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Creepy as fuck pedo stare

Ricki Raven is an obsessive MySpace user known for his desperate and hopeless attempts to seduce any white female who lives in his town of Leicester, England by spamming their comments with an endless stream of barely literate come-ons. He claims to be IRL famous after he appeared on X Factor (a UK version of American Idol) and got summarily rejected by Simon Cowell, and uses this one instance of brief public humiliation to lie to girls that he's a celebrity. He also says he is an ex-model, but this is dubious at best given his severe case of the ugly and the lack of any proof whatsoever.

When not basking in the publicity that comes from creepily pestering women on the internet and humiliating himself on national television, Ricki is a self hating foot-fetish stalker who hacked someone's Bebo, MY.gif myspace and hotmail to get a loli to take off her shoes on cam. He again hacked someone else's hotmail in 2004 (after trying to add the victim on MSN using around a 100 email addresses) and got arrested.

Did have Has a huge facebook hategroup which got closed but still Is on his third hate group on facebook and has one facebook spoof profile Has had four hategroups on Facebook and many other myspace hate groups MY.gif 1 MY.gif 2 MY.gif 3.

Ricki has recently discovered his ED article, so do show some love to user:Wannagohome, user:Jenny1985, user:BanSolarius,user:Chris06 and user:Corpsekitten. Contact him! 636-221-0485

Ricki has also tried faking his death, apparently the obstacle of death isn't slowing down the spread of his copypasta.

A female Myspace user responds on his profile to his endless stream of terrible flirting

Lulz from Sexual Desperation[edit]

He was willing to wear this for sex

Ricki was trolled by a forum into wearing a banana suit for sex. Being very lonely, he will appreciate ANY women who will bother to acknowledge his existence, as long as they are white of course. Also has answering machine on myspace with some lulzy abuse. Apparantly Leicestershire police "are currently keeping their eye on him" after he tried to meet up with a 16 year old girl after discussing it on public myspace comments.

Like numerous winners before him, he made a YouTube Favicon.png youtube sockpuppet account to thumbs down abusive comments and post self promoting comments.

Ricki's copypasta backfires

He has a second (original) MY.gif privated myspace (BANNED) but regularly harasses women from his MY.gif public one (ALSO BANNED). Also has his own Bebo with some abuse on it, as well as a Facebook second Facebook under the name "Ronny Briggs" third Facebook. Whilst no one actually knows why Ricki got his first facebook ban, his foot fetish group was deleted at the same time, so Facebook doesn't appear to tolerate his kind of deviants. Also he thinks he's a good singer too, has a shitty song recorded on his answering machine and on his myspace answering machine.

He has confirmed Facebook sockpuppets who all claim to be his girlfriend or are engaged to him, despite other users recognising their stolen pics sockpuppet 1234567.

He also made his own Facebook fanclubs, some with abusive comments, some administrated by his sockpuppet accounts, and some taken over because he didn't know how to delete them after leaving. Group 12 lol no admin34. His personal WHITE only foot fetish group is heredeleted lol.

Summary & Trivia[edit]

Hey ladies, I'm so suave I spam the MySpace accounts of anything with tits in a 30 mile radius.
  • Real surname is "Mehaj" apparantly, first name is possibly "Raj".
  • Lives with mom
  • "All the women on my list are from Leicester" Ricki Raven on the 900 "friends" he has on his now deleted Myspace.
  • Has a foot fetish but only for WHITE feet.
  • Being called racial slurs turn him on.
  • Also has a fetish for girls called "Sarah", probably has abandonment issues.
  • Failed at singing, tried to get on X Factor and Simon Cowell owned him, this is the only note worthy thing Ricki has done with his life, he believes this makes him famous.
  • Almost v& for paedophilia.
  • But did get arrested for harassment in 2004.
  • Uses same copypasta to spam women over myspace, bebo, facebook etc
  • Hacked someone's hotmail and bebo to get some jailbait to show feet on cam. Also hacked another hotmail before this but got arrested in the process.
  • Though ED rules say posting numbers and email is against the rules, this guy doesn't care, he really is asking for it. PROTIP: just google his name and find his copypasta. In fact he already tried posting it here already.
  • Steals other women's pictures and sets up sock puppet accounts to suggest he's uber hawt.
  • Is still a virgin, claims to have had one relationship, however common sense says otherwise.
  • Will probably die alone.
  • Sings on his myspace.
  • Was 23 back on May 11 2007 and is as of now 22.
  • Claims his perverted actions were by an imposter so he made a new Myspace, despite this he's still begging for sex over the internet.
  • Is working or has worked at "National Car Rental".
  • Has a mobile phone. Lovely. 07913785543.

The Ricki Raven Rap[edit]

One day, Ricki discovered some small shred of dignity he still possessed, and decided instantly to lose it by recording an embarrassing awful rap about his made-up female conquests. Naturally, he made this the intro song to his MySpace, like a toddler proudly holding up a wet shit for its parents to admire. Click on the link to enjoy this treat! media:Ricki Raven - Intro Rap.mp3

She said 'Hey! You're Ricky Raven'...I said 'yeah. I'll take you to Haven'


I went to Zanzibar last week. I saw a white slag and asked her for a fag


My name is Ricki Raven, I'm a trustworthy guy. With Three thousand women- and that's no lie.


Trustworthy guy...I walked fifty yards and then I seen Amy. She said:'Ricki, why'd you always play meh?'


Also to note, Ricki was kind enough to correct the lyrics for us at ED, such selfless devotion.


Does Ricki know any of his "friends"?

Try googling these quotes, especially the copypasta, then include omitted results for lulz. While you're at it, google his mobile/cell number and see what else pops up.

it wont let me add u cus ur 15 u add me no www.myspace.com/model_ricki


—Ricki likes jailbait apparantly

no type in ricki raven in google and my name will come up in a lot of different links...and on yahoo...also check out www.bathrocks.co.uk how are you anyway gorgeous x x x x


—Ricki on his efame

hi ya gorgeous are you okay?..its ricki from leicester on your myspace list (as you already must know lol)..add me on msn my adds model_ricky@hotmail.co.uk also check my profile out.X get back


— One of Ricki's delicious copypasta

id try it yeah. never worn one a banana suit this wud ave to be done in a hotel or summet though as it wudbe 2 risky to do it at mine incase sum1 walked in how embarrasin, yea that wud be fun..do u ave any banana suits.. oh and yea dirty feet are nice only if there white..but neva licked any b4...oh and this may sound silly but wudnt mind u swearin as i lickin ur feet...perhaps be a bit racist...lol xxxx i dontfink ur weird at allll its called explorin your fantasies..


—Ricki being trolled into agreeing to wear a banana suit during sex

...im famous mst wite women from leicester no my name that i dont even no, if u dont believe me ask ya mates if theyve heard of ricki raven


—Ricki on his IRL fame

hi im ricki raven from leicester hope your gud think ive seen you somewhere before or spoken to you on here nice pic,or you may have been to the salon i used to work in called toni n guy, i dont really send these messages nor do i go on the net much just sort of recognised your facexx and thought i wouldnt waste any time.Im kinda shy but genuine if you want to you can drop me a txt on 07913785543 or call so i no your real and not no man with afake pic cus there some fakers on here.xx


—Another copypasta in which Ricki claims to have been a hairdresser

hi ya there hope your gd and warm and all that..

well check my profile and read it its been updated plus have your speakers on when you view it, and dont forget to scroll down and check all of the profile...

speak soon

from ricki


—Myspace bulletin entitled "leicester ladies updated" by Ricki

Hi my names michelle a ex-gf of ricki's i have just recently been to visit

ricki raven in hospital today, i've been given permission by his brother to post this to let his friends know on here

as i only found out today that he's been in hospital since 13/06/08

and is recovering from an accident

lets all pray that he gets better

i will keep you informed on his progress

in the meantime if you have any messages of support feel free to send them.


—Ricki bullshitting about having a girlfriend, and bullshitting about being in hospital.

yea i nearly did

its weird cus i was chilling wiv a few people that i bumped into today

went to this flat

and they was smoking this white stuff in foil

and ive never smoked weed or anything in my life only cigarettes n drink reallly.

but they was all doing it

and asked me if i wanted 2 i said no

and one of them said im more of a man for saying no and gave me respect

but i aint gona chill with them again it was just a one off

quite scary actually to think i was 2 percent tempted

(this is a message to people) dont chill out with people who do bad things because you can get caught up in it..

even someone as sensible as me nearly did i was sorta scared of the thought of it

from ricki

call me a sec i want to talk 07913785543 xx i am your raven



—A bulletin entitled "I said NO to CLASS A", dated Jun 23, 2008 3:00 PM...obviously a good role model for us all

hi hope your all gud...

ive got a new parrot now and it watches simpsons and says DOUGH


listen yea

im online for a while add me as soon as you get this on

model_ricky@hotmail.co.uk thats my msn


—Another myspace bulletin entitled "ricki raven leicester"

actually before i start put your speakers on and view my profile trust me you'll like it i think i sound shy on the voice recording,

well anyway as i was saying

if your readin this im sure your

aged between 16-33 96 percent your white 80 percent halfcaste 10 percent asian 10 percent your from leicester...98 percent sure your a lady 99.9 percent sure as theres only 1 man on my list your average to goodlooking 85 percent sure,....see your on my list for a reason...lol...

anyway add me on model_ricky@hotmail.co.uk

from ricki


—Another myspace bulletin "im % sure read this ladies//"

Quotes about Ricki Raven[edit]

hi its greg from stoke, call me or txt me on 07-ricki-is-gay, i dont normally do this but your special because uve been on my myspace list for a while plus you have seen ricki's tiny knob, he is so insecure. xx


—Concerned myspace user Greg

Ricki you are probably the most annoying man ever to live on this planet you will NEVER get laid...


—Honest pineapster user QueenBee

This dickhead harrassed me for months, he used around 100 different email addresses to contact me on MSN, he hacked my computer and then began hassling everyone on my contact list, I had to report it to the police in the end and they arrested him back in 2004!! I cant believe he is still doing it. Someone needs to do something, this guy is pure evil, please dont be sucked in by him and his pathetic lies. Some of the things he said he would do to me still haunt me to this day, stay well clear!


—From a victim who got hacked by Ricki but then got the police to pwn Ricki

Monty is NOT Ricki Raven.


—Monty, a myspace dog who Ricki spammed with copypasta, the dog now appears to have a mistaken identity crisis



—Irate myspace user Punk In Drublic





—Amused myspace user hornybugger.

i get goosebumps every time i watch that video; am i sad?

it's pretty 'sick' man. how funny would it be if owen actually took photos of ricki raven? i don't think i can imagine anything being funnier. man, i'm waiting for the day... xxxxx


—Myspace user Amo Jamo on future lulz

Hello People!

Wud like 2 warn u of one FUCKED UP individial who seriously needs sum counselling - he goes by da name of Ricki Raven - he thinks hes the dogs bollox - but he is very sad indeed - check his profile out - n u will c wot a loser he is -n if u feel the need 2 send him a nasty message on myspace - please feel free on my behalf - as he has been harrasing me n leaving me all sorts of weird freaky messages - so dont b fouled by him - as he is bad news - i ave blocked him fom my myspace n my MSN. Take Care Julz x x x


—Myspace blog entitled "****BEWARE OF THE RICKI RAVEN****" by concerned Myspace user Julz

Ricki Raven's Alter Egos[edit]

If you find your picture here, then congratulations! You're a victim of identity theft, since Ricki has used your image in one of his sockpuppet accounts on MySpace or Facebook to pretend there are girls who actually find him attractive.

YouTube Faggotry[edit]

He likes to post camwhoring videos of himself on YouTube, although many have been baleeted once they were featured on this article.

Gallery of Desperation[edit]

Rick's cavalcade of faggotry About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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