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Some of Shadman's more milder art
And here is something that will make you want to clean your brain with acid.

Do you have a fetish that would make you a pariah in the public eye? Do you want to find porn of perhaps the vaguest characters used in vague movies you saw 6 years ago? Do you want to look be on a blog where you can find sick fucks in the comments section? Then look no further! Shadman (powerword Shaddai Prejean) is here to put all those questions to rest.

Essentially, if you think of a porn category, Shadman has probably done it. Scat? C'mon now, think harder. Guro? Yep, you're getting there. Intestinal sex starring a female Boo out of Super Mario? Now you're getting the idea! You think of it, Shad has probably drawn it.

Risen to infamy among 13-year olds and 30-year-old virgins, Shad fills in the holes of Rule 34 that most porn artists wouldn't go near.

He's half-black and from Switzerland. He got disowned by his mother after she found porn he drew of her; ironic that that is what it took to be disowned, and versus all the porn of furries pooping into each other's mouths that he did. Oh well, no accounting for taste.

General Style[edit]

Did you think I was joking?

He mainly focused on ruining the brain-dead shit on TV you used to watch as a kid, with bad anatomy, unfunny humor attempts, shitty color palettes, and always going for shock value.

Unsurprisingly, almost every piece of "art" drawn has a common variation: no-dicks or dicks i.e. there will be the same drawing done twice, the difference being that one has a dick, for all those basement dwellers who can't admit they're gay yet.

This internet-hellhole used to be split up into two parts: shadbase and shagbase, with shagbase where you can find all the pictures which need an acquired taste. It was because Shadman genuinely believed that Google Adsense wouldn't notice a thing if he kept the more hardcore stuff to shagbase. Now, you can find absolutely everything on Shadbase from Bowser Scat Porn to Satsuki Kiryuin amputation.

Occasionally, Shadman will create a comic series which he never will complete. He often starts a comic series with several pages worth of boring exposition. Then, just when it starts getting good, he will stop working on the series and will spend the next few weeks working on shitty (sometimes literally) images that no one wanted to see.

Track Record[edit]

Here's a list of things Shad has ruined:

  • Literally loads more not mentioned here
  • ????
  • Profit


Shadman has always been a drama magnet, even since his first day, due to the disgusting shit he draws, and also to his inability to make anything interesting beyond mere shock value. Which he both welcomes, since his whole publicity plan is based on controversy, and bitches about to no end when it causes him the slightest discomfort.

During November, 2016, he attracted quite a lot of infamy for drawing real life children. He was mainly scorned for drawing Keemstar's daughter. At first there was also a drawing of her blewing off Donald Trump, but now he deleted it and denies he ever drew porn of her. He also drew child youtuber LtCorbis, in a quite sexual setting. There was also some depiction of Dafne Keen, a child actress, for which he received a cease and desist.

On March 30th, 2017, Shadman's site was taken down because his host got butthurt by his content. He joked about it being related to Roblox content he posted, but that was just for fun. His website got suspended because of the degenerate shit he keeps drawing.

As of now it's back up. In Mid July 2018, a bunch of people started calling him out on his pedophilic artwork. In response to this, Shad used the "It's just a joke" & "Muh free speech" excuses, despite drawing sexually suggestive pics of real life underage girls and other underaged characters.

Shadman 'n Friends[edit]

Shad usually shares his website with YouTube Favicon.png Spazkidin3D, who really creates the vague porn e.g. Him out of Power Puff Girls. Shadman is also known by such people as OneyNG (that guy who did Leo and Satan you watched when you were 12) and EgoRaptor (that guy who looks like a thumb).



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