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Rox-Yin (left) and Kira (right).

Rox-Yin (Christopher Monks irl) is a British furfag who met another British furfag by the name of Kira / Kyra / Skarnz (Shaun Skarnes irl) on Furry 4 Life and both soon became BFF bisexual lovers. Now you, the reader, may be thinking: "This alone is not enough to warrant an article." You'd be right, if not for the fact that these two gentlemen had a devious plan in mind: killing one of their parents so that they could yiff happily ever after. Unfortunately for them, this was not to be, as they were arrested before they got the chance to do so and are now being treated of their furfaggotry as we speak. So how exactly did this homicidal furfag mission incident came to be? Read on and find out.

Unless you have nothing to loose... Think before you do anything you may regret.


—Monks' ironic personal quote, Deviantart-favicon.png source.


Monks and Skarnes both had fucked up backgrounds, but each was different from the other.

Monks was from a "close family", and was the youngest of four children after being fostered and then adopted at an early age. Despite the fact that his adoptive parents were very strict — Monks described their over-protectiveness as being "trapped in a cage" — they actually loved him, his adoptive mother in particular always thought of him as "a quiet boy who never lost his temper".

Apparently, Monks had a job being a temp at an educational training center where his mother worked, possibly secretly teaching kids how to fuck in fursuits. According to the Daily Mail, three years prior to meeting Skarnes, he was seeing another man, one that he also found on the Internet — possibly another bisexual furfag. When his parents found out about this, Monks tried to run away from home, but his parents managed to find him, and punished him by taking away his cellphone and restricting his Internet privileges, in which Monks proceeded to secretly bawl about it. He was also diagnosed with dyslexia as well as Asperger's Syndrome, though the latter disorder wasn't officially recognized until after the attempted homicide.

Not much is known about Skarnes other than the fact that he was part of a broken family after his mother left the house when he was four, while his father led a chaotic lifestyle. Later on in his life, specifically at the time of the offense, things went from bad to worse: He was separated from his father, lost contact with his mother, was living in a flat on his own, and had no job. He wasted his life, of course, on the Internet, consistently going on any furfag site he could find and making friends on said furfag sites. While he wasn't an aspie like Monks, it was fairly clear that he was psychologically sick.

The Meeting

The only image of Skarnes' fursona given; according to news reports, it is supposed to be a wolffox hybrid.

It was on November 2008, that Monks and Skarnes met on Furry 4 Life, and it was said, according to the news reports, that in their little conversations, besides the usual beastiality and cannibalism pleasures most furfags have a kink for, they also shared interest for necrophilia and sexual mutilation (specifically sexual mutilation of the penis), thereby proving that they were indeed quite sicker than the usual furfags. During their little chats, they also formed a very fucked up dominant bond: Basically Monks became Skarnes' master, and to Monks, Skarnes was the "perfect pet".

In later conversations, Monks started talking with Skarnes about his adoptive parents, and asked Skarnes to help kill them, since he felt uncomfortable doing it himself. Skarnes was willing to kill, and in return for the murder, would be allowed to bite off his master's dick to accomplish his desire of sexual mutilation, instead of receiving money from him so he could, oh you know, ATTEMPT PAYING WITH THE MONEY SO AS TO AT LEAST TRY TO GET A FUCKING THIRD-RATE JOB.

The Plan and Attempt

The duo thought long about how they would go about killing Monks' parents — one of the suggested ideas was strangulation. They finally thought of killing Monks' parents while they were asleep, first killing off his dad, who slept upstairs, then killing off his mom, who slept downstairs.

On February 2009, while Monks' parents were gone somewhere, Skarnes went over to Monks' residence, so that Monks could show him all the rooms in his house in preparation for the homicide. During the afternoon, Monks' parents returned home, and found their son and his newly-found friend playing video games together on the PC, blissfully unaware of the murder plan. Skarnes later left the Monks residence, telling Monks' parents that he was taking a train home, while in actuality, he went to the nearest playground and waited there for a signal (in the form of a text message) from Monks, while playing one of his portable computer games that Monks asked him to bring to kill time. Meanwhile, Monks spent time with his parents watching a DVD with them, until they were fast asleep.

Later at midnight, Monks finally sent the signal to Skarnes that his parents were sleeping, and Skarnes quietly went back to the Monks residence, where his master opened the door for him and handed Skarnes a knife. Skarnes proceeded to creep up to Monks' dad to stab him while he was still in his sweet dreams, but, unfortunately for the knife-wielding furfag, Monks' dad suddenly woke up and disrupted the whole murder plan.

Skarnes proceeded to try and kill the persistent dad, while Monks' mother, who was still downstairs, woke up from all the screams and shouts for the husband's help. She quickly called the British emergency number 999 to report, then rushed upstairs into her husband's room and tried to knock Skarnes out with a stick in her hand, but unfortunately for her, the stick broke as she swung it towards the murderer. She then tried to tame the wild beast by talking to him calmly, which resulted in huge succession. Monks' parents then went downstairs with Monks' pet, only to find a police officer on their doorstep.

The Trial

Initially, Monks was originally treated as a suspect, but was later arrested along with his pet, and on July 2009 were both taken to trial at Preston Crown Court.

In trial, they were both shown supportive evidence that they planned homicide right in their fucking faces, yet they, like any criminal, continued to deny conspiracy of murder, and tried to bullshit to the judge that they were actually role playing a murder scene. The trial, as well as the attempted murder itself, stirred up a lot of IRL drama between Monks, his parents, and his parent's friends, while on Skarnes' side, he came in touch once again with his long lost mother.

In the end though, they were both rightfully found guilty of trying to murder Monks' parents, and in September 2010, Monks was sentenced to an indefinite hospital order to be treated of his furfaggotry, while Skarnes was sentenced an indeterminate term for public protection, and won't be considered for parole until at least three and a half years.

It was revealed that Skarnes wrote an apology letter to Monks' parents for the incident, and told them that "he hope they would recover from the experience", and they actually believed his false remorse.

The Aftermath

Not so "sweeeeetyy" anymore.

When the first news of this incident came to the furries, the mods of FurAffinity b& the duo's accounts there, and the rest of the furries on FA, hypocritical as they are, left hate comments on their banned profiles. Meanwhile, in other places where the duo had accounts, most of their furry friends got shocked and angered by the news, and defriended them, as seen on the right, where one of Rox-Yin's friends on deviantART agrees that "its not sweeeeeeety anymore at all". There was also forum topics and LJ posts covering this incident, both by regular people and the usual furfags, but none really worth covering about.

In most cases, this incident sparked mild Internet drama, but lots of "behind-the-scenes" IRL drama.


Official news reports

Unofficial user reports



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