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Watch Out! Thumb ltd a189.gif This faggot waits for the child to make the first move in a sexual situation.
You can help by contacting Federal Authorities and alerting Chris Hansen.
Some of Shadman's more milder art

Shadman (Powerword: Shaddai Prejean) is a pedophile and CP creator that lives in Switzerland lives somewhere in America, after fleeing from Switzerland like a in fear of being prosecuted for drawing child porn (he was also drafted into the military where, sadly, he did not die).
Now, Shadman continues to draw children in sexualized scenarios for his fanbase of 30 year old manchildren to jerk their micropenises to, under the masterful guise of "free speech", because he apparently thinks free speech prevents people from calling him a pedophile for being attracted to children. He is also likely on the run from the law in many different states, given the fact that he has admitted to being "an ex-convict who has been convicted for raping several young women" previously on his DeviantArt.

General Style[edit]

Did you think I was joking?

Shadman's main idea of art is basically ruining the brain-dead shit on TV you used to watch as a kid, with somehow worse anatomy than the original cartoons, even worse attempts at humor, the addition of an eye-bleeding chromatic aberration, and always going for shock value to pander to edgy 14 year olds that he will later, obviously, groom into sex with him. Unsurprisingly, almost every piece of "art" drawn has a common variation: no-dicks or dicks i.e. there will be the same drawing done twice, the difference being that one has a dick, for all those basement dwellers who can't admit they're gay yet.
This internet-hellhole used to be split up into two parts: shadbase and shagbase, with shagbase where you can find all the pictures which need an acquired taste. It was because Shadman genuinely believed that Google Adsense wouldn't notice a thing if he kept the more hardcore stuff to shagbase. Now, you can find absolutely everything on Shadbase from Bowser Scat Porn to Satsuki Kiryuin amputation.
Occasionally, Shadman will create a comic series which he never will complete. He often starts a comic series with several pages worth of boring exposition. Then, just when it starts getting good, he will stop working on the series and will spend the next few weeks working on shitty (sometimes literally) images that no one wanted to see.


Because Shadman is a huge attention-whore (as is clear from the drawings he makes), he is in a near constant stream of drama, even since his first day, due to the disgusting shit he draws, and also to his inability to make anything interesting beyond mere shock value. Which he both welcomes, since his whole publicity plan is based on controversy, and bitches about to no end when it causes him the slightest discomfort, like when popular YouTube commentator ColossalIsCrazy confronted him about drawing porn of a child and, despite his entire personality being the edgy internet guy, Shad completely cucked himself to appease to his senpai (who actually thinks he's a disgusting person).
The aforementioned drama occurred during November, 2016, when large mobs of people confronted him on his drawings of Archive today-ico.png Keemstar's daughter. It started as some anon on his tumblr requesting he drew her blowing blowing Donald Trump, and him saying he would do it if Trump won. In a shocking turn of events, Trump did win, and Shadman drew this image, but after Keemstar threatened legal actions Shad deleted the image from his website and denies he ever drew porn of her. Despite this, he still has an image of her and Keem in a suggestive manner, and many autists online have found uncolored images Shad drew of Keem's daughter blowing Trump. He also drew porn of child youtuber Archive today-ico.png LtCorbis(now commonly known as "soph").
If all of this hasn't yet set off some well warranted red alarms in your head, he was also sent a cease and desist letter from the legal team of Dafne Keen, or more accurately described in this situation as X-23 from the movie "Logan", after he not only drew porn of her being raped by a dog, raped by a bunch of old men, and pissed on all in three different comics, but also constantly referred to her as an "IRL spic loli" in his discord server while posting about how much he wanted to fuck her every other day. On March 30th, 2017, Shadman's site was taken down, presumably because his host didn't want to go to jail to defend some random pedophile online. As of now it's back up. In Mid July 2018, a bunch of people started calling him out on his pedophilic artwork. In response to this, Shad used the "It's just a joke" & "Muh free speech" excuses, despite drawing sexually suggestive pics of real life underage girls and other underaged characters.

Shadman 'n Friends[edit]

Shad usually shares his website with YouTube Favicon.png Spazkidin3D, who really creates the vague porn e.g. Him out of Power Puff Girls. Shadman is also known by such people as OneyNG (that guy who did Leo and Satan you watched when you were 12) and EgoRaptor (that guy who looks like a thumb).


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