never our intention.


—CDPR bending over backward to the snowflakes after ResetERA doxed one of his employees over a straight up joke.

Sadly, the apology is still not enough for ResetERA to be satisfied.

The Cyberpunk 2077 TriggeredERA About missing Pics
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