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Sargon of Akkad

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Archive today-ico.png ahahha the fat fuck got hacked
Breakingnews.gif Breaking news!
Anita Sarkeesian called Sargon of Akkad a Garbage Human at a feminist Vidcon 2017!
Neckbeard and lonely
A perfect picture of Carl
Sargon's avatar, a sand nigger king
How he spends his vacation

Sargon of AkkadFedora icon.png (otherwise known as Carl Benjamin or Carl of Wikipedia) is a fat MRA alcoholic who loves to see women cry, probably why he is a notorious wife-beater. He loves to rant about how sand niggers rape white women and destroy civilization, but for some reason named his channel after a dead sand nigger king. Carl has become the main figurehead with over half a million subs in a 'New Wave' of parasitic YouTube Ranters who like to circlejerk each other off to videos that disagree with their ideological world view by splicing in their snarky 'rebuttals' bearing their severe autism over a microphone or camera, for their audience to groupthink themselves into self-delusion as 'intellectually superior'.

The ultimate case study has shown that the dumbest, most obese Americunts will believe anything you tell them, provided it comes from someone with an English accent (because dem limeys are smart people, y'all, Ah'll tell yer huhwut!), Sargon of Akkad records his TL;DW videos with a tinfoil hat on and does "research" by looking shit up on Google and Wikipedia (he gets paid to do it, by the way) and then coming to the conclusion that everything is part of a government, feminist conspiracy. Occasionally he invites feminists hoebags to his "show" and has his ass handed to him by them, because having an actual debate with a real life person is considerably harder than finding a YouTube video you disagree with, pausing said YouTube video and then talking down to it, as if you expect it to answer back; either that, or he engages in circlejerks with his e-celeb friends that can sometimes last up to six hours.

When he isn't making videos about how the social justice warriors are out to get him, he makes a weekly video where he reads internet articles and then yells at them. Seriously, about 90% of his videos are just him reading some boring news article or watching a video and basically going, "Pffft, well, THAT'S stupid.". Sargon likes to cultivate an aura of being a learned renaissance man, expert in numerous topics from science to politics to history, but he is, in actual fact, a high school dropout who never attended college and has no formal qualifications. Most of his videos are riddled with inaccuracies, particularly his videos about history - a topic he seems to have learned about mainly through playing Medieval Total War and Warhammer. Since he has literally nothing better to do, Sargon has made YouTube his full time career. As he has made several hundred YouTube videos about shit no one cares about, he is guaranteed to start showing up in your YouTube recommendations if you watch even a single one of his videos, no matter how many times you tell YouTube that you're not interested in his bullshit. Seriously, he will never go away. It's like a fucking plague of smug, fedora tier self-proclaimed rational "logic".

Necromancer - His shit 'game'

When he isn't busy being a loser on YouTube, he actively begged for money on Kickstarter for his shitty game Kickerstarterfavicon.png Necromancer. A game that will never actually be released as Carl and The Rejects already took the money and abandoned the project, much like the projects abandoned the virgins who gave them the money.

Other Worlds Software Team.jpg
The trio of gay

The game looks like the original Diablo in the lowest resolution and runs at a staggering 10 frames per second. It is supposed to be some kind of multiplayer tower defense game, where you can compete against a total of one opponent. One would believe that the reason for this is that Carl doesn't have any friends except his mom, but in reality it is because of the Crysis 3-like graphics that no computer will be able to handle more than two characters.

Woman-murdering simulator

Of course when called out on it, he claims that it's merely 'late' due to him getting ripped off by his Italian artist called 'Giuseppe'. It had to take two spaghetti-sperging GGRevolt members for him to finally even start showing video evidence of him developing the game. This is exactly the shit that [[Anita Sarkeesian, feminist cucklord supreme pulled.


Four Cunts: The Great Feminist Flame War of 2015

A typical male feminist, Kevin Logan is a pathetic fatass who owns cats.
The Wooly Bumblebee, a competent intellectual.
Laughing Witch when not on YouTube.

Carl's status as an Internet loser with a micropenis reached its lowest point when he YouTube Favicon.png debated a fat euphoric feminist neckbeard Fb-favicon.png Kevin Logan. Kevin confronted Sargon by repeatedly asking him why he didn't publicly shit on the fraud Davis Aurini and instead promoted Aurini's channel and gushed like a fangirl being raped by her senpai about how awesome The Sarkeesian Effect YouTube Favicon.png was going to be. This had the intended result of his gullible 13-year-old fanboys shilling out their mother's money to fund this.

Sargon, cowardly refused to acknowledge his error and doubled down with each pathetic attempt he made to rationalize it. Female MRA retard The Wooly Bumblebee, kicked out of A Voice For Men for nicking $5000, stated the obvious: Sargon is a conman, ideologue, and a hypocrite. Soon the 50 year old fat feminist hag Laughing Witch, who has been stalking Sargon for the past few months, mirrored Bumblebee's videos. Sargon made an ass out of himself yet again by claiming he didn't care if a man he supports is a pedophile. Thus his self-righteous crusade against evil feminazis and any credibility he had blew up in his face and will be preserved on the Internet until the end of time.

I don't care if Davis Aurini thinks the best thing to do first thing in the morning is to FUCK children!



Moar Shit With Laughing Witch: Sargon The Professional Victim

Being the professional victim that he is, Sargon immediately blamed the feminist illuminati and social justice warriors for "character assassination", completely unaware that he brought everything upon himself. Naturally he vented his rage on Wooly Bumblebee and Laughing Witch hoping to make them cry. As expected, it didn't work. Middle aged women have been bashed in the face for years by real men for not giving hubby a sammich. You think they're intimidated by some pudgy limey on the Internet?

Needless to say, the old feminazi hagbeast succeeded in ripping Sargon's balls off and wearing them as a voodoo necklace. Like any respectable JewTuber concerned about ethics, she doxed Sargon's Facebook on her channel to make a petty political point. In this case it was to show that Sargon is a fedora-tipping asshat with Down's Syndrome. This was a pretty retarded move on Laughing Witch's part since every sub-intelligent moron already knows this.

Sargon's Facebook And More About missing Pics
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The Great Debate

Despite everyone knowing better and figuring out his con game, Sargon kept pissing and moaning to anyone unfortunate enough to hear him. In the meantime, his 13-year-old boy goons demanded Laughing Witch debate Sargon, as if Sargon wasn't already proven to be a liar, fraud, and hypocrite. Laughing Witch accepted if only to shut up Sargon's retarded fanboys once and for all. Since Sargon is incapable of making a rational argument or have any meaningful conversation with another adult the "debate" will consist of him throwing a temper tantrum and whining what cunts feminists are, and generally be a waste of everyone's time.

The Truth

The truth has been spoken.

Possibly the whiniest, cringiest, most embarrassing video ever
made by a grown man with a wife and kids.

Sargon, pls go.

Sargon becomes an SJW

Once again proving himself to be a complete hypocrite, Sargon starts a petition calling for the banning of "Social Justice" courses. Feminists and the regressive left were quick to point out Sargon's stupidity, hypocrisy, and the ineffectiveness of Sargon's petition. A newly-turned SJW called Libertarian Socialist Rants tore Sargon apart like how pit-bulls tore apart your mom's pussy.

This britbong explains why Sargon fails
Sargon's laughable response
Liberatrian Socialist Rants Destroys Sargon

Twitter Gay Porn Assault

Sargay has finally sperged out and revealed his anti-white homosexual ideology by spamming a small segment of his interracial gay porn unto Twatter. Inb4 b&. LEL, BANNED. He intended this assault of his to be an attempt at trolling any Alt-right followers, which resulted in thousands of people unfollowing him. He also asked for Child Porn from some of his associates. Which is odd, since Sargon is a frequent GamerGate user, he doubtlessly has CP already.

Saved Tweets:

Part Two - Electric Boogaloo

On January 27th, Carl got his Twitter suspended when he once again sent gay porn to his enemies. Of course Carl wasted no time in creating yet another YouTube Favicon.png dumb video blaming the big bad left conspiracy of evil women, that are just out to get him and his opinions. It is totally unrelated to him sending gay porn to everyone.

Sargon Posting Gay Porn January 26 2017.jpg
Archive today-ico.png (archive)

Garbage Human: A VidCon 2017 insult from Anita to Sargon, then gets hacked on Twitter

Being called a "Liar" and "You Suck" on a daily basis are mean words to her while she calls Sargon "Garbage Human" is not mean words to her.

On June 23rd, 2017, Sargon attended to a feminist panel at VidCon 2017 where Anita Sarkeesian and her co-hosts is. While Anita spews her usual MUH SOGGY KNEES and GAMERGATE DID THIS bullshit she suddenly mentions Sargon, pointing directly at him calling him a Garbage Human with a side of Shitheads. Sargon cried like a little bitch, milking sympathy from his fanboys like the professional victim he is.

This video highlights some of the panel footage and interviews some of the people / YouTubers who sat in the front row to fuck with Anita. At the end it's said that security actually tried to move them to the back of the audience after Anita texted security.

Right after VidCon 2017 Sargon got his Twatter hacked and started to make a lot more sense.

Sorry guys this meth is really getting to me


Typical Hypocrisy

Sargon, like Christopher Hitchens wannabe Milo Faggotopolis, is fond of saying "Fuck your feelings!" in some form over another. Reals over feels. Words can't hurt you. People saying you suck isn't harassment. Etc. etc. Except when it happens to Sargon. Now he is the special snowflake victim. What the stupid neckbeards can't understand is Anita wins in the end. The more attention they give her, the more attention she gets. The more attention she gets, the more money idiots give her and the longer she stays relevant. If they really wanted Anita to STFU and GTFO all they would have to do is ignore her, but if they did they wouldn't be able to make money whining about her and would have to get real jobs, now wouldn't they?

Sargon Before VidCon


Sargon After




Garbage Gallery

Garbage Images About missing Pics
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