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Scarlet is a fucking man, lulz. Note the bright light behind him. T. NORTON 4 LYFE

Lj-favicon.png scarlet is a man from Los Angeles.

Rumors on the Internets suggest she was born with a penis, which is hard to refute either way due to her expert use of high contrast. She has tricked many an unsuspecting cretin into e-cheating on their wives.

  • One of the original LJ Drama crew with Hepkitten, Jameth, Girlvinyl, quasidan, & futhman.
  • An Ex-Sysop for Encyclopedia Dramatica.
  • Can be contacted via email at [email protected] (Site abandoned and taken over by domain squatters),
  • via AIM at n0thingxbetter.
  • Websites: Sc4r and Evisceration ded (warning: html aberrations).
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