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Everyone's got a plan 'til they get punched in the mouth.


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Richard Bertrand Spencer is a beta cuck soyboy Hitler wannabe with yellow fever whose biggest claim to fame is being the founder of the Alt-right. Richard advocates for "the creation of a White Ethno-State on the North American continent", a crackpot "ideal" that he has regarded as a "reconstitution of the Roman Empire" [1] despite the fact that sand and real niggers had Roman citizenship [2]. Like the rest of the Altistic right, Richie does absolutely nothing but re-hash the same old same old shit about how minorities, gays, womenz and people who don't bow down before the awesome might of the God Emperor are stealing the good land of America from good ol' straight white folk like them! The alt right's essentially the white version of the we wuz kangs movement and we have none other than Richie Rich to blame for it.

Despite constantly doing Nazi-er-"Roman" salutes, directly quoting Nazi propaganda, having no problem with anti-Semitism and oh yeah, straight up being a fucking neo-Nazi, Richard constantly yammers on and on on about how he and his cronies totally aren't Neo-nazis but "white nationalists" trying to protect European "white identity" from white genocide or some other deluded horseshit.

Spencer is constantly profiled by the mainstream media. They see him as a useful idiot that brings discredit on racism, a totally rationally justified worldview that will remain unappealing so long as it is associated with Spencer and his personal army of fedora wearing neckbeards, un-fuckable fatties and other wimpy faggots.



Before Richard became the Trump-rimming, Roman Saluting, Depeche Mode loving pussy ass bitch we all know and laugh at today, he was a common cuckservative who dropped out of a PhD program at Duke University to do stupid shit like work as an assistant editor to some dipshit rag called "the American Conservative magazine". However, Dickie proved to be too much of a bigoted moron for even conservatards to handle and was promptly fired.

Not one to be perturbed, Spencer made history by coining the term "alt-right" with a shitty white nationalist website he founded in 2010 (on Martin Luther King Jr's birthday since he's one of those "LULZ LOOK AT HOW EDGY I AM!" faggots that ED obviously and rightfully hates) and stopped editing himself in 2012 before letting others run the asylum until it went dead in 2013. Since then, it just redirects you to some other becunted white nationalist site, proving once again that everything Richard Spencer touches turns to failure.

Hail Trump Incident[edit]

At a NPI (National Policy Institute) conference in 2016, Spencer, without the slightest shred of irony, led his followers in a Roman Salute to the Donald. This gesture of severe mental retardation brought tremendous discredit to the already incredibly autistic movement but this was offset by the sexual satisfaction LARPing as brownshirts brought Spencer's followers and their Fuehrer. It was also what, in part, led to the Alt-Lite/New Right's (basically the Alt-Right without all that pesky being a Nazi stuff) splintering off from the Alt-Right.

Caucasian Kangs[edit]

Copts— indigenous, European-Egyptians—call for an end to white genocide in Tahir Square.

In a televised debate with a KANG named Roland Martin, Spencer claimed that 'my ancestors built the Pyramids' and Egyptians are ‘white Europeans,’ despite their brown complexion and West Asian genetic profile. Spencer's rhetoric sets up a false dichotomy—are they black or are they white?—that makes Afrocentrism appear less absurd.

Dickie's thoughts on the blacks[edit]

These are actual for-real excerpts from an article he wrote for his online magazine, titled, we shit you not, "Is Black Genocide Right?":

"Instead of asking how we can make reparations for slavery, colonialism, and Apartheid or how we can equalize academic scores and incomes, we should instead be asking questions like, "Does human civilization actually need the Black race?" "Is Black genocide right?" and, if it is, "What would be the best and easiest way to dispose of them?" With starting points like this, wisdom is sure to flourish, enlightenment to dawn.

This might seem shocking to the usual gang of idiots, but right now very similar questions are being booted about and nobody seems to be batting an eye, all because the questions refer to White South Africans: "Does South Africa actually need the White race?" "Is White genocide right?" and "How many of the White devils do we have to rape, kill, mutilate, and bugger before the rest of them fuck off?"

But why should Whites even be in a position where we are forced to consider such a possibility? The White race is history's victor. We conquered Africa and the Africans on the sheer merit of the superiority of our race, culture, and society, and in a land that was largely going to waste we built an affluent and modern society capable not only of supporting a large number of our own people but also a vastly larger number of Blacks than would otherwise have been able to survive there. Of course, Black labour helped, but if that hadn’t been there, we would have imported White, Indian, or Chinese labour and have done the job anyway. Rather than asking about White genocide, it surely makes more sense by any objective standards of utility, morality, or progress, to ask whether there should be such a thing as Black genocide.

This is not just a tit-for-tat idea either. In the changing nature of the New South Africa, which is still essentially a collection of White-created-and-maintained institutions being gradually but inexorably Africanized – i.e. corrupted, ground down, and barbarized—we see the true nature of the society that will emanate from the continuing exaltation of the Black man; a world of savagery, disease, and death, replenished by a wild, thoughtless fertility; a world that will set no store on the higher values that have characterized the civilizations created by other races. Although there are doubtless many South African Blacks who behave in ways that we could call decent, we have to wonder how much of this is real and not affected, when savagery of the worst possible kind seems to constantly lurk under the surface in even the most banal of situations.

Maybe it’s unfair to tar every Black in South Africa with the genocidal tar brush, but the support the majority have given to the ANC at least allows a reasonable case to be made for the kind of collective racial guilt that also serves as the basis of the ANC’s efforts to pull Whites down to the level where they can be raped, sodomized, murdered and mutilated."''

The one thing everybody regardless or race or creed should take away from this is: What happened to the old South Africa?

White Pride in the White Van[edit]

Richard advocates giving pedophiles "certain types of porn" in order to keep them from raping children. Yes, Dickie seriously suggested that people should let pedoforks watch kiddie porn so they don't do kiddie fiddling in real life.

Washington DC Sucker-punch Incident[edit]

See also: Hashtag Punch Nazis and DisruptJ20
Getting punched in the face by a human toilet seems to be a kind of last stand of implicit white identity.

During the January 2017 inauguration of President Coochie Grabber in Washington, D.C. (a 50% black populace), Richard was in the area basking in the attention like a pig in shit. Giving photo-ops as well as interviews about his cutting edge pro-white pro-sodomitic views. Somehow, several Antifa faggots were able to recognize Ol' Dickie and began to heckle him all while he was happily giving his important thoughts on camera.

Just as he was beginning to talk about his rare Pepe like the coolest kid on this side of the political spectrum, an Antifa (who looked eerily similar to Sam Hyde) punched Richard's pretty face and quickly scattered away from the scene thinking Spencer was capable of doing something. Being an supreme Ubermensch, Richard took charge and ran several yards away where he then proceeded to fix his hair and cry like the exemplary specimen of the superior white man he is.

Videos of the incident were uploaded all over the internet, collecting lots of views and spawning comments from tolerant, peaceful liberals whom found the entire ordeal to be lulzworthy.

The attacker usually runs around with his face covered by his master Mandy's panties.

As a result, the Alt-Sodomite foamed at the mouth; with the help of their vast knowledge of femdom-cuckold-scat porn, Bitchard's attacker was quickly identified as a Twitter-favicon.png literal shit eating cuck, which goes to show that no matter how absolutely fucking pathetic everyone in the Alt Right really is, Antifa will always find a way to out-cuck them.

Richard later went on Red Ice TV talking about the incident and revealing his true colors bychoking back tears at the thought of being humiliated by a scat eating cuckold:

Desperate for a win, the alt-left terrorist group Antifa decided that a weakly delivered elbow to the ear qualifies as a punch now and came up with the punch Nazis meme which is just more proof that the left can't meme. They continue their calls for violence despite several serious losses in the IRL meeeme wars.

Expelled from a gym by C. Christine Fair[edit]

If that wasn't enough, an ugly SJW who's still a dumb liberal teacher at Georgetown University named C. Christine Fair managed to get Richard Spencer kicked out of a gym. [3] Here's Spencer BAWWING about it for 20 straight minutes here:

Other Lulzworthy things about Richard Spencer[edit]

-Like all white nationalists who are terrified of those Gosh Darn wetbacks and niggers posing a threat to the future of the glorious white race, Richie Rich has a bad case of yellow fever as evidenced by a comment he made in this article:

"There is something about the Asian girls. They are cute. They are smart. They have a kind of thing going on." Since Spencer didn't elaborate on what that "thing" Asian chicks got going on was, we can only speculate. Our money is on Richie banking on these Azn sluts not speaking English so they won't be able understand how much of a faggot he is.

-Even though he banned homophobes from 2015's NPI conference (Klansmen and neo-nazis will always be A-OK though), Richard didn't want the faggots and dykes getting married. What happened to homosexuality being the last stand of implicit white identity?

-He supports abortion only because it'll reduce the number of those pesky blacks and Latinos.

-Richard, who let us remind you runs a YouTube channel, used to run his own website, and constantly gives interviews to other websites whenever he feels like he's not getting enough attention or ass-kissing, used his keyboard to write a tweet and post it on the website Twitter to talk about how bad technology is. Maybe he thinks Silicon Valley will spearhead the obviously impending white genocide with a robot army?

Finally Richard Spencer speaks the truth.


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