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Beware the power of the CLaW!!
SesshReincarnated faps to this
Devious notes

SesshReincarnated is a gay, ugly, virgin, weaboo, Jewish, Vampire (Holy FUCK that's a lot of adjectives) on YouTube who thinks any opinion contrary to her own is a flame. The fact is, most of the comments she responds to are flames, but that doesn't make her any less of a douchebag or a dumbass. Note: The flames are 100% accurate

She's too ashamed of her real name, so SesshReincarnated goes by the name Armonia while on the interwebs. She claims that she hides her name for safety, but that's a primative excuse. Judging by the fact that she weighs over 9000 pounds, her real name is probably Amanda Bertha McFatass. At least for now anyway, but she wants to change her legal name to Armonia Justin Beyondermason something totally secret!

Her name is Amanda a secret
Naming myself after an anime character can't make me a bigger loser...right?
Talking about her family is OFF LIMITS!!!

Despite her tough guy mature facade and manly voice, SesshReincaranted does have a sensitive side. Saying anything about her family is not funny, which means they should get trolled too.

Rising to the Flames

Feeding is the most intimate experience evar!

SesshReincarnated originally got butthurt by the comments on this video and decided to speak out against the horrible trolls and flamers from ED. This just increased the trolling on the video and lulz were had by all. SesshReincarnated also tried to argue that the reason we've never seen a vampire feeding before is because it's such an intimate experience. She compared it to a variety of things that she'll never experience, such as:

  • first kiss (she's ugly as sin, even dykes won't touch her)
  • professing her love for somebody (she doesn't realize anime characters aren't real)
  • her "first time" (not even a furry would take her)
  • she doesn't have a video camera (and begs people to buy prints of her stuff from DeviantArt)

The real reason is because SesshReincarnated is like all other vampires--too much of a pussy to follow through on what she says is needed for her survival.

SesshReincarnated is so retarded, she even took real warnings as threats/flames, such as the fact that people who consume blood are more likely to get AIDS. She took these as death threats and put up a warning that trolls didn't give a shit about.

Fighting the Flames

After trying to explain to everybody how vampires are totally real (by responding to comments of obvious trolls), SesshReincarnated eventually gave up and posted her own videos so she could delete the truth mean/rude comments. These videos consisted entirely of a static image with her talking (and sounding like a man), just resulting in more trolling and lulz.

Facts and Truth (these are not her friends)

The most honest comments ever seen on YouTube
If you can't answer questions about your stupid beliefs, mark them as spam!
Nice Freudian Slip bitch

SesshReincarnated is still unable to explain why she suddenly has a need for blood (her fatness), or how her symptoms (after not having blood food recently) just make her more emo. She also (for something fucking reason) thinks that it's her job to defend all Vampires against the internets. All this combined makes her likely to become an hero.

Like every other vampire, she gets pissed off whenever somebody questions something, even if they are honestly curious and not trying to personally attack her! Well, either that or she'll try and take the mature road and leave the contradictory comments up to prove to everybody she's being picked on and everybody is intolerant of her (just because she drinks blood--something slightly above cannibalism).

She also likes the PS2 and Guitar Hero III. Translation: I'm too poor to afford a system that wasn't released At least 100 years ago, and don't know enough about video games to realize that Activision trolled me (along with everybody else who bought the game).

Anybody who even thinks about posting this is a fuzz bumper

SesshReincarnated is also a total carpet munching dyke. Let's review the facts

  1. She posted this gay ass shit on her DeviantART
  2. She likes drinking blood (what do women do every month?)
  3. She has a deviantart account
  4. ????
  5. Profit!

Reasons she "awakened" as a Vampire

Her "Artwork"

The artwork SesshReincarnated posts falls into two categories: slightly photoshopped, or looks like it was drawn by a retarded, epileptic, 4 year old having a seizure while struggling to use the line tool in Paint while holding down the shift key.


SesshReincarnated's drawing skills are sub-abysmal, and her worst work is recorded here (for the lulz). This way, she can't remove the stink of defeat even by purging her DeviantArt. Besides the bullshit here, she has an assload of photoshop work that isn't nearly as funny, but still sucks balls.


SesshReincarnated is well versed in Internet law
Because YouTube messages should be taken seriously

After seeing that another YouTube user took a picture she put on her public DeviantART gallery and made it their background image on YouTube, SesshReincarnated decided she had been wronged. Rather than do the smart thing and STFU, Sessh decided that it was time to get her mom Internet lawyer involved. This only added further proof that SesshReincarnated is a dumbfuck, since she fails to understand fundamental concepts of US copyright law such as the fair use clause.

Harassment is serious business

SesshReincarnated proved The Internet is serious business by mentioning that she was going to record the cases of harassment against her, since the police are cracking down on free speech on the Internet (apparently, satire and parody are illegal), bringing the lulz to new levels. SesshReincarnated is obviously a master of Internet Law and will no doubt make a fine E-lawyer one day. Until she grows up and stops being a bitch though, Sessh will have to settle for being an Attorney at lol.

Things about SesshReincarnated that make her suck not quite so hard

  • She has yet to call the Waaaambulance
  • She would rather fight her own battles (which increases the lulz)
  • She's too dumb to know she's being trolled
  • Her artwork is so bad, anybody who sees it feels better about themselves (since they could probably shit something better)
  • She's Jewish, which means she has Jew Gold to steal
  • You know she'll swallow, since fat chicks will swallow fucking anything that goes in their mouths
  • Anytime you have a boner that needs to be hidden, thinking about SesshReincarnated will make you flaccid


Recently, SesshReincarnated has been Giving blowjobs to her science teacher before following him to the local kiddy park where they promptly scope out small children and fat mothers like the pedophiles they are.

  • Seems to have upgraded from shitty art to shitty photography.
  • Has started a series of brilliant animu parodies of Bleach and Death Note.
  • She/He/It is apparently also sporting a print-selling account using only the name Justin. The smell of a sex-change is in the air.

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