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Robert A. Howard

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Robert "Tangents" A. "Robert A. Howard" Howard loved webcomics so much that one day he decided to make his own, which even he admits failed. So after fucking up something as easy as a webcomic, Robert A. "RAH" Howard took the most logical approach and decided to start reviewing them. "Reviewing" to Robert A. Howard of course means licking the balls of weeaboo Deviantart rejects who focus on gender bending trainwrecks, and offering his helpful opinions on how to make the comic "better" which of course nobody reads except for JDR who will die if not constantly fellated by her readers.

His exquisite tastes[edit]

Robert A. Howard only reads the best of webcomics, including Megatokyo, The Wotch, Pustule Dependent Herotroop, and El Goonish Shive. As you can see, comics that deal with gender changing and lesbians makes Robert A. Howard a hot and bothered Robert A. Howard. Robert A. Howard calls his reviews "secants", which according to the Wikipedos is some sort of communist mathematic term.

A Man of Action[edit]

Robert A. Howard became one with the internet years ago, and is unable to do anything in the real world except drool and stroke his neckbeard. In order to make up for this deficiency, he learned to aquire the power of the almighty asterisk (*) to combine the physical world with the internets.

Pride goeth before the Lulz[edit]

Many Thursdays ago Robert A. Howard found out about a new blog, by John Solomon, that was having a field day trashing horrible webcomics, including some that Robert A. Howard truly loved. Stroking his neckbeard, Robert A. Howard foolishly jumped in to the fray to defend none other than Jennifer Diane Reitz. After making an idiot of himself at John's blog, he ran back to JDR's forum to share his internet victory.

Hours and days have gone into these comics. To piss on them and say "this sucks" is not kosher. Even if you dislike it... at the very least respect the work that went into it.


—Robert A. Howard, tireless soldier of the Culture of Nice

Pshah. You want a review of PDH? *pulls out a Meta-Review, in the fashion of Crocodile Dundee* Now this, mate, this here's a review.


—Robert A. Howard, wishing he was Paul Hogan

*sigh* You know, I almost kinda feel bad now for baiting his "fanbase" after I was done lambasting the wannabe for his pathetic excuse for webcomic commentary. Especially after the fact. Though I must admit, I did manage a few zingers at that crowd which undoubtedly left them scratching their heads and their butts and wondering "duh, what did that mean? I think I got burned..."


—Robert A. Howard, the ZING KING

His hilarious defeat[edit]

Robert A. Howard's whiny complaint to John Solomon immediately caused a lollercoaster, even attracting the attention of Anonymous. Robert A. Howard was given his own feature on John Solomon's blog, something he did not appreciate, the ungrateful fuck.

Robert, if my opinion of you wasn't already hovering around the level of "worthless cockholster" due to your positive review of The Wotch, it certainly just arrived there now.


—Anonymous, "zinging" Robert A. Howard

I win. And considering I'm not linking your site, and I'm not mentioning your site name or your name for that matter over at Tangents, you're getting no traffic from me.


—Robert A. Howard, taking his ball and going home

And no, you're not winning. You don't win a damn thing. I've never heard of your fat ass before this hilarious blog ever happened and when I saw your website and took less than a minute on that, I knew you were full of shit from the get-go. You're just another basement-dwelling suckup who thinks his "everyone play nice" attitude fucking matters.


—Anonymous, kicking Robert A. Howard when he's down.

His website: Tangents

[Boring. Move on.Read me!]

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