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Reviewbrah, also known as 'The Report of the Week' is a 20 year old food reviewer and shortwave radio host known primarily for his smashing attire and eccentric mannerisms. Reviewbrah is most well known on 4chan, specifically on /r9k/, /pol/ and /fit/, however he is also well known among various bodybuilding communities(namely

Reviewbrah has been falsely reported as a victim of just about every major terrorist attack and shooting since 2016 and his picture has appeared on many new broadcasts as one of the supposed 'victims', perhaps as result of this reviewbrah has developed some paranoia about stalking, in a deleted video uploaded to his channel he talks his beliefs that he is being gangstalked among other things and has mentioned the need to 'keep on the move' before. Many details about Reviewbrah's life are unknown however it is known that at some point he did browse /r9k/ and /pol/.

Many on Jewtube love this guy due to a mildly satisfying feeling they get due to his ability to talk without end. He has revealed only a few details of his life. He always drinks Starbucks Water and is either in his car, a room, or at a park when he reviews food. He has almost a million subscribers and it is expected that he will actually gain a million subscribers by the end of June 2018.

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