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X3 X3 X3!!!1!111

ScarredFurry is the proud furry alter ego of Hatedwerewolf. While "Hatedwerewolf" swears she's not a furry but a real life werewolf, "ScarredFurry" updates her channel with Yiff videos celebrating the rave culture, all with one techno song used over and over. omg ScarredFurry has had her awakening and is now truly Lycan! While fairly lulzy in itself, it gets even more intresting when compared to Hatedwerewolf, as watching one person both completely denounce and celebrate being a furry in a span of 3 minutes tells a lot about their mental condition.


Self portrait

ScarredFurry was the original that started it all. While debating the topic of religion with trolls, SF found herself being pulled into the Youtube furry war. Apparently, feeling a need to keep her channel free of trolling and safe for her countless yiffing rave videos, she created a "sister" in Hatedwerewolf as sort of a distraction. While this sounds like an actually clever and apparently successful approach to keeping trolls away from her primary account, it should be noted that she spent far more time battling people over her own lie then she ever did spreading the plague across YouTube, even attempting to sockpuppet more accounts to give the impression of support to her original sockpuppet. Dedicating so much time into making it appear that she had an entire family of furrys, not-furry-but-honest-to-God-Lycans, furry gays, and furry ravers, she proved that not only had she not outsmarted anyone, but had actually made herself a bigger target, and, with the number of sockpuppeted accounts and elaborate backstories she had concocted for each one, had actually trolled herself.

Under the ScarredFurry alias, she has tried her best to keep away from the trolling under that account and do all the fighting as Hatedwerewolf. However, being the giant attention whore she is, ScarredFurry did make an anti-furry trolling video of the same quality as the Hatedwerewolf videos.

Recent Activity[edit]

After months of being milked for the lulz, Ashleigh has used the Hatedwerewolf account less. Other than the occasional "Fuck you, I'm a werewolf", she has since backed off the account and has returned to using ScarredFurry as her primary account. If you have something to tell Hated, there she is.

Oh Lawd! Moar Lycans?![edit]

As soon as it was widely known that ScarredFurry herself was the person behind the Hatedwerewolf fiasco, she announced that not only did she really have a sister who was really a Lycan, but she herself was a Lycan as well! She announced that she would awake on Valentines Day.

She promised that there would be more hell to pay, as there would be "more on the force". However, seeing as the "two" somehow are never together long enough to take a 30 second video, she won't explain how this force will accomplish anything other than Fuck You We're Lycans!".

The Happy Heroin Den[edit]

One day, ScarredFurry decided it would be a good idea to improv an episode of South Park. While this video was supposed to prove she had friends, she evidently didn't stop to think that people would be able to realize that it was the same person doing all voices. The rational for this video was that they were high, however, anyone with a fucking clue about the actual effects of marijuana, crack, or any drug that wasn't ingested in utero will know that clearly isn't the case.

"Fuck You, Learning Curve!"[edit]

In a move that nobody expected, ScarredFurry decided to re-use a classic tactic from her Hatedwerewolf days and sock puppet more friends to aid her in her yiff quest., such as Storm5683983. In this case, she is attempting to make it appear she has a new boyfriend. However, this one is different, because this one is a Lycan too!

Enclosed is a list of known new sockpuppets, in addition to the ones previously mentioned. Troll for great justice;

Hai guiz, what's goin on?[edit]

After being baited, ScarredFurry decided it would be a good idea to finally show the world her fat, ugly face, along with her fat, ugly friends. While intending to be proof that her and her friends from the previous video were different people, ScarredFurry actually showed what a fat emo kid, she is, what that she can only make friends with those with the exact same hair and bra size as her. It is under investigation to determine whether fat blob 1 is a nigger.



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