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Shanadrac (Powerword: Martin Holger) is a 49-year-old German "artist" who is a prime example of what happens when you give an escaped mental patient access to Photoshop and then tell him to just wing it. Unlike most of the people that we cover, Shanadrac actually has considerable talent at using Photoshop – but, unfortunately, he just had to be a sick fuck of epic proportions and use his mad skillz to create fetish "art" so fucked up that it makes Tubgirl and Goatse look perfectly normal.

Martin's career as a professional Photoshooper began around 2002—a time when 4chan was still a mentally retarded sperm that was constantly bumping into the walls of Christopher Poole's cherry boy scrotum and YTMND was still basking in its 15 seconds of fame—as he began shopping giant cocks onto random images of porn stars and then posted them on degenerate internet fetish forums under the username heilchen. Within a few years, Martin changed his pen-name to Shanadrac and opened up a shitty pay site so the sickest sick fucks could pay him money to access an entire gallery of his depraved low-quality porn shoops.

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