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This faggot will spend the next 20 years of his pathetic life with Bubba
Police.gif SWATting is some serious fucking business and should never be done because you can get someone killed and wind up in the ass rape palace like this dumb-ass schmuck
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SWAuTistic, (Tyler Raj Barriss) is basically just another immature, crazy as fuck, little boy that will scream at the top of his lungs and into his mic, hoping to destroy your hearing or wake up everyone in your house if your mic is off, when he loses an online match. Convinced that he's cool and some kind of internet authority figure, he actually believes, or rather suffers from the delusion that G-D has given him an inherent right to ruin online gaming for everyone with his Batshit Crazy belief that it is up to him and him alone to Police XBox Live.

SWAuTistic prides himself as being an online Swatter for hire and uses the tactics of faking bomb threats and calling SWAT teams on people.

It was on 27 December 2017 when he came to notice when one of his SWATting pranks backfired and an innocent father of 2 was killed by the police because of a prank 911 call to Wichita Police from SWAuTistic.

The SWATting[edit]

Tyler Barriss 911 call


Tyler doesn't play video games, my big boy has better things to do with his time


—Tyler Barriss' Mother

The grieving mother of Barriss' murdered victim

Many online fans of the game Call Of Doodie are saying the SWATting happened because Tyler Barriss AKA SWAuTistic BKA That Whiney Little, Vindictive Bitch got all butthurt over being trolled by another player for losing a $1 bet on a game.

Like most mal-adjusted, autistic, millennial types that grew up on getting an award and a pizza party just for showing up to a game, the losing of a game and then the humiliation of having to suffer through being mocked after all his shit talking prior was too much for his fragile, little ego to handle. Rather than growing up, getting a job and moving out of his Mom's basement to get some life experience and finally come to the realization that treating video games, at the age of 25, like they're Serious business is the hallmark of a manchild but Tyler felt it better to play Internet Tough Guy and pretend that he holds some invisible power over the internet by SWATting the winning player.

Probably no stranger to retarded, tough talking, immature, big talking pieces of shit that believe that they are more than the loser everyone knows they are, the winner most likely gave Tyler fake Dox for the address to send his winnings too because, at the least, he most likely felt he'd wake up in a well that was dug in someone's basement and at the worst, wake up tied to a chair while a greased up psycho anally rapes his pets before cutting holes in his chest and stomach, to rape him to death.

Tyler called Wichita, Kansas 911 and claimed that he had killed his father by shooting him in the head and was holding his mother and little brother hostage. He also went on to say "I'm just pointing the gun at them, making sure they stay in the closet," he continued. "I already poured gasoline all over the house. I might just set it on fire ... in a little bit, I might."

A trigger happy, poorly trained and overly aggressive Wichita SWAT team arrived at the house of Andrew Finch, a 28-year-old committed father of two and dedicated husband. When he came to the door, SWAT ordered that he put his hands on his head. Claiming that he moved his hands towards his waistband, SWAT fired at an unarmed, innocent Andrew Finch and killed him in front of his children, traumatizing them for life.

I heard my son scream, I got up and then I heard a shot


—Lisa Finch

SWATter For Hire[edit]

Bomb threats are more fun and cooler than swats in my opinion and I should have just stuck to that, But I began making $ doing some swat requests.


—Tyler Barriss trying to convince the world that he should be taken serously in an interview

Like so many overly coddled, mama's boys, raging Spergs that call the internet their own private Safe Space and attempt to use it as a way of defining themselves, Tyler Barriss saw himself as a SWATter for hire, even using the online name of SWAuTistic to advertise what he considered his specialty. More so, in the common knowledge that jokes, anecdotes and rumors teach about families becoming enslaved by their aspertard, autistic little shit that will throw a screaming fit if anything they dislike is done, Tyler felt that he had a right to police XBox Live with the threat of SWATting or calling in a bomb threat on anyone who said or did something he didn't approve of.

Most people would think that if Barriss had half a brain, which he doesn't, he would have learned his lesson when he received a felony conviction for filling a fake bomb report against KABC-TV in 2015 for whatever Aspertard reason he had, some suggest that it was most likely because they showed a commercial that had round foods like peas next to straight foods like carrots or hotdogs. Unfortunately, like every manchild to make a residence in a basement and bases their self analysis on everything their mommy says, Barriss probably thought that his 2015 arrest was just a fluke and he was too smart to get caught again.

Seeing SWATting as his career and one that should be respected, Barriss quickly went to twitter, like a whore with the clap to a Doctor, to post about his recent SWATting success, "That kids house that I swatted is on the news. Damn! I think I got him Killed👍"

A few minutes later, after being flamed and called a murderer, Barriss tried to shirk his responsibility in getting an innocent father of two killed by rationalizing his claim with this now deleted twitter post, I didn’t get anyone killed because I didn’t discharge a weapon and being a swat member isn’t my profession.

Tyler Barriss Arrest[edit]

Tyler being somebody's bitch.
Tyler's upcoming future

Tyler Barriss was arrested December 28th, 2017 and is being held in Los Angeles County Jail without bail and is most likely having the time of his life as a big, sweaty, muscular black man whispers into his ear, "Bite the pillow Britney, I'm going in dry."

There has been no information as to what he has been charged with but he is expected to appear in court as soon as January 2nd, 2018 and will most likely be extradited to Wichita, Kansas to continue his ass rape tour of Jails in the U.S. and face charges there.

Internet Attorneys are speculating that if Sedgwick County, Kansas, where Andrew Finch was killed, has laws that make false police reports a felony then Barriss will most likely face murder charges under the Felony Murder Rule.

Tyler Barriss To His Grandma: I'll Cut You Bitch[edit]


Los Angeles County court documents show that after Tyler Barriss phoned in a phony 2015 bomb threat to KABC-TV in Glendale, California he bravely told his Grandmother that he would kill her and bury her in the back yard, after having sex with her corpse, if she were to turn him in after she overheared the 911 call he made.

Tyler's grandmother, 62, in a restraining order against her grandson said that he'd "beat her bloody like a tampon," in reference to her granson's pathetic, wannabe Gangsta' attempts at trying to strongarm her into silence.

Forgetting whose house he was living in, Barriss also threatened to burn down his grandmother's house, kill her dogs and leave them hanging and gutted in the shower along with his constant reminders to her on voice mail that, "Snitches get stitches."

Barriss instantley became homeless when the court ordered that he move out of his Grandmother's house, maintain a 100 meter distance from her, her home, car, pets and place of employment at all times.


Tyler Barriss' 2018 court appearance
  • After his 3 January 2018 hearing before a Los Angeles judge, Tyler Barriss said that he will not fight extradition to the State of Kansas to face felony charges for his prank 911 call that left an innocent father of 2 dead on his house's front porch.

Being a little bitch, the once tough talking Barriss sat in court, staring at the floor, and only responded to the Judge with comments like, "Uhh Huh. Yes and, I'm a faggot bottom bitch."

Barriss is expected to be handed over to Kansas authorities by 2 February 2018, until then he is to be held without bail in Los Angeles county jail.

Andrew Finch Murderedbyswatting.jpg

Andrew Finch 1989-2017 R.I.P.


2019 Update:


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