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A self-troll is when someone inadvertently trolls either themselves or a group they associate themselves with. Basically someone who will insult and make fun of themselves or a group their associated with. They will just do something negative to themselves or the group.People usually self-troll because they have low self esteem,are ashamed of themselves,think it's "funny" or just want attention.


:: fubster sets mode +b fubster!*@* on channel #ed
:: fubster has been kicked from #ed by fubster (use of phrase information superhighway)
Self-Troll-I am a fat cunt with no 
life outside the internet. 
I'm a waste of air also.
My existance is an error.
I am the reason for all bad things in life.
I have terrible taste in music and stupid beliefs and ideas. I am
a complete fail in life.
I dwell in my mom's basement because I have no social life. I have no point in life 
and might as become an hero to make the world better. 
I'm just an ugly whiny loser 
who shouldn't have existed.

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