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I'm rich and I'm beautiful

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Don Draper smoking.jpg

Typical rich and beautiful folk

I'm rich and I'm beautiful is supposedly a quote taken from mediacrat's voicemail, which was left for jameth. It is memorialized today as an Internets catchphrase directed at the sexy, fun lovin' fat cats that strut our earth like giant golden Gods. The rich and beautiful have a strong penchant for life's subtle qualities, often falling about various clubs as they consume the finest heroin and champagne long into the hot sticky night.

The rich and beautiful people run this world with an unseen hand, buying our dreams and hopes with their inherited monies, they smoke the ashes of the dead and laugh while you grovel in the dirt. Being Rich is the key concept here, as ugliness tends to instantly turn into glorious shining beauty if you inadvertently spew money in all directions. The rich and beautiful must therefore be wary of prowling wimmins primed and ready to give them a quick flash of boob so as to grab their wallet and cheese it.

Some IRL Examples

Adorable little rascals
Good times with friends

Rich and beautiful people fester in every country, sitting on gigantic mountains of cocaine so as to better view the peasants. To get an idea of Rich and beautiful Americunts simply visit L.A, or better yet skim through the book Less Than Zero to understand the full extent of their Tanned drug-taking peadophilic sick-fuckery. Most Britfags are rich and beautiful, with some exceptions, spending most of their money on top hats, monocles and ghey secks therefore having the best parties.

On the Interbutts

The rich and beautiful characters from Mad Men have been transmogrified into many a crappy unfunny Image Macro, for example the sub-meme based around main protagonist Donald Draper "WWDDD" as in What Would Don Draper Do? Which, upon watching the show, would appear to consist of drinking, smoking, and staring into the distance. Also Pete Cambell from Mad Men was used for the original ISHYGDDT postings, looking down on the poor grey slugs of /v/ with his condescending and highly beautiful eyes.

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