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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


—Albert Einstein

Selery, plotting his next cross burning.

Selery is by far one of Wikipedia's most interesting Long term abuse users, suffering from a severe mental retardation block which disables him from being a regular Autist, and was thus removed from the WMF by means of force. Known otherwise as James Salsman, Selery does not understand the concept of "playing nice with others" but rather "cry till I get what I want". His interests (or more aptly put, obsessions) include anything relating to health and fusion, which he believes himself to be an expert in despite the complete lack of education in the noted fields. That however has not stopped Selery from making hundreds of sock accounts to edit the Wikipedia articles relating to these topics, each one getting blocked only because he will really never learn.

Selery Vs GNAA[edit]

Those who coddle them should be ashamed of themselves for the predictable results. By indefinitely blocking me for this, I have become more powerful against them than you can possibly imagine. I swear by the beard of Ward Cunningham that in no more than one month's time, the GNAA article will be permanently deleted, in process. See you in July. Selery (talk) 03:20, 12 February 2012 (UTC)


—Selery, making a threat

While it holds true that all Wikipedians hate the GNAA, Selery is especially racist and homophobic, dedicating at least one sockpuppet a month to putting up the GNAA article for AfD. The GNAA were not amused.

Basedircrory has been promoting GNAA by editing a template to show full name including "Nigger" in several articles after only a dozen edits and in a manner similar to recently blocked sock Mythpage88 who is a blocked sock of LiteralKa


—Selery, racially profiling rory


Offensive to Blacks, this article does nothing to improve the encyclopedia, is a self-reference because the group was founded specifically to troll Wikipedia and other prominent websites, and it brings Foundation officials, editors, and projects into disrepute, risking funding and credibility. All previous reasons to keep this abomination should be disregarded because per WP:IAR it does not improve the encyclopedia in any way, but damages it in the several ways specified. Selery (talk) 15:40, 31 December 2011 (UTC)


—Selery, not understanding what the GNAA is

Selery also once tried listing five unrelated Wikipedians as sockpuppets of LiteralKa so that he would be able to gain full control of the GNAA page and edit it as he wished (read: not-NPOV). This later backfired on him and exposed yet another one of his sockpuppets to the Autistic masses of TOW.

I can testify that I know for a fact that basedircrory is not LiteralKa either. This is obviously a HUGE manipulation of a sockpuppet investigation. Cupco, unless he lacks all common sense, should have easily seen that these accounts are not run by the same person. This is an ant-gay witch hunt and is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Wikipedia is supposed to be a place of knowledge, not ignorance and homophobia. Wikipedia, I am disappointed. --Zaiger (talk) 11:49, 29 September 2012 (UTC)


Zaiger, saving the day

Racism Examples[edit]

Marketing his stupid iPhone apps[edit]


James was smart enough to release his own information in hopes that a squad of Gayniggers would show up at his door someday.

  • James Salsman
  • 1910 Mt. Vernon Ct. #3
  • Mountain View, CA  94040
  • 650-793-0162

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