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this is what the pervert looked like just before he made himself into a floor pizza.
The little angel Robert Seman Molested for years and then murdered

On the warm, sunny day of the tenth of April 2017 Robert Seman, Brony and obsessed twitter follower of Tara Strong who was on trial for murdering an innocent, sin free, uncorrupted angel of a child in a house fire to keep her from testifying about his repeated rapes of her, decided that the decent thing for him to do and the best way to apologize to all decent people on this Planet Earth for his being born would be to meet the devil halfway and become an hero by throwing himself off of the top floor, center balcony of the Mahoning County Courthouse to the marble floor below.
Seman discovered that as a pedophile in an Ohio prison he'd be subjected to a favorite Ohio inmate game called lifeflighting where you don't kill the pervert but beat them within an inch of their life so they have to be life flighted out to a hospital and are then returned to prison when they have improved.
The idea behind the game as one inmate puts it. "If you kill them, it's over. But this way we make sure they keep getting what's coming to them."
Despite video of Seman jumping from the ornate marble balcony, there were allegations that Seman may have been pushed by a sheriff deputy but even the Youngstown local news responded with "Really? Who said that? Who thinks it's a bad thing to protect society from a kiddie freak?" After which, no one responded.
Seman will not be missed. Even his mother made sure to spit on his corpse and kick him in his dead balls while calling him a failure as a son and human being. No Golden iPod will be sent to hell for him.
To quote the admins here at Encyclopedia Dramatica, "We hope the devil starts by parking a diesel train engine up his ass."

The Genius of a Master Criminal[edit]

Most people believe that Seman became an hero because he was caught dead to rights for starting the fire that killed an innocent, angel of a little girl and her grandparents. This innocent, little girl was killed on the same day that she was supposed to testify in court about how Seman had been raping her for four years straight. This sick fuck, Robert Seman, had been raping this little girl since she was 6 years old.
People believe that prosecuters and police were able to place him near the house during the start of the fire because he was wearing an ankle monitor when the fire started.
Another theory has it that if Seman didn't start the fire the Police know who did and they were willing to testify that Seman had hired them to start it.
People believe that Police told him they either had him starting the fire or the testimony of whoever he got to start it. Seeing his defense crumbling before his eyes, Seman took the easy way out and became an hero.

A Possible Escape Attempt?[edit]

The video of Seman's suicide has some people theorizing that Seman saw a young girl on the floor below and tried to make a break for it for one last chance of baby fucking innocent little girls before he was to be traded and fucked by people named Bubba where Seman would learn the hard way why prison is called the pokey. Being too fat and weak to grab the ledge on the floor below and stop his fall, or should I say FAIL, and too stupid to understand the physics of such a stupid escape attempt, Seman went tumbling down to the main floor below where he paid for his crimes in the best way possible.
In the words of one Youngstown poster who wants to remain nameless, "Child molesters should be required to bring joy to the masses on their way out." Probably on the minds of every cop in the county, "He went and did it, now I don't have to dirty my hands doing it."

What Makes a Sick Fuck[edit]

Is it the micropenis? Maybe his mommy and daddy didn't love him enough?
What it comes down to, there are no excuses that have any relevance in the life of a sick fuck. If you try to excuse their lifestyle with excuses you're just as sick as the sick fuck.
The only question that has any relevance is, "Why the fuck is someone like that still alive?"

The Final Straw[edit]

The family of this sick piece of shit actually want decent, law abiding people to help them pay for this abortion's funeral. In the opinion of America, "Leave him on the side of a road to rot."

Fuck them and their pervert of a father


Good Bye you sick fuck

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