Rubber Johnny

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Cock bite pr0n is not AWWWRIGHT

Rubber Johnny is a video showing off a retarded teenager with a water head who has the voice of an infant to promote a band lunatic crackhead musician that's seriously fucked up in the head (Aphex Twin).

Because of the creepiness and poor home movie quality of the video, a bunch of retards noone thought it was a real video.

The synopsis of this garbage[edit]

Basically, it's just some earrape compiled together with shitty editing softwarez to make this garbage. It starts out with this wheeltard invoking in an act of incomprehensible babbling to this doctor...or something. Noone knows!!!1!1

After that, he goes apeshit over God knows what, and that's the cue to make the video even more fucked then it already was. To sum it up: gets high, Father comes in, and the shit's over. Then we see some terribly shot footage of a train, and congratulations! You wasted a good 6 minutes of your life, faggot!