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Rome Viharo

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Viharo, a Charlie Sheen lookalike, also enjoys Coke.

Rome Viharo is a social justice warrior hipster douchebag who takes cocaine tobacco, is triggered by President Trump and has a huge victim complex which spills out all over the internet. Rome, somewhat of an eccentric, is notorious for joining websites solely to whine about being "cyber-bullied" on Wikipedia/Reddit/Rationalwiki.

While there is some evidence he has been harassed by Oliver D. Smith and a number of other wiki editors, Viharo wildly exaggerates and misrepresents what has actually taken place, writing thousands of words about his victimhood (shit no one cares about) at his soppy website Wikipedia-We-Have-A-Problem. Rome screams "cyberbullying" when people don't have something good to say about him, but when he attacks other people on his website that is perfectly acceptable of course.

Drama with Oliver D. Smith

Rome Viharo, grow a pair.

The extent Rome has been harassed is debatable since most of his website deals with allegations that cannot be proven, but Oliver is known to have created an Archive today-ico.png attack blog on him and has used over 9,000 sockpuppets on reddit to post about Viharo. Oliver denies doing most else of what Rome has accused him of on his website, and Rome certainly is making up a lot of bullshit himself to overdramatize since he's an attention seeker who habitually indulges in victim-playing; an example of Rome lying through his teeth, is on his website where he says he was doxed at Wikipedia having his identity "outed" against his wishes. His own edits though show he wrote his real name next to his Wikipedia account (as a signature); as even the fags at Rationalwiki observe:

Viharo further claims that he "thought [he] was also editing anonymously on Wikipedia" (because he was using the name "Tumbleman") but "was outed by [another user] on Wikipedia within three days... However... he linked to his userpage as "Rome Viharo", though he removed his name a minute later. While Viharo claims this was accidental, it's difficult to 'accidentally' click on Preferences, go to the signature field, and type in one's real name.

Though they are unrelated, Rome and Oliver D. Smith are like two mutated peas in a pod, as they both drum up drama and exaggerate facts about each other on the internet and turn to mental gymnastics as a defense for their insanity and ego. Ironically, both Smith and Viharo both despise websites which feature articles painting them in anything but a positive light, while simultaneously writing attack blogs about other people. Both Oliver and Rome have victim complexes as mental issues, but for different reasons:

Anti-Trump activism

Rome is still butthurt over the fact The Donald won.

Rome is a typical Social Justice Warrior: he's from a wealthy "white-privilege" background (his father is a retired movie star) and doesn't understand the woes of ordinary working class people such as their concerns about immigration and resentment of the political class. For this reason, Rome, a liberal-globalist self-described "humanist", lives in a mansion or affluent property in Los Angeles, California (in the whitest suburb of course); supports daft things such as open-borders and energy-grids and campaigns against Donald Trump.

Non-surprisingly, Rome's Tumblr reveals he's also a feminist. And anyone who disagrees with him, or happens to support The Donald he calls a "racist" or "bigot".

Rome was dumb enough to waste his own money on a feminist anti-Trump organization called Young Aware American Political Action Committee (Archive today-ico.png here's an archive of this shit in case he deletes it out of embarrassment) that aimed to mobilize female voters to vote for Hillary. Despite purporting to be an innovator in social media, Rome's organization got only 300 Facebook followers. The website also appears to have used the same crap template-design from Rome's Wikipedia-We-Have-A-Problem; its articles are so poorly written that a random-browser would probably rather stare at fecal matter.

Websites Rome has used to moan about "cyber-bullying"

Rome giving his patented "gay guy undressing you with his eyes from the end of the bar" gaze.

Reaction to This Article

Viharo prides himself as the only source of what is and isn't funny on the internet. He takes great offense to anyone who uses satire against him or mocks his pitiful "Wikipedia We Have a Problem" page, because according to him, it's bullying him, and that isn't funny to Rome Viharo, and therefore it isn't funny at all.

Rome ironically employs the use of the term "moo moos" to describe his critics without realizing that it is in fact he who is being milked on the internet. Proof of this can be found on this article's very talk page, where he immediately realized within five seconds of this article being created that someone had said something mean about him on the internet, to which he proceeded to sign on, identify himself as the subject of the article, and post walls of teary text, which was read by nobody.

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