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Info non-talk.png This article is about Imaginary Enemies. For the opposite, but equally pathetic, online phenomenon, see: Imaginary Friends

Self-abuse is the bedrock of the internet, but how do you get your rocks off if you are one of the many very important people who use the internet? The pastime of the prominent and significant these days goes beyond self-abuse and becomes self-victimization.

People just aren't paying you enough attention. You are bored and listless, dissatisfied with the amount of ego-buffing you are receiving from internet users, who are doing other things with their time when they should be paying attention to you and your irrelevant thoughts.

So, you solve both problems at once. By inventing imaginary enemies, who are persecuting you, you have something dramatic to make a big fuss about, and you also seem instantly far more important. People wonder what they are missing and flock to your side to be outraged, to denounce your tormentors, and (most importantly) to try to steal a bit of the attention that you are now getting.


Genuine quotes from anonymized high-schoolers who have self-victimized, attempting to explain their faggotry, as collated by Patchin and Hinduja, 2017 (see below).

Because I feel sad and needed attention from others.


—Diagnosis: Pathetic

Because I already felt bad and just wanted myself to feel worse.


—Diagnosis: Emo

I did it to see what others were saying and to see how others saw me.


—Diagnosis: Autism

I wanted to see if someone was really my friend.


—Diagnosis: 16-year-old girl

Because I was very sad and upset and nobody would listen or talk to me, so I posted how I really feel about hmyself online


—Diagnosis: Stupid

At the time, I had very low self-esteem and didn’t rely on myself for happiness, I expected others to make me happy. This resulted in my own belief that everyone hated me, which was of course completely false


—Diagnosis: American


Precise figures for the spread of self-victimization are not available. However, studies have shown that among teenagers in the education system, somewhere between 6% and 10% have deliberately posted anonymous online “attacks” aimed at themselves. A 2017 study reported that just over half (51.3%) of self-victimizers claimed they had only done it once; around one-third (35.5%) said they had done it “a few times”; and over ten percent (13.2%) said they had self-victimized “many times.”

But the most important statistic is this one: 100% of adults were once teenagers. So there will be more adult self-victimizers than minors, because there are always more slow learners than quick learners.

Patient Zero?[edit]

Moar info:
Hannah Smith

Self-victimization was first officially recorded in the 2010 suicide of Hannah Smith, a Uk citizen who killed herself after reportedly receiving a barrage of hateful messages from anonymous online abusers. But in fact, investigators discovered that Smith had sent every single one of those messages and had therefore trolled herself to death.

Since Smith did not leave any explanation for her conduct, there appear to be three possibilities.

  • Cowardice/stupidity She belatedly realized that a police investigation into the “abuse” would reveal her self-victimization, and therefore killed herself to avoid exposure (and the ensuing shame and public humiliation at not even being important enough to have real enemies)
  • Trolling. She was in fact trying to ensure that she had maximum attention among her schoolmates for an eventual suicide attempt that she had been planning all along.
  • Insanity. Smith was a case of attention-whoring that snowballed crazily out of control until she completely lost touch with reality.

It is also possible that, in addition to any of the above, Smith was attempting to frame people she disliked, as a kind of posthumous revenge. Sadly, most other self-victimizers do not do the decent thing, and so they shit up the internet with their pathetic delusions for the rest of their worthless lives. Smith can, therefore, be regarded as a true hero.

Notable self-victimizers[edit]

The pages of ED are replete with examples of the sort of delusional fuckwits who engage in self-victimization, in order to whip up an endless supply of the drama that they crave so much. Here are some of the more notable specimens.

Flynt, John Walker[edit]

Self-victimization - brianna wu.png
Moar info: Brianna Wu.

Insane tranny with a massive case of USI. Has posted messages attacking itself, to try to stir up hatred against itself that it could then complain about. Stupidly, it did this while logged in under its own username, then attempted to delete its self-victimization when it realized what it had done.

Not to be out-bragged when it comes to shadowy and elusive tormentors, the same insane tranny later claimed to have fled its home due to threats and persecution. However, analysis of the videos it produced while supposedly “in hiding” show clearly that it was in fact safely at home, and totally untormented, the whole time.

Loomer, Laura[edit]

Self-victimization - laura loomer.png

Fat insane greedy Jew feminist who tried a bit of normal attention-whoring by staging a Shakespeare play as a modern drama about the assassination of The Donald then found she craved moar but had nothing to offer. So she invented an outright preposterous lie, complete with invented dialog with an auto-mechanic, about how alt-right neo-Nazis had slashed her car's tires in revenge for her SJW faggotry. But since she is insane, she provided close-up photographic evidence of the alleged tire-slashing.

Unfortunately for her, this photographic evidence showed clearly that her tires were six fucking years old, would never pass an inspection by a schoolchild (never mind her imaginary auto-mechanic), and had simply perished and split due to excessive wear and tear. When this was pointed out, (((rather than confess to being a cheapskate))) she tried to bullshit her way out of that too.

Quinn, Zoe[edit]

Self-victimization - zoe quim.png
Moar info: Zoe Quim.

Fat rainbow-haired games journalist whose alleged self-prostitution was or wasn't the spark that ignited GamerGate, depending on who you believe. One thing is for sure though - the moment Quim thought she had been rumbled she embarked on a spazzout of self-victimization the like of which has rarely, if ever, been surpassed. Fake tweets, Facebook false-flagging, doctored screencaps, genuine screencaps that didn't say what she claimed they said... you name it.

The crowning glory was when she pretended that she was being threatened with surprise sex by Wizardchan (even that bunch of embittered 42-year-old virgins has some standards, you dumb whore). Sadly, all she managed to achieve with her frantic invention of imaginary tormentors was to make people believe that everything else she claimed was a lie, too.

Sarkeesian, Anita[edit]

Self-victimization - anita sarkeesian.png
Moar info: Anita the Skeezer.

Butterfaced feminist who dresses like a colorblind gypsy fortune-teller, who funds her extravagant lifestyle by making alarmist YouTube videos aimed at scamming gullible women into parting with their housekeeping money, so that she can defend them from oppression by making more videos. Went off the deep end with an entire epic of phony death threats, which she had obviously made herself because she had screencapped them less than one second after they were posted.

When someone checked her hysteria by contacting the local police, the police had no record of any complaint (which Anita claimed she had in fact made). When this was exposed, she reported it to the FBI instead. No more was ever heard of the matter. Draw your own conclusions.

Six Million Jews[edit]

Moar info: Anti-semitism.

Jews like to pretend that the whole world is some kind of conspiracy to persecute them. In fact, most people couldn't give a shit about the Jews and their endless whining. In an effort to make their grossly-exaggerated sob-stories seem plausible, Jews routinely invent all manner of attacks upon themselves for the purpose of making themselves seem eternally persecuted. One statistic says it all: in 2017, around 10% of all incidents that were logged by police as “anti-semitic attacks” were in fact the work of just one lone Jew.

Smollett, Jussie[edit]

Self-victimization - jussie smollett's crocodile tears.png

In January 2019, actfag Jussie Smollett decided that getting paid $20k per episode of trashy downmarket TV rap drama Empire just wasn't enough. He decided to improve his reputation by seizing a spot on the national stage. The method? Paying two nigger accomplices $3.5k each to stage an attack on him, designed to make it look like he was the victim of some kind of far-right extremism. Many immediately smelt a rat, saying that it was extremely unlikely that two random thugs would attack a small-time actor with bleach and a noose that they had brought along especially for the occasion. Suspicions were heightened further when it was reported that, throughout the attack, Smollett had managed to keep ahold of a Subway sandwich he had just bought.

Nevertheless, Smollett then embarked on a tour of news studios up and down the land, wiping phoney tears away as he proclaimed himself A Proud Gay Black ManTM and a spokesman for the oppressed. And then his accomplices turned stool pigeon, so the truth came out and Smollett was V&.

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