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Sanjaya/J is a failed dieter who is expected to soon become an hero.

The First Youtube Video[edit]

Remember to read the lulzy comments.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007[edit]

Day 4

Hi Everyone,

What's up!?! Did everyone watch the show tonight and vote for other contestants besides Sanjaya?? I know I did! Actually, I thought Jordin gave the best performance of the night, so my votes went for her.

To be honest, Sanjaya did come out of his shell a bit tonight like the judges said. However, his voice was horrific. He screamed through the entire song and jumped around like a manic person. Nice kid, nice kid, but not for American Idol. I feel bad that he is being made such a fool of. He's young and people are feeding him (pun - lol) with this idea that he actually should win this thing. It's so sad.

As for me, well, damn .. I'm hungry. In fact, like that girl in the audience on American Idol, I pretty much feel like crying for two hours straight. I've found myself having slight hallucinations. For all of you that are concerned though, I am still drinking fluids and trying my best to say healthy. Hopefully, come tomorrow night I will be able to have a bowl of soup.

But .... if he doesn't kicked off tomorrow (which would be pure sacrelige after tonight's performance) I will stay strong and see this through till the end.

I've received so many heart warming messages from people who are concerned about me, thank you. Stay positive for me! I love you guys!

- J

Thursday, March 22, 2007[edit]

Day 5

So today started off rather well, in fact I was and still am starting to feel a lot better than I was the past few days. I didn't think that would happen, but for now ... I'm okay.

I of course wasn't happy with the results tonight, I simply just don't get it. I'm really starting to feel sorry for Sanjaya. People keep voting him through because they think it's funny ... and I think it's to the point where this kid is starting to believe his own hype. I think that's going to be a mighty big let down, especially for a 17 year old. I thought it was terrible that Stephanie got the boot though, if it wasn't going to be Sanjaya it should have DEFINITELY not been her. She's has a great voice.

No matter what though I'm not giving up. After hearing receiving a myspace message from him earlier this evening, Matt, our newest recruit, isn't either.

A lot of people have been asking me why I now am approving comments. I really didn't want to do this, but I have two reasons. The first being most of the comments were becoming more and more obscene. Aside from that, most of the comments that coming were of things that have already been said over and over again. I don't mind people voicing their opinions about what I'm doing, but at least try to be somewhat unique about it.

Anyway, I really pleased with all the support I've also been getting ... it's great! Thanks so much! Let's pull for this strike to end next week guys, I know we can do it!

Peace out ..

- J

Saturday, March 24, 2007[edit]

Days 6 & 7

hi guys -

i've gotten a lot of messages wondering why i didn't update my blog last night, sorry about that! it was actually a very busy day, i went straight from work to an awesome concert. by the time i got home i was just too exhausted to blog.

anyway, as far as my hunger strike goes, there isn't much to update about. i am still keeping up with my vitamins and drinking plenty of water. i basically feel alright. which is good, because i don't plan to give this up until i see Sanjaya's "Going Home" montage.

i also plan to shoot YouTube update this Sunday night, so watch out for it!


- J

Sunday, March 25, 2007[edit]

Day 8

Super tired today.

I got a few messages from people that say that want to join in the strike, I must reiterate over again that I do not recommend this. It's really not fun.

I got a message tonight from someone named Charlie who made a suggestion for those who wanted to protest Sanjaya on the show but didn't exactly know how. Charlie asked that I let everyone know that a really good option is to boycott all Coke-a-Cola products. As you know, Coke-a-Cola is a huge sponsor of American Idol. By doing this, stores will not need to reorder supplies from Coke distributors so they will really be hit where it hurts. So instead of joining the hunger strike per say, you can simply just decide to opt for Pepsi or ice water the next time you are thirsty.

YouTube update tomorrow!

- J

Monday, March 26, 2007[edit]

Day 9

I know I promised you guys a YouTube video, but I am just feeling too tired and weak to do it tonight. I don't even know how I'm typing this right now.

It's getting to a point where I don't know if I can continue on like this anymore, my parents are starting to get concerned. i am going to try my best to make it until Wednesday night though. We'll see.

My friend Maggie sent me a video for me to pass along to the person who runs the account that the Starvation video is on. I have no idea why she made it, but for whatever reason I thought it was really funny, but kind of pathetic. Click here to see the video.

kind of pathetic, i know. but she's sweet.

anyway, i'm gonna go back to sleep now.



Tuesday, March 27, 2007[edit]

Day 10

well in commemoration of my 10th day hunger striking, i decided to step on a scale today just out of curiosity.

i was shocked at what i saw, i've lost nearly 10lbs.

though i guess i really shouldn't be that shocked, considering both how i feel and the fact that several of my clothes are fitting looser.

for all you skeptics, here is a picture of the scale ..


thank goodness that tomorrow is Tuesday and there is yet another chance to vote Sanjaya off the show. i know we can do it this week guys! today was not much better for me than yesterday ...

peace out.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007[edit]

Day 11

i don't even know what to say.

if i hadn't gone on a hunger strike, and if after 11 days the urge to eat wasn't completely gone as it is now ... it would be after watching Sanjaya's performance tonight.

and yes, like everyone has asked, i did in fact see his hair.

Sanjaya, will you please come buff my car? thanks!

tomorrow is Wednesday, hopefully the day that will save my life ..



Friday March 30th, 2007[edit]

Day 12

Sorry this wasn't up last night guys, I was just way too exhausted to even get into how I felt about last night's elimination. I thought it better to wait until today to be better rested.

I first want to say thanks to TMZ and the rest of you guys for worrying so much about me since then, that really means a lot. It's helping to get me through a rough time. Don't worry though, I'm still alive.

Of course Sanjaya should have been eliminated last night based on Tuesday's performances, that's a no brainer. Though for whatever reason, when the results were read I wasn't shocked by the outcome. Horribly dissapointed yes, but it seems like there is some part of me that is just getting used to him constantly being able to survive. Regardless, as much as I thought Chris Sligh was a good singer, if this were a "normal" season of American Idol and Sanjaya wasn't around, it would have been his night to go last night anyway.

As for me, as I'm sure many of you realized I wasn't really keeping up well with the page yesterday. Sorry about that. I am still feeling the toll this is taking on me. Another 7 days doesn't seem that bad though, so let's gear up for next week and boot Sanjaya at last!

I think I may actually have some suprises for you guys to look forward to in the next few days, I'll keep you posted.

- J

Day 13

i want to once again apologize for comments and messages getting so backed up. i am away from my computer for hours at a time these days, so it's getting kind of tough to keep up with everything. trust me, i don't mind at all. you'll just have to bare with me if i can't add you as a friend right away or don't respond to messages. don't worry, i read them all, well most ... i try to avoid the negative hate mail. it doesn't bother me, i'm just sorta bored with it. i would love to not have the comments "approve only," but things have gotten quite out of control with comments concerning my personal life as well as friends and family. i'd rather just keep the cap on it for now.

today it also seemed like i got quite a few messages asking about my sexuality. no, i am not gay. and i also don't agree with any of the homophobic remarks that are made by people on this site in regards to Sanjaya. however, just as i allow nasty things to be posted in regards to myself, i let those through as well. not because i agree with them, simply to let people express their opinion .. no matter how ignorant it may be.

remember guys, i am simply doing this because i don't think Sanjaya is right for American Idol. i do not "hate" him as many people have tried to claim i do. i actually don't hate anyone.

i am still feeling kind of weak but okay. not at the point of hospitalization yet, thank goodness. it won't be long now until Sanjaya is gone!

thanks for reading!

J: Dead?

For 3 days, J made no update to her Myspace. Then, on April 2nd, 2007, she made a post informing everyone that she quit. The suffering of not being able to stuff her face full of strawberry shortcake by the dumptruck load was just too agonizing. Although there's no doubt she wasn't doing this anyway, since she seems to have put more weight on since her last video. The advertisement floating above her head shows that J was really nothing more than a corporate whore, who can't pull off a publicity stunt to save her life.

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