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Shameless self promotion

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Constantly promoting your own websites, journals, pictures or other projects by posting about them in a way that is not relevant or warranted. Although normally practiced by attention whores and comment whores, shameless self promotion is available to the masses as a technique for helping your web traffic skyrocket.

Shameless self promotion also involves writing your own personal Encyclopedia Dramatica article(s) in an act of self-glorification, or likewise writing themselves into one. If you encounter a shameless self promoter on ED, simply add {{masturbator}} to their userpage.

Shameless self-promoters will put their names in any place possible, even if it makes no sense in the context. Some shameless self promoters have even gone as far as faking their own decapitation by Islamic jihadists to be re-broadcast in streaming video on extremist terrorist websites such as YouTube.

Shameless Self Promoters

Ghostlight employing promotional technique
The Dancing Sandwich exploiting itself again.

List Of Those Who Don't Self-Promote

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