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Ryan Kopf

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Ryan Kopf considers a haircut... "Nah, not today."
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Ryan Kopf, who also refers to himself as "LordSephiroth", is a creepy ponytailed narcissist and accused racist. He's best known for running the sleaziest anime conventions you can find in the American Midwest. He has been banned from at least one anime con for creeping on underage if you're banned from cons, you might as well start your own so that you can make money off the fans AND bang all the little girls too, right?

Pedo Magnet

Hoping to satisfy his pedo tendencies, Ryan opened "Chrono Game Central" in the basement of a building in his hometown of Muscatine, Iowa. "Hey little girl! Come check out my basement!" he'd say. It was supposed to be a video game arcade and cybercafe, but everyone knew that video game arcades weren't profitable in 2008 (or since 1988) except Ryan. It failed after only five months.

Assault on Vendor

Some vendor selling cheapo fake Chinese knockoffs failed to respond to a request from the convention to put away his bootlegs, verbally assaulted a staffer, and then got punched in the face by the big man himself, but not before getting wrestled to the ground and getting arrested. It was an all around spectacle.

Loser Politics

Every politician is a douchebag and Ryan is of course no exception. Armed with the failure of his arcade and nothing else on his side, he ran for mayor of Muscatine, Iowa in 2007 at age 18. Even then he apparently thought he knew everything. He only got a whopping 421 votes. He lost to Dick O'Brien by over 1000 votes. Who couldn't see that coming?

In 2009, he decided that student government was more his thing and ran for president of the University of Iowa Student Government. He lost that too because he's a fucking loser. His party was even knocked out in the first round of voting. Pathetic. Very Green Party.


Ryan created the dating website "" just so he could view all the girls profiles himself and make himself appear to be the perfect match for every girl.

Con Man

Ryan preys on organizations which may help build his own reputation, usually trying to take them over. If he can't be a part of them (usually because they realize he's a fucking asshole), he goes out of his way to rip them apart.

Back in November 2009, Ryan announced his first anime convention, QC Anime-zing! in Bettendorf, Iowa. He announced it on behalf of the Mindbridge Foundation, the organization behind AnimeIowa. Mindbridge later rescinded their support when they wanted nothing to do with Ryan and his goal of showcasing his greasy ponytail to girls at his convention. Ryan is now banned from AnimeIowa. He also runs and, ripping off the legit site,

Under the name Chrono, LLC, Ryan is currently lining his pockets with income from Anime-Zap, Anime-zing!, Anime-Spark, AniMinneapolis (aka Anime Minneapolis and formerly Kakkoi|Con), Meta Con, Domo Con, Con-Alt-Delete, and Anime Midwest. He has a few cons that were planned but never started including Bishoujo-Con.

Black Materia, Inc. Scam

With his reputation now lower than dirt and the truth coming out about him (especially since this page is now the first Google result for a search for his name), he's trying to do things more privately. He has set up a new company called "Black Materia, Inc." (which is a Final Fantasy reference) which runs shitty little cons in Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia. These cons are actually breaking the law because they are not registered businesses in the states. Rumor is that Ryan is doing the back-end work, but his shady pal from, Ron Bear, is the actual planner.

Conventions under the Black Materia label are currently Anime Kaiju (Nashville, TN), Star City Anime (Roanoke, VA), Tri City Anime Con (Johnson City, TN), Taiga Con (Atlanta, GA), Daisuki Con (Chattanooga, TN), AniMore (Baltimore, MD), and Norfolk Anime Explosion (Norfolk, VA).

The Dante's

not appropriate for a 13+ Panel

Not only is Ryan an asshole, but so is his staff. He hires people under his right-hand bitch Erica to cosplay Dante to attract thirsty whales to the con and to run his shitty date auction for cash he claims he will donate to charity (although it is unknown if he really does). They treat Capcom's Dante as if they own the character and market themselves that way to their "fans" who probably don't even know where the character is from.

The horribly cosplayed, attention-whoring, thirsty Dante team consists of:

Brandon "Dante Trueheart" Anderson as DMC1. Abe "Dante Cifer" Otten as DMC2. Erica "Dante Kaiba" Wise as DMC3. Josh "Dante Jaegerjaques" Wainwright as DMC4.

Their cosplays are mediocre and their egos are bigger than their dicks and will probably try to banish you to the Shadow Realm if you piss them off because they're immature pricks. This assholery in the DMC community is only rivaled by Alucard27.

They also strip like sluts at their 13+ panels so be warned, as if 13 year olds should really be seeing that shit.

Cease and Desist

On July 1, 2013, the guy from The Life of the Traegorn posted "Why I Won't Go To A Ryan Kopf Run Convention on his personal blog.

Three months later, drawing more attention to his rape charge, Ryan sent a cease and desist letter. ...not that it does anything because anyone can post any public records. Fuck off, Ryan.

Court Cases

Look in the Iowa Trial Court Search and you'll see case ID 07821 CVCV294343. It's titled "RYAN KOPF V UNNAMED USER OF THE FLUFFYSPARKLES ACC" which was filed in early 2015. He's apparently suing a Tumblr user who posted facts about his rape case.

There's also a 2010 case where he sued Elise D. Carroll, who was apparently on Open Source University Meetup with him at Iowa OSUM. I wonder what that was about. Boy, he loves to sue! He probably thought she looked at him funny once. ...or maybe he sued her after she sued him (since there's another earlier case between the two of them.)

Sex Offender Pal

In late 2014, it became known that one of Ryan's and AniMinneapolis staffers, Robert Goodew (more like "Good? EWWW!") was convicted in 2010 of being a predatory sex offender for sexual contact with a 12 year old boy. Cay Combs from (who was apparently also posting as "Molly Blue") claims they didn't know and everything was hunky-dory. ...but given Ryan's history, this surprises nobody that a character like this was on his staff.

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