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Print Screen (PrtScr). Learn it, live it, love it
oh /b/ i cant stop loving you
useful to catch them pedophile types
Doing it right (100 years ago)
The great thing about DAMN NIGGA isn't pwning your ex girlfriends Myspace, it's showing everyone online that I did

A Screencap is the way you can capture images from the Internets in order to spread the lulz and insure against baleetion by the mods. The cooler name is screenies. Commonly screencaps are taken of:

How To[edit]

On Windows[edit]

  1. Press prnt scrn (for entire screen) or FN+prnt sc (for just the active window). On laptops,it should be above the arrow keys/number pad somewhere.
  2. Open MS Paint/IrfanView/GIMP/Photoshop/whatever
  3. Ctrl+V
  4. Save
  5. ??????
  6. Profit!

On Vista[edit]

  1. Press prnt scrn (for entire screen) or alt+prnt sc (for just the active window).
  2. Grant permission to use the prnt scrn key
  3. Grant permission to click yes
  4. Grant permission to use the mouse
  5. Grant permission to continue living
  6. Open MS Paint only. Note: Vista takes up too much memory to use anything else.
  7. Grant permission to continue
  8. Ctrl+V
  9. Save
  10. Verify file type
  11. Recheck save type
  12. Grant Permission to save on the C:\ drive
  13. Click yes
  14. Grant permission to save 4chan origin virus
  15. Click yes. Always.

On Macs[edit]

  1. Press Command+shift+3 to screencap the whole screen.
  2. Dig about on your Desktop for a file called Picture(somenumber).png


  1. Press Command+shift+4 (the cursor will change to a crosshair)
  2. Click and drag over the lulzy content, then release the mouse button
  3. Dig about on your Desktop for a file called Picture(somenumber).png


  1. Press Command+shift+4, and when your cursor changes, press space (the cursor will change to a camera)
  2. Click on the window, icon, dashboard widget, dock or desktop image you have deemed worthy of a screencap
  3. Dig about on your Desktop for a file called Picture(somenumber).png

On Lunix/Ubuntu/whatever other geek shit you're running[edit]

  1. Open a terminal window
  2. Type screencap -r -t -m -l -j (x1y1, x2y2)|usr/lib/priv/var/Username/title|gimp -f|jpeg -q60 and hit return
  3. Masturbate


  1. Press Print Screen
  2. Click "Save"


  1. Hold shift, press PrintScr
  2. Your mouse just turned into crosshairs
  3. Drag to select what you want to screencap
  4. It's in your pictures folder. You didn't even have to crop it.

A Tutorial with 7+ ways of taking a screenshot in Linux/Ubuntu.

On FireFox[edit]

  1. Download this FireFox plugin
  2. Install said plugin
  3. Restart FireFox
  4. Screencap to your heart's content

PROTIP: In the event of your screencap lacking sufficient lulz, simply enhance with Adobe© Photoshop™ software for great justice and epic win every time

How Not To[edit]

All Platforms[edit]

  1. Take a picture of your monitor using a fucking camera

PROTIP Make sure and use the flash


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