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Can't be bothered reading the article? A "quick" tutorial on RiceGum by iDubbbzTV, 100% true and well-researched.
RiceGum with his close fans and best friend.

Bryan Le aka RiceGum (The RiceGum name obviously comes from the size of his dick and the hardest it has ever been), aka Asian Jake Paul, is a tiny Asian bitch JewTuber who makes shitty and unfunny vlogs, shitty and unfunny reaction videos, shitty and unfunny let's plays, shitty and unfunny skits and shitty and unfunny rap videos. In short, he is shitty and unfunny.

Despite his overwhelming lack of talent and willingness to jump on to any trend that'll get him more attention, he is one of the most popular and well-know JewTubers as of this writing (June 6, 2018) which really fucking says something about the youth of America. In his deluded tiny rice-sized mind he thinks that all his ill-gotten money and his fan base consisting entirely of 12-year olds allows him to do and say whatever he wants without being called out on it. He is an endless source of drama, some of which he starts himself just so he can get views and make more jew gold. Any time someone calls him out on his bullshit he will lie and say all his videos are jokes even though you can obviously tell that's not true by, you know, watching them.

Humble Beginnings[edit]

According to Rice himself, he turned down a Harvard scholarship so that he could start his YouTube channel which really goes you to show how much of a retarded cunt he is and explain why his mom hates him so much. Oh did we forget to mention how his own mother can't stand him? Watch any RiceGum video she's in and you'll notice how often she expresses disappointment at her son for being a brain-dead YouTube attention whore who constantly wastes his money on stupid shit like 1500 $ shoes instead of a responsible adult with a real job like being a doctor. Seriously, she looks she wants to kill herself every time she's in the same room with him.

Back to his YouTube channel, Rice began by doing what everybody else was doing at the time: lazily made let's plays of shitty games like Call of Duty. Since he was making the right content at the right time, he quickly amassed 1.5 million views and 180,000 subscribers. On December 8, 2015, RiceGum went viral with his "These Kids Must Be Stopped" series, which gained him even more views and mindless slaves-I mean subscribers. Throughout the series RiceGum bitches and spazzes out over the only people more pathetic than he is: literal children on musical.ly.

"But did it feel good though?"[edit]

In 2016 RiceGum did a live stream where he was talking to this stripper chick or whatever and she told him that one of her ex boyfriends raped her at a party when she was drunk. In typical RiceGum fashion he made a complete ass out of himself by mocking her rape experience right after she had the guts to tell him about it and saying shit like the now infamous quote "But did it feel good though?":

"If you wanna rape her, she won't sue you."-RiceGum.-

People thought this story would be over after his first insincere apology that he made instead of doing the right thing. But then RiceGum shocked everyone by revealing that he was even dumber, less observant and more tone-deaf than we originally thought. In a response video to Idubbbz's hilarious and accurate Content Cop video on him, Rice "apologized" to this chick...before turning his bogus apology into a comedy skit where he fake cries, says "But did it feel good though?" again, makes fun of her for being a stripper (even though he doesn't even have a job himself), proceeded to do a shitty music video where she wears a skimpy outfit and dances on a stripper pole while he literally blows money at her and brags about how cool he is and finally he topped it all off with a fucking abysmal "roast" of Idubbbz where he fails to make a single good point or even a funny joke. Rice seriously expected this video to make him look good and get the heat off him but of course he failed miserably.

Rice's Idubbz response video

Gabbie Show drama[edit]

In 2016 at a YouTube party (yes, these are a thing apparently) Gabbie Hannah, a then unknown YouTuber with a nose bigger than the rings of Saturn, started filming RiceGum without his permission ( something he does to people himself on his livestreams) and challenging him to do a rap battle. Knowing he couldn't even rap without an entire studio and production team writing, editing, producing and mixing the song for him, let alone freestyle, he did the most logical thing he could do: snatch her phone and fucking break it. In an interview with fellow lolcow Keemstar he said he did this because he "didn't want to look like a bitch" thus making himself look like a bitch.

Gabbie, sensing a way to gain relevancy, completely blew this whole story out of proportion and started lying to everyone around her that Rice beat her up and gave her bruises (because those just show up instantaneously amirite?) which she claimed in not one but two videos. As per usual RiceGum made a hilariously pathetic diss track that he hyped up to oblivion and lied about writing himself. After a bunch of other YouTube channels and even some online news outlets started reporting on the drama everyone stopped giving a fuck, Gabbie Hannah went back to being completely irrelevant and Rice went back to being a fucking idiot who makes millions of dollars off of amazingly cringeworthy YT videos.

The Keemstar interview.

His musical career[edit]

A skinny Asian who thinks he can rap? Yeah we can't believe it either. You know what else we can't believe? That 3 of his horrendous rap songs have charted with 2 of them being top 10 hits on the Billboard top 100. One of them went to number 2 for God's sake.

Listen to his amazing rapping skills.

What's even more sad is that he doesn't even write his musical abominations himself, he pays someone to write the lyrics for his "diss tracks" and doesn't want to credit them for it, but then again I wouldn't want to be credited for them either given how terrible they sound.

William Hung, the inspiration for all of RiceGum's music. Sometimes it's impossible to distinguish their music apart.

Thanks though to his millions of 12-year old fans, he can now afford a proper recording studio. Too bad it doesn't fix that the only flow he's ever had was the steady stream of people unsubscribing.

Ricegum sub count going down.png

His rapping is so bad, it makes you glad that you're not Asian. Also paying tons of models to make people think he's attractive and not a pedophile.

For the record Ricegum seriously thinks he's in any position to shit on anybody else's musical talents.

Stay off Instagram, kids[edit]

According to Travis, saying someone's too young to be on instagram (which his little shit of a daughter literally fucking was at the time) makes you a pedophile.

Since Rice is both incredibly lazy AND too much of a pussy to go after anybody who could be a threat to him and his channel, he made a video in 2016 where he made a predictably unfunny commentary over some random 10-year-old's Instagram post (BTW, you need to be at least 13 to make an Instagram account). Turns out that random 10 year old was the daughter of Travis Barker. No we know what most of you are thinking: who the hell is Travis Barker? Travis is the drummer for an inexplicably popular teenybopper pop punk band called "Blink-182" that hasn't had even the slightest bit of relevancy since the early 2000's and is so un-punk they make Sleez Beez look like the Ramones.

Travis, butthurt about Rice's video, got it removed with a false copyright claim before going to Instagram and pathetically making empty threats about finding out where Rice lives and beating him up which, predictably, led to absolutely nothing. Unfortunately all this shit meant RiceGum was in the right for once in his life and that should never be a sentence anyone should say.

FYI, Travis Barker is a petaphile which presumably means he cares more about some YouTube whore saying his daughter should stay off Instagram than he cares about PETA euthanizing perfectly healthy animals for no reason.

RiceScum, the Scammer[edit]

In January 2019, Rice transformed into a Jew again and shamelessly promoted mystery boxes to children and people with the minds of children who bought into it, with a lot of them not getting the prizes they were said to get. After being called out for it by the likes of YouTubers like PewDiePie and H3H3, he made two video responses pretty much strawmanning, snitching on every other YouTuber shilling this scam to their fans, saying "other people did it, therefore I did it so stop being mad at me", saying Ethan Klein can't have depression because he has money and insulting Ethan's pregnant wife.

He also gave his viewers a half-assed apology gift of Amazon codes that were already redeemed back in May 2018, proving yet again that not all Asians are smart.

Video Full of Bullshit #1

Video Full of Bullshit #2. Also what's a "hippocrip?"

H3H3 Video #1

H3H3 Video #2

Video Attacking RiceGum #1

Video Attacking RiceGum #1

PewDiePie's Response

Amazon Gift Card Scam #1

Amazon Gift Card Scam #2

Images of a butthurt RiceSCUM fan[edit]

In summary[edit]

RiceGum captions.png

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