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Sean, in his natural habitat.

Sean Loral Windingland (a.k.a. SomethingSea, Shyguy76767, AnarchoVegan, PolyVolyVegan, Charles Flewensky, MyHairColorIsBald and anarchospiritualist) is a divorced 29-year-old millennial hipster faggot from Saint Paul, Minnesota, who is legally recognized by both the Tibetan and Chinese Governments as being the physical reincarnation of literally everything that is wrong with Generation Y. Self-identifying as a heteroflexible, anarcho-vegan spiritualist and recovering porn addict, Sean serves as a stark reminder that there are still people in this world whose lives are even more worthless, pathetic and deserving of a good ol' fashion lynching than yours.

Some of Sean Windingland's most notable accomplishments include being the founder of the now-defunct Anarchy Wiki, uploading batshit insane ramblings about how the Government sucks and the Earth is flat to YouTube, vandalizing Wikipedia to inform the ignorant masses that taxation is theft, and getting his dumb arse kicked out of his own house after his fat, middle-aged, Mama June cracker wife learned that he had been using Chaturbate to meet random old men and suck their AIDS-infested dicks on video.

Following the rise of the #MeToo movement in 2017, Sean began using his trusty video camera to document that all of his sexual encounters were, in fact, 100% consensual and not at all rapey. Unfortunately, despite possessing videotaped proof of his sexual partners' consent, Sean soon found himself facing scrutiny from his two Filipino E-girlfriends and doxing courtesy of the fine anons over on /pol/ – all because they didn't approve of his perfectly consensual incestuous sexual relationship with his twin 6-year-old daughters.

Pedophile is a toss phrase, like slut for women.


—Says the sick fuck who raped his daughters Archive today-ico.png (archive)

Congraturations! It's a Goy![edit]

Her name is Peg and she's 14.

Despite looking suspiciously like a Jew, Sean Windingland is actually the 100% non-kosher spawn of a white woman named Diane Williams Windingland and an Azn named Kim Loren Windingland. Both of his parents are Christians which explains why their son ultimately turned out to be a disgusting child molester. Being the goy that he is, Sean is uncircumcized and has actually been known to pride himself on the fact that he possesses more foreskin than a discount rabbi with a hoarding compulsion. He's also stupid enough to believe that individuals who have been sexually mutilated by the Jews are capable of regrowing their foreskin if they try hard enough.

Jennifer, Sean's pet whale.

Most men are circumsized. I was not circumsized.

I'm wondering if they know they can grow their skin back, and whether the want to.
I love my foreskin.
I think you'd love having a foreskin.



—Sean Windingland, thinking that foreskin can grow back like a lizard's tail

Around the age of 19, Sean began a relationship with a hideously fat, divorced white woman named Jennifer Bloom who, at 43-years-old, is nearly 14 years older than him and about ten times his weight.

Wikipedia Bitchfight & Anarchy Wiki[edit]

In January, 2015, Sean joined Wikipedia under the name WPFavicon.png Shyguy76767 and immediately began vandalizing the pages Tax and Government to complain about how taxation is theft and governments don't actually serve any real purpose other than to oppress minorities. Naturally, the sheeple on Wikipedia weren't open to Sean's enlightenment and quickly began reverting his edits.

Law enforcement broadly refers to any system in which members of government act in an organized manner to enforce the law by discovering, deterring, rehabilitating or punishing persons who violate the rules of whatever government the law enforcers are members of within that society. Often, they violate the very rules they are supposedly enforcing, since they do not work for society itself, but the government structure within it, as is evident by the involuntary nature of taxation.


TOW's Wikipedia Favicon.png Law_enforcement page after getting hit by Sean Archive today-ico.png (archive)

Taxation is coercive by being involuntary; this is not commonly accepted due to the doublethink enabled through 12 years of indoctrination supported by taxation, which is what government's existence is dependent on. If the majority of people agreed that 2 + 2 = 5, would that still be worthwhile encyclopedic knowledge? Additionally, is not morality inherently a value statement and not neutral?


—Sean, not wanting to pay his taxes Archive today-ico.png (archive)

In trying to find the origin of taxation and whether money has ever existed without taxation, I found it to not be considered coercion. Upon editing it to include this, was repeatedly met with reverts, contending first of the user not considering it coercive, and then of it not being a mainstream view. In asking where to discuss this, since if the mainstream view on 2 + 2 was 5 it would therefore be wikiable, was told that Wikipedia was an encyclopedia, not discussion forum. Accordingly, I now view it as immoral.


—Sean, on why he left TOW Archive today-ico.png (archive)

The police are, for instance, infamous for their police brutality, and inconsistent application of their social role.

Schools are little more than indoctrination camps, as they inherently and systematically promote statism, and are funded by taxation.
Welfare is the subsidization of poverty, which then creates an endless cycle of it.
State Defense is a misnomer, as you are being protected from "other gangs" by a gang, since if you refuse to pay taxes, you will be given a death threat if you offer resistance to the extortion.



—Sean Archive today-ico.png (archive)

Consider this: if you live in a statist society, where the mainstream view is that government is legitimate, why would you expect Wikipedia to present a different view? I attempted to include coercion as part of the definition of taxation, as that is whet government is reliant on for existence, and was told that I was engaging in Original Research, a no-no for Wikipedia. As you can read on my user page in it, shyguy76767, I consider Wikipedia immoral, self-inconsistent, and thus unusable for rational discussion. If the mainstream opinion was that 2+ 2 was 5, that is what Wikipedia would display.


—somethingsea Archive today-ico.png (archive)

Battling Sex & Porn Addiction[edit]

In April, 2015, Sean joined an online porn addiction support forum called NoFap.

I'm polyamorous and bisexual with a preference for women, although I also love cock and curious about being fucked in the ass.


—Sean Windingland, on being a faggot

I have the fantasy that I am a little girl, schoolgirl, and/or maid.


—Sean Windingland wishes to be the little girl

I want to be held against the wall and fucked up the ass. Yes, I'd like you to fuck me. I visit my kids where I'm at, and so I'd prefer for you to come to me than me to you, although I could come to you still; I'd just prefer it.


—Sean Windingland, changing the topic from anal to his kids and back to anal

I need to poop. It's making me horny. I want to have a nice warm plump cock just banging into me doggy-style, just ramming into me like I'm a little bitch. I could scream. And then we could switch and he could have his mouth on me. Hm. I need to start with sucking him, which makes sense.


—Sean Archive today-ico.png (archive)

Last night ended on a weird note. I masturbated one last time. I felt like I was raping myself. I said "No." and was thinking that in my head, but I kept touching my penis head, until I was full-blown masturbating, and then orgasming. It was a very relaxing end, which made it all the more confusing.


—Sean Archive today-ico.png (archive)

I'm gonna get myself a hot anarchist girl. That's my ideal. A fit, good-bodied, tight fuck with an equally tight slit of mind to orgasm off of her exuberant freedom.


—Sean Archive today-ico.png (archive)

Confessing to Multiple Counts of Child Rape[edit]

Child porn galore.


—Sean Archive today-ico.png (archive)

Quotes from the Sick Fuck[edit]

Why does anyone bother with me? I'm a piece of shit.


—Sean Archive today-ico.png (archive)

I am polyamorous and I don't do monogamous relationships


—Sean, on being a slut Archive today-ico.png (archive)

I feel sexy. Sexy like a Shemale.


—Sean Wingdingland Archive today-ico.png (archive)

So, I uploaded penis pics and videos to my alt fb. My account got disabled. Now I’m here.


—Sean, going to Tumblr after being banned from Facebook

Not all rape is bad.


—Sean, on rape Archive today-ico.png (archive)

People have often wondered if I have autism, and I've wondered it myself.


—Sean, on having autism Archive today-ico.png (archive)


There is nothing pedophilic in this. Sean Windingland is being neither violent here, nor coercive, nor accepting of pedo-rape, pedo-violence, and pedophilia. People soiling his name are mistaken.


—Svyatoslav Burik, sender of bomb threats Archive today-ico.png (archive)


Sean, looking fucking autistic in his mugshot.
The 29-year-old was interviewed by investigators last week and admitted to both engaging in sexual conduct with the children and posting videos discussing his interactions with them online, the complaint said.

He also allegedly admitted to sharing naked images of the girls with “pedophiles” on the Internet.

He defended his behavior, telling officers he didn’t view it as wrong because the 6-year-olds consented to it, charges say.

He added that he recently started worrying about the impact the conduct could have on the girls’ future relationships, according to the complaint.


—Pioneer Press, on just how fucked Sean is Archive today-ico.png (archive)

A criminal complaint alleges that Windingland exposed his genitals to the two girls, both born in 2012, with investigators finding he had them touch him sexually and would give them money for pop and candy as a reward.

It also alleges that he touched the girls' genitals and posted videos of sexual conversations he would have with them on the internet, which spurred numerous calls to St. Paul police from all over the country, the complaint says.

On March 22, the mother of the girls received a call at 10:53 p.m. from Windingland, who confessed his acts of sexual abuse.

In an interview with police, Windingland admitted to posting videos of the girls on pornographic and "pedophile" websites that were heavily protected to avoid detection.


—Bring Me The News Archive today-ico.png (archive)

6-year-olds can consent to anal fisting, officer! I'm vegan. You are a puppet of the Government! I don't need a lawyer because I did nothing wrong! Taxation is theft! Did I mention that I'm vegan? Ron Paul 2020!


—What was probably said in the interrogation room


Soy Goy of OH GAWD About missing Pics
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