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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
A demonstration of teenage Angst and proficient Internet disease.
No one saw it coming.
Rare, unedited photo of Esmie, moments before she brought the IRL banhammer down on her mom.
Oh snap.
Esmie going meganekko in 2010 when it was so 2008.

Esmie (aka Lj-favicon.png rockonlittleone) is just your average 16-year-old azn girl. She's well known and loved on Xanga, Livejournal, MySpace, and even IRL. Many of her friends and neighbors describe her as "intellectually gifted" a "cool kid", and an all round "nice little girl". Her pastimes include playing piano, debating for her school, and stabbing her mother to death.

The Murder[edit]

I have no idea what happened on that night, I've never even met anyone from Kansas. Here's what I like to think happened. Esmie was a wonderful debater. She would debate for hours at school, and she probably picked up the skill from her mother, another master debater. What Esmie's mother didn't realize was that words aren't as persuasive as combat knives. Like any rebellious 16 year old girl, Esmie hated doing the dishes with a passion. So you can imagine the look on her face when Mrs. Tseng asked her to do the dishes on the night in question. Esmie was pissed. She started screaming "OMFG YOU DUMB CUNT!!! I'M NEVER DOING THE DISHES AGAIN!!! CATCH; YOU SELFISH WHORE!!!" Esmie proceeded to throw a combat knife at her mother, who caught it, but in her chest.

After the Kirrings[edit]

Since the incident, her friends have done everything in their power to show they care, including:

She also tries to communicate through a friend of hers by mailing letters from jail... to be posted on her journal. Not even a killer can resist being away from LJ too long. She also has gathered all her ePals to rally behind her to have her tried as a minor and keep her ass out of prison on a life sentence. Matricide is serious business.

She's Out[edit]

Esmie was paroled October 1, 2012 in Johnson County, KS after six years. You know what to do.


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Rockonlittleone is related to a series on AZNS.

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