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ScrewAttack/ScrewAttack Shows

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This page shows the details of ScrewAttack shows throughout the site's era.

List of ScrewAttack Current Shows

Show Title: Why It Was Created: Current Status:
Angry Video Game Nerd Fucked off to GameTrailers
to make Moar Monies for them
Still on GameTrailers
Never appeared on SA since
Death Battle Created as a ScrewAttack Only Show Shown on Youtube due to
nobody going to the site.
Hard News Jumps between airing on
ScrewAttack & YouTube
Currently on YouTube
as noone Visits SA's site
Top Tens Slapped on GameTrailers Still on GameTrailers
Video Game Vault Slapped on GameTrailers Still on GameTrailers

Former Shows

Show Title: How They Got Screwed: Current Status:
Awesome Video Games Screwed out of GameTrailers Deal Fucked off to TGWTG
Captain S (PBC) Quit after being Screwed over financially
for a Second Captain S Season
Briefly on TGWTG,
Now on Retroware TV
Handsome Tom's
Useless Knowledge
Screwed out of Ownership of
ScrewAttack by Craig, then Fired
Fucked off to TGWTG
GameJew Screwed out of GameTrailers Deal Quit the Internets
PWNED! Quit after getting fed up
Making Videos for Free
Quit The Internets
RetroRemix (DJ Axis) Fired after Craig demanded a Blind,
Disabled person work harder for him.
Quit The Internets
ScrewAttack Europe Weren't being Paid for their Videos,
Then Fired for Becoming a YouTube Partner
Fucked off to TGWTG
The Armory Created as a ScrewAttack Only
Show by Destin
Destin took this show with
him to IGN.
Underbelly Quit because Craig's contract was non-
negotiable, and there was no pay.
Fucked off to Next New
Network's channel Vsauce