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Info non-talk.png If you are reading this from the future, it's September 24th 2011 AD atm.

Riddle Time is a fairly lulzy, promising new meme currently playing on /b/ and the first true sign of Original Content since 300 AD. It is designed to stimulate the old grey matter of the peanut gallery and create lulz through problem resolution.

This exercise is also a meme that requires actual audience participation and (hopefully) some thought - something in short supply around 4chan since mid-2007 when m00t converted to Judaism and started hoarding OC.


Riddle Time is usually started by the OP with an image macro in which he poses a hypothetical 'riddle' that needs to be resolved following the directions in the macro.

Unlike the related Delicious Cake meme, subsequent posters chime in to answer the riddle with textual responses rather than by taking OP's macro and doodling all over it and reposting the macro in response to OP.


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