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Heinrich Himmler, contemplating how to shark this young little sailor.
A sharking animated GIF. Not photoshopped at all!

Japan, a bustling nation sports a healthy acquaintance with the hilarity of surprising a woman in a sexual manner. In a land where young girls are regularly molested on subways, it was only a matter of time before a trend such as sharking took hold.

The Asian counterpart of happy slapping, sharking (or "panty pulling") involves running up to a random girl, lifting up her skirt, and pulling her panties down past her knees. The resulting euphony of girlish screams has likely been unparalleled in Nip-land since we lowered the boom on those fuckers.


Don't confuse this hilariously sexy prank with "shark with laser," which is just some faggy old meme.

You can, however, shark with a laser. Try it out on your sister before attempting it outside your home.


  1. Locate a woman wearing skirt.
  2. Pray she's not a tranny.
  3. Sneak up on her.
  4. Lift up her skirt.
  5. Pull down her knickers.
  6. Rape (optional, but highly recommended)
  7. Run away.
  8. ????
  9. PROFIT!!!

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