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I won't stop drawing, to those who want me to...The answer is NO!


—Rose3212's signature

Rose3212 (known best as "Rose", rarely by her real name Destiny) is a 21-year-old deviant who is horribly obssessed with Cilan, Michael Jackson, Valtor, and many more. She's so obsessed that she comes across as creepy. She gained fame in the years she has been on deviantART by writing atrocious fanfics mostly about her sexual fantasies, making base edits that make a 5-year-old's drawings look like da Vinci, and creating a world full of lulzy Mary Sues.

If this isn't fucked up, I don't know what is...


Early Life[edit]

She was born to an abusive father and a mother who went missing when she was two years old and never came back. Rose was left to deal with constant sexual abuse from her dad and nightly rapings.

deviantART Life[edit]

She joined deviantART on September 5th, 2006. Her first ever fanfics were written for Harry Potter (which was already a cesspool of Mary Sues and Gary Stus), starring a love interest for Remus named Rose Anderson, who lived only to have teh secks with him. Wait, scratch that. She wasn't just his waifu, but she's also been paired with Professor Lupin and Sirius. (That doesn't scream Mary Sue at all, does it?) Next, she started going after the Star Wars series. Again, like in Harry Potter, she created an OC solely for the use of making babies. The rest is probably not as important, but it is pretty obvious she didn't change her ways in the following years of her "career".

Love Life[edit]

She sure does get around a lot.
She's the Pop Princess of Mary Sues. Congrats.

Until sometime in 2011, her boyfriends were Remus, Sirius, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Aragorn and so much more that you'd lose count if you tried rounding them all up. In the year of our Lord 2011, she found "love" in conkeronine, a 15-year-old boy who will probably end up being used to make babies being her kawaii-desu husband. Later in the year, she found love yet again in the evil Valtor from the Nicktoon series Winx Club. She became very possessive of the man who, to be totally honest with you, would probably torture her in reality had he not succumbed to being horribly out of character. Then she dumped him for another character named Helia and more recently, Professor Avalon, a teacher to the Winx fairies. She is now always declaring her love for the man.

Recently, Rose developed an unhealthy obsession with Pokémon, with the character Cilan becoming her new husbando. That's not saying much, considering she's had babies with almost every fucking Pokemon character there is. Hell, the girl wrote so many fanfics about getting pregnant that it's safe to assume that she has a pregnancy fetish. Around this time, Rose seemed to develop an obsession with Role-Playing with other members (and by that I of course mean that Rose writes a shitty porn about her and Cilan while another member gives occasional input).

The comment in question.
She's role-playing with herself.

Around July 20th, 2013, Rose found out about a DA member named LeviaBriny (who was actually a troll), who's Husbando was also Cilan, and posted a comment on her page. After Levia told her off, telling her that Cilan loved her, Rose began to think that Cilan was cheating on her. A FICTIONAL CHARACTER IS CHEATING ON HER. She was angry at Cilan for a while, until someone on DA godmodded everything back to normal. Sadly, Levia's account was deactivated, and Rose and Cilan got back together. On July 26th, the DA member CilanStriaton revealed that he was a troll.

It has been confirmed that Ceoauthor (Now known as justsomeguy9001) [1], a ex-white-knight whiny bitch of PrincessElizabeth013 is dating Rose3212 - it's also obviously shown that he is a fucking moron for not even knowing what day valentine's day is. He thought it was the 8th.


Rose is a sick fuck.

CILAN IS NOT GAY!!ONE! and suspension from DA[edit]

Forbidden love.

This pic is of me, [MrsCilanStriaton], and my oh so FABULOUS husband, [Cilan Striaton]!


—Because FABULOUS is the correct word to describe a STRAIGHT man.

In July of 2013, DA members RedSavarin and ZappinSonichu interrupted an RP with another DA member (who was actually a troll) on one of her shitty motivational posters and made some comments implying that Cilan was gay. Simply implying that Cilan is gay made Rose rage so hard that she flagged all their comments, blocked them from commenting on her account, deleted the image, then re-uploaded it with a little 'CILAN IS NOT GAY!!!' added in the description. Screencaps of the incident weren't taken before the comments were taken down, but take our words for it, lulz were had. For the next few days, she wouldn't stop baaawing about how 'CILAN IS STRAIGHT!' While a few other trolls continued to taunt Rose with 'lol cilan is gay,' RedSavarin came back and posted this masterpiece which sent Rose off the edge. Eventually, Rose's main account was suspended for very homophobic remarks. On July 25th, MrsCilanStriaton and MysticalWomanRose were suspended for ban evasion.

Rose3212's raging homophobia About missing Pics
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Did You Know?[edit]

  • She can't take criticism, constructive or otherwise.
  • She once made a callout journal (it's been BAWWleted).
  • She sells her own base edits plus dolls made with dollmakers as prints.
  • She is a womanchild.
  • She's also fantasized about having sex with her own sons, whilst fantasizing about hot yaoi between Michael Jackson and his imaginary brother Gary.
  • Everytime she has a new baby, she forgets about it and moves on to the next one.
  • If you call Cilan gay, you don't know the meaning of the word.
  • Rose enjoys rape.
  • Comments Disabled.


Rose3212's Art Museum About missing Pics
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Her Reaction to this ED article[edit]

Following her discovery of this ED article shortly after it was created, Rose made a chat deviation expressing her emotions to her "boyfriends" Valtor and Baltor, another Winx Club character she theorized to be Valtor's twin brother. In that same deviation, she threatened to have the FBI and CIA on the author on this article if she made parodies of her two other times. Regardless of that empty threat, the author is still considering poking fun at Rose.

The chat deviation in question


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