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Words of The Preacher himself
Shut yo goddamn't ass up!
well, are you laughin' beyotch?

Reverend X is Light made flesh; he is the incarnation of the Demiurge. Don Vincent, as he was originally born, soon realized that he was not the mouth of God, but in fact, God himself. He was born at least 100 years ago, and is the most influential entity since that nigra jesus. He has many of his powerful, moving sermons online (see below). Now recognized by the Vatican for his authenticity, he has been compared to that Islam guy.

His Word

Reverend X is the prophet of the current age, as verified by many scholars, particularly your mom. The man is no mere mortal. He can do various things, including:

  • Cut that bitch off
  • Smack yo' ass wit his pimp cane
  • Be omnipotent
  • Get some lawyers, train 'em up in the word, them scripturahs
  • Know his bidness
  • Have the appearance of a black man

At times, the preacher starts to dance and frolic around; do NOT be fooled. This is God attempting to fool you. Also, when he has trouble reading, that's also to fool you. As is anything he does wrong. It's a test, bitch, and part of his master plan.

His Mission

Reverend X is the savior of our race and humanity. As done 9001 years ago by Raptor Jesus, Don Vincent walks the earth waiting to be crucified. It seems that the Spirit of Truth does have some idea of what he's doing. In his various speakings, he has stated his plans for the future. He says he need lawyers and people willing not to be "under whitey's rule" to rise up against the system on the "Earf'" not consulting the Bible or any scriptures when making a decision. He says "it's about getting them lawyers, trainin'em up in the word of these scriptures." He knows that he must gets the widows and the homeless "up out them penitentiaries."

His Legacy

Despite being The Lord Almighty, Ruler Of Heaven And Earf And Every Goddamn Thing In Between, the Jew permabanned Reverend X from old media, cause bitches don't know bout his Survival Scrolls.


I come in the name of Jesus... REPEAT IT AFTER ME BITCH!... I come in the name of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit! God almighty, you know, ruler of Heaven and Earth, and every goddamned thing in between.


— Reverend X

Are you laughin' beyotch?


— Reverend X

If God sent the Devil in the name of Jesus by the power of the Spirit, then motherfucker you fucked up, huh? fucked up huh?...You know yo ass is doomed!


— Reverend X

The devil is a motherfuckin' you know i ain't worried, BEEEE-YOTCHHHH!...stupid bitch!


— Reverend X

Stupid ass house nigga.


— Reverend X

Cut dat bitch off!!!


— Reverend X

Why you cursin,' bitch?


— Reverend X

Mother fuckers...I'm gettin' naked for you mother fuckers can look in my ASSHOLE and see if you find any SIN! Stupid bitch!


— Reverend X


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